April 11, 2019

JFAV STATEMENT OF THE 77TH DEATH MARCH, April 9-17, 1942.17861640_10209312161907152_4051967218038363143_n

Los Angeles– -Today, 77 years ago, the brutal Bataan Death march started on April 9, 1942  and ended at Camp O’Donell, Capas, Tarlac on April 17, 1942.

It is apt and proper that the KmB and SIKAP or CCAPS honor this day with their  SIKAP culmination ceremonies at PWC, April 12, 2107 at 6:00PM at Advancing Justice at Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles.

The Justice For Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) the national lobby and advocacy alliance for Filipino World War II Veterans rights and welfare, also pays tribute to the fallen and living heroes of The BATAAN DEATH MARCH

The Death March, April 9-17, 194275BD2017

In the BATAAN DEATH MARCH, more than 75,000 USAFFE soldiers were forced to march from Mariveles, Bataan to San Fernando, Pampanga. And then were transported by train and marched from Capas, Tarlac to Camp P’Donnel prisoner of war camp (POW camp).

In the process. more than 18,000 Filipino soldiers and more than 1,,000 Americans died during the “Death March”

Actually more USAFFE soldiers died in the Death march than the 130 days Battle for Bataan.

No Justice and Equity, No Peace17883840_1445924008814937_9110453383109856924_n

77 years later, JFAV is still fighting in the  US Congress so their rights and privileges be restored , their monthly pension be given to them and to their 60,000 survivors.

The worst racism suffered by Filipinos is to be not recognized as an American Veterans . While the Japanese-American who suffered the same racism were compensated by the US government in 1982.

JFAV pledged that they will continue to struggle for veterans equity and justice no matter how long the struggle maybe. The injury to one, is an injury for all.

Makibaka Para sa Katarungan at Pagkakapantay-pantay!
Fight racism and racial discrimination.
Remember Bataan!

Arturo P. Garcia
JFAV National Coordinator

April 11, 2019

Los Angeles. CA

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