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Press conference after meeting with DVA Secretary

JFAV-Los Angeles leaders, led by Arturo Garcia, JFAV national coordinator, held a press conference at Kapistahan Grill after meeting with the Secretary of Department of Veterans Affair in Washington DC. More »

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FilAm veteran joins boycott

A FilAM veteran joins a picket calling for the boycott of China-made products. More »


May 20, 2017


By Arturo P. Garcia

In my first year in FACLA, as a Director I suggested to the Board that we hold a parade around Historic Filipinotown, the only Historic Filipinotown in the United States. The FACLA Board approved the plan and we went into motions to implement in as early as February 2013.
For me, as a Filipino-American, it was awkward that it was only Los Angeles has no parade on every Independence Day Parade.

Every big city in America like New York, San Francisco and even Honolulu, Hawaii where there is a large Filipino-American community, have their annual independence parade. Except of course, Los Angeles, where the largest population of Filipinos is.

As far as I remembered, the last Independence Day Parade that was held in Echo Park was in June of 1998. That was to celebrate the 100th Independence Day of the Philippines. It started from MacArthur Park to Echo Park. After that here was none.

The Filipinos stopped doing independence parades after the Philippine government changed its Independence Day from July 4th to June 12 every year. FACLA that did the traditional 4th of July Independence Day Parades from the Hotel where they crown the Miss Philippines to City Hall stopped its parades in Los Angeles after 1962.

New York as everybody knows, have the largest, most bonggacious ( from the Filipino word bongga) and well-attended parade all over the United States. Surely, Los Angeles cannot beat that. We will never aspire for that. Not even in our dreams.

For me, what we need is a different mass celebration. Not the elitist type of gala in plush hotels where the cream of the crop of the Fil-Am society converges away from the madding crowd.

That is why I pushed for the Independence Day Parade. But still, there are people who ask questions about it. Why have a celebration deep in the majority non-Filipino enclave? Where the population are Mexicans or Central Americans?

It is the same question why there is a Historic Filipinotown in south of Echo-Park. But I prefer not to answer such impertinent questions. I will just focus on why there is there is the annual Kalayaan Parade since 2013.

It was one day in February 2013 when the newly appointed Consul General Hellen Barbers-Dela Vega visited FACLA and broached to us the two ideas, that FACLA is to be the site of the Centro Rizal and to hold a parade around Historic FIlipinotown.

We agreed on the two ideas. Besides, FACLA is acting as the Filipino Cultural Center since its building was opened way back in 1965. Another thing, the newly formed Knights of Rizal-Historic FIlipinotown was based then in FACLA.
She was happy, that we are planning parade and was glad to collaborate with us on this undertaking. We agreed on coordinating and collaborating with the Consulate

So, we set into motion the Consulate and FACLA collaboration. In order to facilitate more community participation we formed an organizing committee with the Consulate and FACLA sharing everything from planning to implementation. The fiscal sponsorship was given to FACLA, for it was in the community.

But to our surprise, we were called to the Consulate only to be informed that the Consulate removed the fiscal sponsorship to from FACLA and gave it to SIPA. It was a unilateral decision of the ConGen and we were only informed that day.
We were all surprised but we maintained our cool. The reason that the Congen gave us “ is that she was worried with the prestige of FACLA.” “That many does trust FACLA when it comes to money.” It really hurts, but we just bit our tongue and bore it.

I was not surprised because we know that FACLA has a lot of detractors. Good or bad, they will say many things about FACLA. But then, as if we have a common wave length, if we will be angry against this decision and transgression about our organization, we will be seen as “kontra-bida”. If we sulk, then they will have more to say about us.

If we gave way to our pride, they might have won in provoking FACLA to get out of the collaboration with the Consulate. And we will look bad among the people and our community. So, that time we took the bitter pill and said ,” it was okay.”

The ConGen was relieved and said, “ she was worried about our respond and was happy that we understood her actions.” That night, at the community leaders meeting in the Consulate, I gave the most inspiring speech calling for unity. Even if the wounds in my heart was still fresh.
Later, when the Consulate gave us a part of the proceeds, we returned it back to them as a donations for Thypoon Yolanda (HAIYAN) victims.

What is important for us is that the First Historic Filipinotown Kalayaan Parade was a resounding success. And success it was. The Filipino-American community’s unity is paramount for us.

We know that some people discredited us before the ConGen that is why she was forced to make that decision. The common thread of the crab-mentality very common not only for the Filipino-American community but all the communities.

