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WWII VETERAN JESSE BALTAZAR: Recognizing a Lifetime of Public Service

May 10, 2017

WWII VETERAN JESSE BALTAZAR: Recognizing a Lifetime of Public Service
Posted: 08 May 2017 01:21 PM PDT

Los Angeles –The Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) commemorates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month by remembering the remarkable life of Jesse M. Baltazar, who served in the State Department for more than 20 years, most recently in DSS, until his death in April 2016 at the age of 95.

As dawn broke in Bataan, the Philippines, on April 9, 1942, 21-year-old Jesse M. Baltazar saw his Filipino comrades holding sticks with white handkerchiefs tied to them. “We’ve surrendered,” they muttered.

At the Battle of Bataan

Within hours, soldiers of the Imperial Japanese Army arrived to round up 76,000 Filipino and American POWs for a 65-mile trek to Camp O’Donnell in what became known as the Bataan Death March.

At the time, Baltazar was a member of the U.S. Army’s 71st battalion and a student in his college’s ROTC program. He recalled,
“We had no uniforms, no weapons. This was the beginning of the Battle of Bataan, and the first casualty happened to be my schoolmate. He stepped on a hand grenade and died in my arms on the way to the hospital.”

When the Japanese bombed the area near his camp, Baltazar was hit in the leg by shrapnel and taken to an open-air jungle hospital where he endured surgery with minimal anesthesia.

The Bataan Death March

Baltazar used a bamboo stick as a cane to support himself when forced to march for 12 hours a day in the blazing sun, with no water and just one meal a day of rice and fish broth.

Baltazar witnessed prisoners who fell from exhaustion getting bayonetted and beheaded. So when he tripped and fell, he thought he too was going to die. He heard a Japanese guard yell and felt the butt of a rifle rammed into his back. Sharp pain pierced his whole body, but he had no choice but to get back up and march, or be killed.

On the third night of the march, Baltazar was almost asleep when he heard a whisper in the dark: “Anybody want to escape?” Without hesitating, he and another prisoner crept away with this unknown man, paid him five dollars each, and hid in his boat for a two-hour ride through the swamps in the dead of night. They were lucky.

Later that day, the Japanese figured out that local fishermen were helping prisoners escape. So they sprayed a similar boat with machine gunfire, killing everyone on board.

By the time the Bataan Death March ended at Camp O’Donnell, an estimated 7,000 to 10,000 people had died.

Eventually, Baltazar made his way home in Quezon City and helped the Filipino resistance movement. “My younger brother was taken away by Japanese soldiers in the middle of the night. And my older brother went off to join the armed struggle. I never saw either of them again,” he said.

After Bataan, Off to the States

After World War II, Baltazar first came back to the United States as an engineering student. He soon joined the U.S. Air Force and became the first native-born Filipino commissioned officer. As a second lieutenant, he received intensive Russian-language training and was assigned to Korea in 1950 as a special agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.

He retired from the Air Force after 20 years of service. But when the Vietnam conflict erupted, he signed up for duty again, this time with USAID as a deputy provincial advisor in Vietnam. After more than 20 years with USAID and the State Department, he retired in 1988.

Later Baltazar returned as a Diplomatic Security Service construction security surveillance technician on a State Department headquarters renovation project where he served until several months before his death.
Purple Heart After 73 Years

Baltazar was supposed to receive the Purple Heart in 1946, but his records were lost. After years of petitioning various government entities, he finally received the medal in January 2015 at an award ceremony, complete with a full-dress parade with soldiers. Major

Baltazar passed away peacefully on April 12, 2016. He was 95 years old. He is survived by his wife of 62 years, their five grown children, nine grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Looking back on his life, Baltazar said, “I will always be a prisoner to the memory of the brutality and savagery of the worst kind. Yet, I also saw courage, nobility, bravery and the best that human beings can be.”

About the Author: Suzanne K. Whang serves in the Bureau of Diplomatic Security’s Office of Public Affairs.


MAY 6, 1942, THE FALL OF CORREGIDOR, 75 years ago.

MAy 6, 2017

MAY 6, 1942, THE FALL OF CORREGIDOR, 75 years ago.

Los Angeles--THE FALL OF CORREGIDOR, MAY 6, 1942.Corregidor_gun

After 23 days of heavy bombardment by air and artillery, the USAFFE forces in Corregidor surrendered to the Japanese.

The Battle for Corregidor is an American Battle with an majority of American forces there and a few Filipinos. We marked the 75th year of the Battle and the Fall of Corregidor .

Today, May 6, 2017. We salute our heroes!



For Immediate Release
5th HFT Kalayaan Organizing Committee, 2017 (5K0C 2017).
May 04, 2017


Los Angeles– “See you there. I have instructed all my staff to be all present at the event.”

