What is JFAV


What is the  Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)?

The Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) is a nationwide alliance of Filipino World War II Veterans organizations, youth, students and community advocated based in the United States.

It originated from another alliance named Kilusan Disyembre 7 or the December 7 Movement (D7M) based in Los Angeles that spearhead the first political mobilization for veterans rights and welfare on  December 7, 1993 in Los Angeles. .JFAV was a campaign committee formed by People’s CORE in December 16, 1998  .

It’s aim to attain the full recognition and just compensation, rights and benefits  of the Filipino World War II Veterans , their widows and relatives here in American and those in the Philippines.

From A Regional to a National Organization 

But on 2006, JFAV took the steps to for it as a separate national organization from a west coast regional organization not just  campaign to relentlessly  pursue the issue of equity and justice.

During the First JFAV National Conference held in UCLA on March 2006, the conference decided to form the JFAv as a National Organization and started to build chapters in the different states of the U.S..

Thus on 2009, after the issue of lump sum  became more clear, JFAV stood on total recognition and not just lump sum and became the  only lobby group  in the US Congress.The paid lobby group stopped lobbying in 2009 after the passage of the ARRA law in 2009.

With the JFAV as a lobby group for the veterans and widows, the drive for total equity became more pronounced when 25, 000 or 52% of Filipino Veterans who applied for the lump summed were unjust denied. in 2011.

Legal and Legislative Struggle

JFAV filed the Filipino Veterans Fairness Act of 2011 with Rep. Jackie Speier as the sponsor. The bill gained ground with 96 co-sponsors but was not given a hearing at the GOP controlled House Veterans Committee.  LAst june 13, 2015, the Filipino Veterans Fairness Act of 2015 was filed last June 13, 2015 in the lower house.

Meanwhile in 2012, at the 9th  Federal Appeals Court, Atty Valera of the MHC boldly argued the case and got a fair hearing. But the Recinto case was denied leaving the JFAv and MHC no other choice but to file a Certorari at the US Supreme Court last May, 2013.

With a complete legal and legislative strategy, JFAV continued to fight for equity and justice without let up. Thus on April 9, 2013 Bataan Day , a new bill- the Filipino Veterans Fairness Act of 2013 S690  was filed jointly at the US Senate with Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii and Rep. Jackie Speier .

Despite all the odds, JFAV has grown from a west coast based organization to a full blown national organization representing the Filipino American veterans and all their survivors.  

JFAV will be always at the vanguard of the Filipino American community not only for the veterans but for the dignity and pride of the Filipino nation and the thriving 5.5 million Filipino American community in the  United States.