That the story behind the successful very first Kalayaan Parade. Every year the Kalayaan Parade grows bigger. Now we are on the 5th Kalayaan Parade in Historic Filipinotown. We built on the success of the parade every year.

See you on Saturday on the 5th Kalayaan Parade. The parade assembly time is at 8;00 AM. The parade starts at 9;00 AM. The after-parade program starts at 11:00 AM at the Filipino American Community of Los Angeles (FACLA compound)

Mabuhay Ang Araw ng Kalayaan ng Pilipinas, Hunyo 12, 1898.



May 18, 2017



The Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV), one of the founders of the 5th KALAYAAN Parade in Historic Filipinotown is calling all FilAm school organizations, youth organizations., clubs and community organizations for volunteers, performers and participants in the program after the parade and exhibitors for 5th KALAYAAN Parade and Program.

The 5th KALAYAAN Parade assembly area is in front of the Silver Lake Medical Center ( SLMC) at Temple St. The parade assembly will be from 8:00 AM to 9:00AM.The Parade starts at exactly 9:00 AM.

The after-parade program will to be held in the FACLA compound on Saturday, June 03, 2017 from 11AM to 3 PM

1.For Volunteers to the Parade and Program:

1.We need volunteers for security, set up, sign-in and marshals for the parade. In return, volunteers will receive FREE-shirts for their day’s work The parade starts at 9:00 AM

We also need volunteers to be the flag-bearers and banner holders during the parade. We will be displaying the Filipino and American flags and the different flags of the Philippine revolution.

2. Volunteers for the parade should report at the sign-in table at FACLA at 7:30 AM. There will be a briefing at 8;00 AM. And tasks will be given and fanned out for the parade.

3, After the parade, the volunteers for the parade can go and sign-out around 11;00 AM and will receive their lunch after the parade at FACLA grounds.

3. Performers and Volunteers for the program:

The 5th KALAYAAN Program will start around 11:00 AM. They will assure that the program goes on smoothly, the participants are warned and notified on cue for their participation in the program.

1. They will help in the set up early in the morning and also in the take-down in the afternoon. They can sign out after 3:00 PM at FACLA

2. For Performers And Participants in the Program :

1.We need participants for the program that can give entertainment and information to the public about the 119th Philippine Independence Day. We came to celebrate and enjoy the day as a tribute to our heroes for Philippine Independence.

2. Those who are interested and who wanted to perform, please call Art Garcia at (213) 318-9065 or email him at jfavusa8@gmail.com.

3. The deadline for participants to the program is at 12;00 AM, May 31, 2017

3. Participation in the Parade:

1.If you want to participate in the parade, you can form a contingent ( if you want to walk the more than a mile of the parade around Historic Filipinotown),

Bring your flags, banners and signs .Please wear light clothes and comfortable shoes, bring extra water and Filipino or American flags.

2. If you want to bring a float in a vehicle, a convertible or a car with your muse or organization, please be at the assembly area at 8:00 AM.

The line-up for the parade is on the “first come, first served” basis.

3. You can park on the streets or at the SLMC parking Lot. FACLA ‘s parking lot is closed for the program. Please ask the security or the marshals for information.

The deadline for applications for participation is at 12:00 Mid Night June 01, 2017

For for more information please call Art Garcia at (213) 318-9065 or email him at jfavusa8@gmail.com.



For Immediate Release
5th HFT 5K0C 2017.

May 19, 2017


Kalayaan Parade Poster 2017 1_for Social Media v2 (1)
Los Angeles— More Filipino-American organizations have joined the 5th Historic Filipinotown Kalayaan Parade on June 03, 2017]

Nine new organizations joined the 5th Kalayaan Parade bringing the number of participating organization to 32.

They were : the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (HPMC), the Philippine National Bank (PNB), Los Angeles Seniors Organization (LASOS), Friends of FAPCA, Kabataang maka-Bayan/Pro People Youth ( KmB).

Saphire Media Regency (SMR), Queen of Asia and Pacific (QAP) and the Filipino American Press Club of California (FAPCCA) and the Philippine Women’s Club of Los Angeles (PWC-LA) and Los Angeles County Filipino American Seniors (LACPAS).

The 5th KALAYAAN Parade

The 5th Kalayaan Parade for Historic Filipinotown will be held on Saturday, at 9 AM June 03, 2017 to celebrate the 119th Philippine Independence Day, June 12, 1989 from Spain.

