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The US-Russian Connection

April 12, 2017

The US-Russian Connectionputin

By Arturo P. Garcia

Many Americans are still baffled by the US-Russian connection. They readily forget that once, Russia and the United States were allies during the dark days of World War II.

They forgot that Stalin and FDR were close. As close as Churchill and FDR themselves. In fact it was FDR that moderated both leaders when they are at the loggerheads especially on the question of strategy and tactics in defeating their Axis enemies.

Actually it was FDR who forced Churchill to open up a second front in Africa and in France. If Churchill prevailed, he loved Germany to defeat Russia when the Axis invaded Russia in June 1941. He even delayed the invasion of France until the Russian decisively defeated the German at the Battle of Kursk in 1943.

FDR is a consummate statesman. He even tempered Stalin when he wanted to dictate on the Allies during the Teheran Conference on the division of Europe after the War. Churchill was Russia’s avowed enemy, he paid dearly for his mistakes.

On the other FDR got Stalin’s respect. He even called each other “Uncle Joe” and “Uncle Frank”. While they chide Churchill as “Old Winnie.”

And because the avowed religion of the United States is “anti-communism”, many Americans loved this relic of the cold war. Thus many are avowed anti-Russia and are against anything Russian.

This exemplified by Hillary Clinton, the State Department and Pentagon. During the presidency of Obama, they fomented the war in Ukraine and Ossetia in Russia in Europe; overthrow Gaddafi in Libya, fomented war in Sudan, tried to divide Iraq that resulted in the rise of Al Queda and then the Isis in Iraq and Syria.

For ten long years the US from Bush to Obama and now Trump tried to overthrow Assad in Syria in the Middle East. All for their anti-Russia crusade. But still Assad still stand with his Russian allies.

ISIS-Controlled-AreasAs a result, instability reigns everywhere the US effected “regime change” such as Libya, Iraq ,Ukraine and Turkey. In places where the people took steps like the “Arab Spring” in Egypt, Tunisia and in Syria, the Al Queda or ISIS took over and made life harder for the US policy makers.

But Russia’s Putin who is much tougher and more pragmatic than Obama, took bolder steps. In Ukraine, they initiated the formation of an independent and more militant “East Ukraine Pro-Russian autonomous government. And military support the pro-Russian government in East Ukraine. Russia also supported Assad in Syria, both militarily and diplomatically. To the consternation of the United States.

abe-speaking-trump0Now Trump has been linked to the Russians. The worst. The democrats have charged that “Trump’s Russian Connections” made him win. They are making it appear that Trump’s win in 2016 is through the manipulation of the Russians and Putin.

But Trump is just being pragmatic. He prides himself to be a tough negotiator by being a successful businessman and a media tycoon. His winning the Presidential race in 2016 defied popular surveys that predicted a Hillary Clinton win. This made him more antagonistic to the mainstream media.

His military strike against Syria made him look antagonistic towards Putin and Russia. But he made a crucial call to Russia before the missile strike in a Syrian airfield hours before he gave the go-signal.

If he will outdo FDR or make a difference in the world of diplomacy towards Russia and other nations like China, DPRK and Iran, it’s still a long way to go. He has still to complete his four years term.

As an Asian leader said; “ the test of the pudding is in the eating.”



April 12, 2017

SIKAP (CCAPS) CULMINATION CEREMONIES, April 15 at PWC-LA17883840_1445924008814937_9110453383109856924_n

Los Angeles– ” No History, No Self”

The SIKAP (CCAPS or California Coalition Advancing Pilipinx Studies) cordially inivte the pubic to the Pilipinx Visibility Week Culmination Ceremony: Resistance is Stronger (Mas Malakas ang Pakikibaka) will be held this Saturday April 15th at Pilipino Workers Center, Los Angeles from 6-8 PM.

This is to continue to fight for the inclusion of Ethnic Studies in higher education. One of Kabataang maka-Bayan or KmB / Pro-People Youth’s main campaigns is SIKAP (CCAPS or California Coalition Advancing Pilipinx Studies).

Culmination Ceremonies, April 15.17855622_1446710082069663_6756678528823996045_o

On Saturday, April 15 is the culminanation ceremonies for the Pilipinx Visibility Week (April 9th-15th) held respectively at 9 different campuses, Cal Poly Pomona, UC Irvine, UCLA, UCSB, USC, Cal State LA, Cal State Dominguez Hills, Cal State Fullerton, and Claremont Colleges, this is a community forum with PACN performances, a keynote to speak about the history and current state of Pilipinx Studies, an interactive mural to write our stories, and more. Refreshments are provided by Dollar Hits LA (melon juice), and more to be announced.

Beforehand, feel free to join the social media campaign by taking your photo with a whiteboard and answering one of the following questions:

Why do you think Pilipinx deserve to be visible?
Pilipinx Studies means…
What does Pilipinx Visibility mean to you?
Why is Pilipinx Studies important?

Use the hashtags: #PVW2017 #PilipinxVisibilityWeek #PilipinxINvisibility#SIKAP #PilipinxStudiesNOW


SIKAP is comprised of educators, students, and community organizers: Cal Poly Pomona Pilipino American Studies Kollective, UCI Kababayan, UCLA Samahang Pilipino, USC Troy Philippines, Cal State LA Kalahi, Cal State Dominguez Hills Pagsikapan, Cal State Fullerton Pilipino-American Students Association, Claremont Colleges Kasama, and KmB / Pro-People Youth.

This coalition strives for the advancement of Pilipinx Studies on campus, in the community, and beyond. For its fourth consecutive year, each college organization presents Pilipinx Visibility Week from Sunday, April 9th to Saturday, April 15th. See attached for solidarity schedule.

PARKING: Free on the street

KEYNOTE: Ivy Quicho, AF3IRM National Chairperson