April 18, 2017


By Arturo P. Garcia

Unofficial results of Turkey’s referendum show Turkish voters have handed President Erdoğan sweeping new powers. He can stay for nine more years and beyond according to the

The yes campaign won 1.25 million more votes than the no campaign, with about 600,000 votes still to be counted.The yes vote had about 51.3% compared with 48.7% for the no vote, the state-run Anadolu news agency reported. Turnout exceeded 80%.

The three largest cities – Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir – voted against the changes.

Meanwhile, the main opposition Republican People’s party (CHP) plans to challenge more than a third of the ballot boxes and accused Anadolu of publishing inaccurate results.


The European Union (EU) expressed alarms over the sweeping power that Tayyip Erdogan won for himself during the Turkish referendum. But Erdogan brushed aside EU opposition.

He told them to “put themselves into their proper places.” Even if the results were too close, he claimed victory and he flaunted it.

Turkey has been the pain in EU’s neck. Even if they did not allow the Turkish referendum in their countries, the result went to Erdogan’s ay and they have to contend with it.


But it seems, Erdogan was an American, NATO and EU problem after all. We remember Erdogan accused the US of “orchestrating a coup against him in 2016”. After that he switched loyalty to Russia and Putin.

He even cooperated with Russia against the ISIS in Turkey’s border with Syria and drove the ISIS out of Allepo.

No wonder Trump is reaching out to Erdogan after the referendum in an apparent bid to appease the Turkish strongman.

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin raised the ante by supporting the East Ukranian Republic of Donetz against the EU, UK and US backed Ukraine. The war between the two states is still ongoing despite the ceasefire signed in Minsk.

In an apparent answer to NATO deployment at its border, Russia deployed more troops, armored and air assets as well as missiles at its border.

Putin knows his history that by the sheer number of troops, NATO is capable of invading his mother Russia.

It seems with Trump’s turn-around on NATO by saying that “ it is not obsolete” gave NATO a fresh mandate to push for its anti-Russian maneuvers.

NATO with the British and American forces since the end of the Obama presidency has deployed armored, air assets and troops at Russia’s borders in Lithuania and Poland.

It seems the situation s like the pre-World War II Germany’s invasion of Russia in June 1941. Despite the Russia and German Non-Intervention Pact signed by Ribbentrop and Molotov, Germany invaded Russia in June 1941.

This time, with or without an agreement, the military movements are clear. War is eminent in Europe.


Trump sent his Vice President Mike Pence to a whirlwind tour of Asia for a diplomatic offensive.Pence visited South Korea and American forces in the demilitarized zone for show.

He will go next to Japan, Indonesia and Australia to calm the nerves of his allies and assured them that the US mean business in going or not going to war.

In the United States, Trump and his fellow GOP has overturned almost all Obama’s edicts and laws. But they failed to dismantle the ACA or Obamacare to the consternation of Trump.


Many of the protestors even called Trump as “neo-fascists” due to the way he runs the government and gave his neocons and Pentagon generals power in his government.

Lately, he authorized the additional troops to Iraq and Syria as well as Somalia. This is the first time US troops deployment in Africa.

He is even planning to send 50,000 troops back to Afghanistan. It seems America is back to its war deployment.


With Xi at the helm in China, Putin in Russia, Erdogan in Turkey and Trump in America, the drift towards neo-fascism is a reality.

The world is not a safe place as it used to be. Wars, regional or proxy wars is the way of the world today. That’s neo-fascism for you.

That’s how the world looked like before the Great War or World War I and World War II for “Greatest Generation.”

For those who do not study history, this a brief lesson for all of you.










Arturo Garcia
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