The assembly area is in front of the Silverlake Medical Center (SLMC) at Temple Street at 8;00AM. The parade starts at 9;00 AM.The parade ends at the Filipino American Community of Los Angeles (FACLA) compound.

Guest Speaker

Meanwhile, the 5KOC also announced that Council Member Mitch O’ Farrell of Los angeles District 13 will be its guest speaker at the 5KOC program.

Philippine Consul General of Los Angeles, Angelito Cruz and Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez have also confirmed their attendance.
The Kalayaan Parade started as a collaboration between the Philippine Consulate General of Los Angeles and FACLA with JFAV in June 2013 . But for two years since 2015, the Consulate General of Los Angeles has not sent their representatives

Since then it has been held since every first week of June. and since then forms an expanding organizing committee for the yearly event.




May 14, 2017


By Arturo P. Garcia

When Karl Marx wrote ins “Communist Manifesto” in 1848, a lot of bourgeois detractors pounced on him and said he was wrong in declaring the end of capitalism.

Even to this day, they praise the growth of capitalism and the end of socialism with the turn-around of China and Russia to the capitalist fold.

But did Marx really prophesied on the death of capitalism? But I understand after that during the days of the cold war and at the height of the Russia and China debate, China went as far as declaring as Mao had said, “ that capitalism is going on a world wide collapse and socialism was in way of total advance.”

But in 1991, what we saw was the fall of Soviet Union. Earlier, in the 1980’s Deng Zhiao Ping reversed the Maoist policies in China and China went into an irreversible capitalist advance.


In fairness to Chairman Mao, as early as 1975. He has issued a statement reversing the declaration that ‘capitalism is on total collapse.” Instead he changed the statement that” we are still in the age of Imperialism much like during the time of Lenin.”
And that was a recognition that capitalism will still last long and is still durable.

But despite his declaration, some Maoist theorist in China still attacked capitalism and chided the advances in technology saying,’ the trend for miniaturization show the decay in the capitalist system.”

But the criticism does not hold water today. From big, bulky and heavy computer, the computer became more handy, portable and useable. Yes, it can be costly on the onset, but later it became more affordable to everyone.


The advances in the capitalist system benefit everybody in different ways. But the criticism against capitalism and its inherent greed and rapaciousness as well its exploitative nature stands.

To praise capitalism and give it a “human face” is revolting and unacceptable to people who still dream of a truly egalitarian society in the future.

Socialism has many failing too, but during the socialist era, people’s interests come first before profit. Thus many of those who lived in those era still cherish its comeback.

For to those who benefits from the capitalist system and never experienced the socialist past, or never been in a socialist society like Cuba, The DPRK and the former China and USSR, we cannot blame them to be anti-socialist and all for capitalism.


Let us see what the capitalist change did to China. An interesting article about China from the New York Times, explains this phenomenon:

“ It is not simply a lifeline for Namibia’s struggling economy, one that the country estimates will increase its gross domestic product by 5 percent when the mine reaches full production next year. The uranium itself, almost all of which will go to China, will also help turn Teng’s homeland into a world leader in nuclear energy and reduce its dependence on coal.

In Beijing, where he worked before coming here, Teng lived under the gray blanket of coal-generated pollution that hangs over much of eastern China. Now he is working for the future — his own and his country’s — under an endless African sky of cobalt blue. “I never imagined,” he says, “I would end up halfway around the world.”


The New York Times article further said, “ Chinese companies and workers have rushed into all parts of the world. In 2000, only five countries counted China as their largest trading partner; today, more than 100 countries do, from Australia to the United States.

The drumbeat of proposed projects never stops: a military operating base, China’s first overseas, in Djibouti; an $8 billion high-speed railway through Nigeria; an almost-fantastical canal across Nicaragua expected to cost $50 billion.

Even as China’s boom slows down, its most ambitious scheme is still ramping up: With the “One Belt, One Road” initiative — its name a reference to trade routes — President Xi Jinping has spoken of putting $1.6 trillion over the next decade into infrastructure and development throughout Asia, Africa and the Middle East.


