April 04, 2018

Salute to Heroes of Philippine Sovereignty and American International Solidarity for Rule of Law


On April 9, 2019, the 77th anniversary of Bataan Death March, we would like to salute three people and recognize their heroism at this time of Philippine history that sovereignty is under attack by China and Filipino traitors under the wing of Duterte:

WW II Filipino American veteran Aquilino Delen and all veterans and their survivors— for their selfless courage to defend every land and territory of the country despite overwhelming superiority of the enemy. They had the option to surrender Bataan and make an easy and bloodless capture but they chose martyrdom if only to protect democracy.

They never collaborated the way Duterte does. They never conceded to the enemy and received bribes through onerous loans and sellout of West Philippine Sea.

WW II veteran Ukranian American Mike Mewkalo and all American veterans— for choosing to fight side by side with the Filipinos and defending the democratic institutions that were established to prepare the imminent Philippine Republic with with its own Constitution and government that enshrine human rights and dignity.

Free Leila De Lima, Stop Political Persecution

US Representative Jackie Speier and key US legislators — for consistently fighting for equity for Filipino veterans who yearn equal pay, benefits and recognition for their war-time service.

And lately for introducing a US Congressional resolution demanding the immediate release of detained Philippine Senator Leila De Lima, and calling out Duterte and his murderous government to end extrajudicial killings and gross human rights violations.

China and Duterte may look powerful for now. But in the end, it is the heroism and courage of ordinary people like the Filipino WW II veterans who will dictate the final outcome. As one activist once said, “the next best thing to being free is the struggle to be free.”

On the anniversary of Bataan Day, OFWs once again reclaim Filipinos right for full and unconditional sovereignty on all parts of the national territory. It’s for pride, economic sustenance and most of all dignity to be fighting for the nation and her beloved people.

Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)
Filipino American Human Rights Alliance (FAHRA)



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