The Consul General Adelio Angelito Cruz of the Philippine General Consulate-Los Angeles has just confirmed his attendance to the 5th Kalayaan Parade at Historic Filipinotown on Saturday at 8:00 AM.

This will be the third time a Consul General will attend the parade after the Consulate General and the Filam organizations started the initiative to start the parade in Los Angeles in 2013.

On the Roll

Meanwhile, more Filipino-American organizations have joined the 5th Historic Filipinotown Kalayaan Parade.

The groups that joined the parade were: Binibining Pilipinas -USA 2017,Historic FIlipino Town Neighborhood Council (HFNC) The Filipino American Community of St.Ignatius (FACSI), Silver Lake Adult CBAS, the United Bicolandia of Los Angeles (UBLA), The Manila Terrace/Temple Westlake Neighborhood Development Corporation (TWDC) .

The SMR, Friends of FAPCCA, Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA, LASOS, Silver Lake Four Square Church,Rotary Club of HFT, Council for Trade and Industries for Filipino Americans (COTIFA), MOTHER Inc, Burlington School and TALAKAYAN SA HFT recently joined the 5KOC.

The 5th Kalayaan Parade for Historic Filipinotown will be held on Saturday, at 9 AM June 03, 2017 to celebrate the 119th Philippine Independence Day, June 12, 1989 from Spain.

The assembly area is in front of the Silver Lake Medical Center (SLMC) at Temple Street at 8;00AM. The parade starts at 9;00 AM.




May 02, 2017


Ni Arturo P. Garcia

Matapos tanggihan ng Commission on Appointments (CA) si Gina Lopez, tumaas kaagad ng bienes ng mga kompanya ng mga mina. Nagdiwang ang mga mayayamang may-ari ng mga minahan. Nakahinga ng maluwag ang mga dayuhan.

Patunay lamang na ang Kongreso ay sadyang para lamang sa mayayaman at makapangyarihan at masalapi. Samantalang tuloy ang pahirap at pagsasamantala sa bayan at sa mga mahihirap.

Magtataka pa ba tayong si Manny (Money) Pacquiaopa ang naganunsyo ng pasya g CA sa media. Pasiklab ang kampeon, Para ngang pinatulog niya si Manay Gina. Akala siguro ni Pacquiao nakadagtdag ito sa popularidad niya. Mali siya, Mali ang Kongreso..
Lumabas lang ang tunay na kulay nila. Kongreso sila ng mga gabid at sakim!


Samantala, pumapel bilang tagapagsalita ng Tsina si PDUT. Wala raw magagawa ng Pinas laban sa pangangamkam ng Tsina sa mga teritoryo ng Pilipinas sa sariling dagat nito.

Waring nagiinsulto pa, nagpadala ng tatlong barkong pandigma ang Tsina sa Davao City. Tuwang tuwa naming sumalubong si PDUT. Tutulong daw ang Tsina sa Pinas laban sa mga terorista sa Sulu seas.

Sabagay, tangging ang Pilipinas lamang ang walang kakayahang ipagtanggol ang sarili nito. Ang Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei at Indonesia ay may sariling hukbong pandagat na nagpapatrolya sa kanilang sariling teritoryo.

Ang Pilipinas lamang ang matagal na umasa sa mga Amerikano. Ngayon naman, umaasa sa Tsina na karantso ni PDUT.


Sa katatapos na ASEAN Summit meeting sa Maynila, bumida si PDUT at nakiusap pa sa Amerika na huwag gyerahin ang DPRK. Ayaw daw niya ng gyera na makaapekto sa Asya lalo na sa Pilipinas.

Ang masama, sa pahayag ng ASEAN, pinalabas nitong ang DPRK o Hilagang Korea ang gumagawa ng gulo at ang Amerika ang gumagawa ng mabuti. Kung tatanungin, sino ba ang nagpadala ng mapanghamong pwersa nabal sa hilagang Pasipiko.

Sino ba ang nagpanatili ng may 35,000 sundalong Amerikano sa Timog Korea sa mahigit na 70 taon at ayaw umalis dito? Sino ngayon ang gumagawa ng gulo sa Korea?


Kaya palpak ang pamumustura ni PDUT na ahente ng kapayapaan. Sabagay ayon sa ulat mismo ng PNP, may 12,000 na ang napapatay sa EJK sa Pilipinas,

Ang nakakatawa pa ay inimbitahan pa ni Trump si PDUT na bumisita sa Amerika. Bilang ganti ito sa pagimbita ni PDUT kay Trump para sa APEC Meeting sa Manila sa Nobyembre.

Sabagay, pareho silang pasistani Trump. Hindi na ito nakapagtataka. Ang magkakapareho ay magkakasama.