The scheme would dwarf the United States’ post-World War II Marshall Plan for Europe.
China’s relationship with Africa goes back to the 1960s, when Chairman Mao Zedong promoted solidarity with the developing world —
“Ya Fei La,” as he called it, using the first syllables for Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Though it was poor and mired in the chaos of the Cultural Revolution, China won new allies in Africa by finishing, in 1976, a 1,156-mile railroad through the bush from Tanzania to Zambia. Aid continued to trickle in, but there were no other big projects for nearly 30 years, as China focused on building up its domestic economy, following its leader Deng Xiaoping’s prescription to “hide your strength and bide your time.”

That ended in the 2000s, when Beijing, recognizing the need for foreign resources and allies to fuel its economic growth, exhorted the nation’s companies to “go out” into the world.”


Deng elucidated China’s “ socialism with Chinese characteristics”. He further promised that ‘China will not be an imperialist nation.” But he did say, “China will become the world’s biggest economic power. It will surpass Japan and later the United States.”

Prophetic like Marx? No just a realist. Deng did not speak of imperialism that uses force but an imperiliasm and a new colonial power that used economic means.

That’s the reason that he said, ““hide your strength and bide your time.”

Now, its China’s time to shine and rule the world.


WWII VETERAN JESSE BALTAZAR: Recognizing a Lifetime of Public Service

May 10, 2017

WWII VETERAN JESSE BALTAZAR: Recognizing a Lifetime of Public Service
Posted: 08 May 2017 01:21 PM PDT

Los Angeles –The Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) commemorates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month by remembering the remarkable life of Jesse M. Baltazar, who served in the State Department for more than 20 years, most recently in DSS, until his death in April 2016 at the age of 95.

As dawn broke in Bataan, the Philippines, on April 9, 1942, 21-year-old Jesse M. Baltazar saw his Filipino comrades holding sticks with white handkerchiefs tied to them. “We’ve surrendered,” they muttered.

At the Battle of Bataan

Within hours, soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army arrived to round up 76,000 Filipino and American POWs for a 65-mile trek to Camp O’Donnell in what became known as the Bataan Death March.

At the time, Baltazar was a member of the U.S. Army’s 71st battalion and a student in his college’s ROTC program. He recalled,
“We had no uniforms, no weapons. This was the beginning of the Battle of Bataan, and the first casualty happened to be my schoolmate. He stepped on a hand grenade and died in my arms on the way to the hospital.”

When the Japanese bombed the area near his camp, Baltazar was hit in the leg by shrapnel and taken to an open-air jungle hospital where he endured surgery with minimal anesthesia.

The Bataan Death March

Baltazar used a bamboo stick as a cane to support himself when forced to march for 12 hours a day in the blazing sun, with no water and just one meal a day of rice and fish broth.

Baltazar witnessed prisoners who fell from exhaustion getting bayonetted and beheaded. So when he tripped and fell, he thought he too was going to die. He heard a Japanese guard yell and felt the butt of a rifle rammed into his back. Sharp pain pierced his whole body, but he had no choice but to get back up and march, or be killed.

On the third night of the march, Baltazar was almost asleep when he heard a whisper in the dark: “Anybody want to escape?” Without hesitating, he and another prisoner crept away with this unknown man, paid him five dollars each, and hid in his boat for a two-hour ride through the swamps in the dead of night. They were lucky.

Later that day, the Japanese figured out that local fishermen were helping prisoners escape. So they sprayed a similar boat with machine gunfire, killing everyone on board.

By the time the Bataan Death March ended at Camp O’Donnell, an estimated 7,000 to 10,000 people had died.

Eventually, Baltazar made his way home in Quezon City and helped the Filipino resistance movement. “My younger brother was taken away by Japanese soldiers in the middle of the night. And my older brother went off to join the armed struggle. I never saw either of them again,” he said.

After Bataan, Off to the States

After World War II, Baltazar first came back to the United States as an engineering student. He soon joined the U.S. Air Force and became the first native-born Filipino commissioned officer. As a second lieutenant, he received intensive Russian-language training and was assigned to Korea in 1950 as a special agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

He retired from the Air Force after 20 years of service. But when the Vietnam conflict erupted, he signed up for duty again, this time with USAID as a deputy provincial advisor in Vietnam. After more than 20 years with USAID and the State Department, he retired in 1988.

