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June 16, 2017


By Arturo P. Garcia

According to Felipe Buencamino on Facebook, “Well, he finally reappeared. Heard it on the radio while driving home. Report said he landed in Davao a little after 8PM this evening.

Report did not say whether he came directly from Manila or by way of Manila from Guangzhou’s Fuda Cancer Hospital where he may have gone for a redo of the botched circumcision he claimed he underwent last February.

In case you’ve forgotten about the circumcision story….


Last February, Manila Times columnist Kit Tatad wrote that Fentanylla went to Fuda Cancer Hospital in Guangzhou, China.
Fentanylla didn’t take kindly to Tatad’s report so he reacted in his usual manner.

“Totoo nagpunta ako ng China. Totoo nagpunta ako ng hospital. Nagpatuli ako.

Pagkatagal bumalik. Kaya pumunta ako, Tatad. Sabihin mo totoo iyan.

Pinaputol ko ‘yan, ‘yan malinis, no dangling ano. Putangina mo,” he ranted and cursed.”


Digong and his PR crew knows how to enthrall the public. Thus be provoke the public with his words and pronouncement and he make the public and his enemies about his intentions.

He is very much like General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson. Even his closest subalterns cannot guess his intentions. Thus they have to follow him.
Even in the thick of battles, he does unexpected things. That’s the reason he was called “Stonewall” He is like a stonewall that you cannot second guess.

But the bad thing, that’s how he died. He rode on night in the thick of the battle to look at the situation. He was shot by his own men.

Tragic, yes. But that’s how he lived and died.


During our weekly TALAKAYAN CLUB last Thursday, there was a spirited discussions about the health and whereabout of PDUT.

Dr. Art Flores explained that,”the public has the right to know the state of health of the President. It is in the Constitution that he has to disclose publicly his health conditions.”

David Rockello explained,”But who are we to force him. We cannot pressure him to disclose his health conditions.”

As the TALAKAYAN moderator, I also explained,” PDUT is the oldest President that the Philippines ever had. He is even older than Trump or Reagan.”


I also added, ” Malacanang is right. The President has a very brutal schedule. In the light of the Marawi Crisis, he is entitled to have some rest.”

But even in the United States, the state of health of the President is a well kept secret. In some instances the White House keep this secret on the public.

President Woodrow Wilson has a stroke and was incapacitated in the early 1900’s but the public did not know. But his associates continued governing the country from the White house.


The public did not know that President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a paraplegic but the public as never informed about this.

Political analyst says today, if the public only knew that FDR was a cripple he would not have been a President and will not even been re-elected four times as a President. But the media and the his close associates covered for him.

Even John F. Kennedy has a very grave health conditions but the public never know about this. He was taking pain killers for his war time injuries to keep him sane and lucid.

President Reagan’s early Alzheimer’s disease were kept way from the public during his two year term. IT was only revealed when he retired and as away from the public.


But the problem with the advent of the social media, this further complicates the situation. We have the Wikileaks and other sources that serves the public information.

But the problem remains. Nothing is confirmed. And everything becomes rumor mills churning dis-information, false information and fake news.

In the Philippines and abroad, the state of health of PDUT is the toast of his political enemies and rumor mongers. HIs statements and of his offcie does even help allay the rumors.


During martial law, the state of health of Dictator Marcos was the subject of rumors by the FIlipinos. It was said that DFM contracted venereal disease when he had sex with Miss. Korea during the Miss Universe Contest in Manila in 1974.

The story said, his Doctor gave him a dosage of drugs that resulted in the breakdown of his kidney that is why he contracted Lupus. In anger, he had his physician liguidated.

Later in 1983, he was operated on. He was in hospital when Senator Ninoy Aquino was assassinated at the Manila International Airport by the orders of Imelda Marcos. The rest is history.


As a de javu, the state of health of PDUT is now the subject of rumors. And the social media and even the Office of the President is stoking the fire of uncertainties.

The situation becomes more complicated with the absence of the President and the declaration of martial law in Mindanao. PDUT has a lot of surprises for the people.

But in the end the truth will eventually come out. And as always they say;

“The truth shall make us free.”