Later Baltazar returned as a Diplomatic Security Service construction security surveillance technician on a State Department headquarters renovation project where he served until several months before his death.
Purple Heart After 73 Years

Baltazar was supposed to receive the Purple Heart in 1946, but his records were lost. After years of petitioning various government entities, he finally received the medal in January 2015 at an award ceremony, complete with a full-dress parade with soldiers. Major

Baltazar passed away peacefully on April 12, 2016. He was 95 years old. He is survived by his wife of 62 years, their five grown children, nine grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Looking back on his life, Baltazar said, “I will always be a prisoner to the memory of the brutality and savagery of the worst kind. Yet, I also saw courage, nobility, bravery and the best that human beings can be.”

About the Author: Suzanne K. Whang serves in the Bureau of Diplomatic Security’s Office of Public Affairs.


MAY 6, 1942, THE FALL OF CORREGIDOR, 75 years ago.

MAy 6, 2017

MAY 6, 1942, THE FALL OF CORREGIDOR, 75 years ago.

Los Angeles--THE FALL OF CORREGIDOR, MAY 6, 1942.Corregidor_gun

After 23 days of heavy bombardment by air and artillery, the USAFFE forces in Corregidor surrendered to the Japanese.

The Battle for Corregidor is an American Battle with an majority of American forces there and a few Filipinos. We marked the 75th year of the Battle and the Fall of Corregidor .

Today, May 6, 2017. We salute our heroes!



For Immediate Release
5th HFT Kalayaan Organizing Committee, 2017 (5K0C 2017).
May 04, 2017


Los Angeles– “See you there. I have instructed all my staff to be all present at the event.”

The Consul General Adelio Angelito Cruz of the Philippine General Consulate-Los Angeles has just confirmed his attendance to the 5th Kalayaan Parade at Historic Filipinotown on Saturday at 8:00 AM.

This will be the third time a Consul General will attend the parade after the Consulate General and the Filam organizations started the initiative to start the parade in Los Angeles in 2013.

On the Roll

Meanwhile, more Filipino-American organizations have joined the 5th Historic Filipinotown Kalayaan Parade.

The groups that joined the parade were: Binibining Pilipinas -USA 2017,Historic FIlipino Town Neighborhood Council (HFNC) The Filipino American Community of St.Ignatius (FACSI), Silver Lake Adult CBAS, the United Bicolandia of Los Angeles (UBLA), The Manila Terrace/Temple Westlake Neighborhood Development Corporation (TWDC) .

The SMR, Friends of FAPCCA, Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA, LASOS, Silver Lake Four Square Church,Rotary Club of HFT, Council for Trade and Industries for Filipino Americans (COTIFA), MOTHER Inc, Burlington School and TALAKAYAN SA HFT recently joined the 5KOC.

The 5th Kalayaan Parade for Historic Filipinotown will be held on Saturday, at 9 AM June 03, 2017 to celebrate the 119th Philippine Independence Day, June 12, 1989 from Spain.

The assembly area is in front of the Silver Lake Medical Center (SLMC) at Temple Street at 8;00AM. The parade starts at 9;00 AM.




May 02, 2017


Ni Arturo P. Garcia

Matapos tanggihan ng Commission on Appointments (CA) si Gina Lopez, tumaas kaagad ng bienes ng mga kompanya ng mga mina. Nagdiwang ang mga mayayamang may-ari ng mga minahan. Nakahinga ng maluwag ang mga dayuhan.

Patunay lamang na ang Kongreso ay sadyang para lamang sa mayayaman at makapangyarihan at masalapi. Samantalang tuloy ang pahirap at pagsasamantala sa bayan at sa mga mahihirap.

Magtataka pa ba tayong si Manny (Money) Pacquiaopa ang naganunsyo ng pasya g CA sa media. Pasiklab ang kampeon, Para ngang pinatulog niya si Manay Gina. Akala siguro ni Pacquiao nakadagtdag ito sa popularidad niya. Mali siya, Mali ang Kongreso..
Lumabas lang ang tunay na kulay nila. Kongreso sila ng mga gabid at sakim!


Samantala, pumapel bilang tagapagsalita ng Tsina si PDUT. Wala raw magagawa ng Pinas laban sa pangangamkam ng Tsina sa mga teritoryo ng Pilipinas sa sariling dagat nito.

Waring nagiinsulto pa, nagpadala ng tatlong barkong pandigma ang Tsina sa Davao City. Tuwang tuwa naming sumalubong si PDUT. Tutulong daw ang Tsina sa Pinas laban sa mga terorista sa Sulu seas.

Sabagay, tangging ang Pilipinas lamang ang walang kakayahang ipagtanggol ang sarili nito. Ang Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei at Indonesia ay may sariling hukbong pandagat na nagpapatrolya sa kanilang sariling teritoryo.

Ang Pilipinas lamang ang matagal na umasa sa mga Amerikano. Ngayon naman, umaasa sa Tsina na karantso ni PDUT.


Sa katatapos na ASEAN Summit meeting sa Maynila, bumida si PDUT at nakiusap pa sa Amerika na huwag gyerahin ang DPRK. Ayaw daw niya ng gyera na makaapekto sa Asya lalo na sa Pilipinas.

Ang masama, sa pahayag ng ASEAN, pinalabas nitong ang DPRK o Hilagang Korea ang gumagawa ng gulo at ang Amerika ang gumagawa ng mabuti. Kung tatanungin, sino ba ang nagpadala ng mapanghamong pwersa nabal sa hilagang Pasipiko.

Sino ba ang nagpanatili ng may 35,000 sundalong Amerikano sa Timog Korea sa mahigit na 70 taon at ayaw umalis dito? Sino ngayon ang gumagawa ng gulo sa Korea?


Kaya palpak ang pamumustura ni PDUT na ahente ng kapayapaan. Sabagay ayon sa ulat mismo ng PNP, may 12,000 na ang napapatay sa EJK sa Pilipinas,

Ang nakakatawa pa ay inimbitahan pa ni Trump si PDUT na bumisita sa Amerika. Bilang ganti ito sa pagimbita ni PDUT kay Trump para sa APEC Meeting sa Manila sa Nobyembre.

Sabagay, pareho silang pasistani Trump. Hindi na ito nakapagtataka. Ang magkakapareho ay magkakasama.



For Immediate Release
5th HFT Kalayaan Organizing Committee, 2017 (5K0C 2017).

April 29, 2017

MORE ORGANIZATIONS JOINED THE 5TH HFT KALAYAAN PARADEKalayaan Parade Poster 2017 1_for Social Media v2 (1)

Los Angeles– More Filipino-American organizations have joined the 5th Historic Filipinotown Kalayaan Parade.

The Binibining Pilipinas -USA 2017, The Silver Lake Adult CBAS, the United Bicolandia of Los Angeles (UBLA), The Manila Terrace/Temple Westlake Neighborhood Development Corporation (TWDC) , Council for Trade and Industries for Filipino Americans (COTIFA), Burlington School and TALAKAYAN SA HFT recently joined the 5KOC.

The 5th Kalayaan Parade for Historic Filipinotown will be held on Saturday, at 9 AM June 03, 2017 to celebrate the 119th Philippine Independence Day, June 12, 1989 from Spain.

The assembly area is in front of the Silver Lake Medical Center (SLMC) at Temple Street at 8;00AM. The parade starts at 9;00 AM.

Guest Speaker17016391_613876758806907_1487436380_o

The 5KOC also announced Council Member of District 13 Mitch O’ Farrell had confirmed his presence and will be the guest speaker at the 5KOC.

The 5KOC is now outreaching to Filipino-American and allied organizations who have joined the HFT Kalayaan Parade in the past.Last year, more than 50 organizations from HFT and around Los Angeles joined the parade. M

The Kalayaan Parade started as a collaboration between the Philippine Consulate General of Los Angeles and FACLA with JFAV in June 2013 .

Since then it has been held since every first week of June. and since then forms an expanding organizing committee for the yearly event.

More than 50 Organizations in 2016

More than 50 motorcyclist from Philippine Hurley Riders Club joined the parade in 2016.

The Parade starts at Temple St and goes around the Beverly-Temple corridor of the last four years.

This year, the 5KOC is trying to call out marching bands in the FilAm community to make the parade livelier.




April 27, 2017


By Arturo P. Garcia

Salus populi est suprema lex ( The Voice of the people is the supreme law). This one of the tenets of the courts of law.

But his saying is contravened by another saying, Dura Lex, sed lex ( The law is harsh, but that’s the law).

The recent Philippine Supreme Court ruling allowing the continued construction of the Torre De Manila echoed the contradictions on the ruling of the Supreme Court.

Though the Knight of Rizal (KOR) main office issued a statement “ respecting the SC decision), I beg to disagree.


The SC ruling, though it is legal and binding lacks morals and ignore the public opinion. Actually, it’s a decision that upholds the primacy of private property and give preference to the rich an the powerful.

IT is also a slap in the face of the Knights of Rizal (KOR) saying that it lacks the personality to file a case.

Well, it might be true, for the custodians of public welfare and morals allowed the egregious construction of the Torre De Manila in the first place.


Thus, the blame must be placed squarely to the City of Manila especially Manila Mayor Erap Estrada for allowing the construction of the tower that replaced the Jai-Alai of Manila.

But what can we do? The City of Manila is in the warpath of destroying historical buildings .

It has demolished landmarks like the Jai Alai building, the Army-navy Club and others and the National Historical bodies is inutile to stop it. It eyes are now trained on the Rizal Memorial Sports Center and want to replace the sports center with a mall.


The Supreme Court on Tuesday junked a petition to halt construction of a controversial building within the line of sight of the Rizal Monument, a historic and well-known tourist landmark.

Supreme Court Spokesperson Theodore Te said that the justices voted 9-6, saying that there was no law prohibiting the construction of the Torre de Manila condominium in Manila.

“One, the Court has no jurisdiction over the subject matter. Two, the petitioners have no standing to sue. And three, they stand
to suffer no injury,” Te said in a press briefing.

“Furthermore, the Court also found that there is no law that prohibits the construction of the challenged Torre de Manila project,” he said, adding that the TRO against it would be lifted.


The Torre de Manila construction on Taft Avenue sparked protest among the public when people found that it marred their view of the Rizal Monument. The building is over two kilometers away from the landmark.

The petition to stop the Torre de Manila construction was filed on September 2014 by the Order of the Knights of Rizal, a civic group established in 1911 to uphold the ideals of national hero Jose Rizal. In their petition, they requested the Supreme Court to order the condominium’s developer DMCI Homes, to halt construction.

The Knights of Rizal argued that the placement of the building ruins the sight line behind the Rizal Monument, thus devaluing the historic site, and that it violated Manila zoning laws.


The group said it respected the decision of the Supreme Court on its “test case for Philippine heritage” and thanked the public for its support.

“The public support that was expressed in favor of our stand was an indication not only of the importance of the National Monument but also to the continued relevance and reverence our National Hero, Jose Rizal still enjoys,” the Knights of Rizal said in a statement Tuesday.

The Court ruling was welcomed by the Torre de Manila developer, calling the decision “fair and just.”


“We will immediately resume construction to finally end the undue suffering of our stakeholders, most especially our workers and future residents who depended on our commitment to complete the project,” DMCI Homes said in their statement.

The Rizal Monument marks the exact spot on which national hero Jose Rizal was shot by a Spanish firing squad on December 30, 1896.

The Manila zoning board approved the continuation of the project in January 2014 after it had been suspended in November 2013 for violating zoning laws.


The nine Justices who voted for the ruling were Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, Justices Antonio Carpio, Presbitero Velasco Jr., Lucas Bersamin, Mariano del Castillo, Bienvenido Reyes, Estelita Perlas-Bernabe, Marvic Leonen, and Noel Tijam, said Te.

Those who voted against the ruling were Justices Teresita de Castro, Diosdado Peralta, Jose Mendoza, Francis Jardeleza, Alfredo Caguioa, and Samuel Martires, he added.


And the so-called Court of the Last Resort is also inutile to do anything about it because of legal niceties.

It is more concerned with the “letter of the law” than the “spirit of the law.” . More on the legalities and technicalities than the morality of their action.

“The Philippine Supreme Court exemlifies the injustice in the Philippines. The Supreme Court freed the plunderers like PGMA . She was recently cleared of plunder of by the unjust Supreme Court,


The same Supreme Court that released Juan Ponce Enrile for “humanitarian reasons.” The court that overturns decisions like the Vizconde case. That allowed a dictator to be buried in the heroes cemetery. That might unseat a sitting vice-president in favor of a dictator’’s son who can pay the court fees.

People should know that the Philippine Supreme Court is a creation of American authorities that occupied the Philippines and made it as its first colonies and paid for it in a treaty with Spain in 1898. Actually, its first decision was to hanged Philippine revolutionaries as “bandits”

Thus to go to the Supreme Court is foolhardy and to submit to the executioner’s chamber. It’s an exercise in futility.


That is why Filipinos loved the “Ang Probinsyano” and can relate with it and loved to watch it. At least in the telenovelas they can be served justice, if only in virtual reality and not in reality.

Kahit man lang sa TV may hustisya kaysa sa tunay na buhay na walang hustisya.

Sometimes films and telenovelas mirrors the reality.