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April 12, 2017


By Arturo P. Garcia

“The relations between DPRK and the People’s Republic of China is like the teeth and the lips”ana11

That’s how close the relations of China to DORK or North Korea was described by its government and party officials. All throughout the 67 years of their fraternal relations.

After US President Trump attacked Syria with missiles while he met with PRC’s President Xi Jing Pei in Florida, he sent another naval task force into the Northern Pacific in an apparent show of force.
President Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday that the US will “solve the North Korea problem” alone if China refuses to help.”

“North Korea is looking for trouble. If China decides to help, that would be great. If not, we will solve the problem without them! U.S.A,” he tweeted.”

“I explained to the President of China that a trade deal with the US will be far better for them if they solve the North Korean problem,” Trump also tweeted. Trump has the right to be suspicious.

By sending a naval task force to the Northern Pacific against the DPRK, Trump is provoking the DPRK and brings the world into a brink of a thermo-nuclear war or another regional war in the Pacific.

DPRK Is ready to Defend Itself. DPRK is not a push-over. It has nuclear capabilities that is aimed at US forces in Japan and South Korea. DPRK can defend itself from US aggression. It has defeated the American aggression in the 1950’s . It is ready to defend itself again despite US military provocations.

Trump’s gambit of trying to bring the People’s Republic of China against it’s ally-the DPRK will not succeed.

The history of solidarity and friendship between DPRK goes back during their anti-Japanese struggle during World War II and their resist American aggression during the Korean conflict from 1950-53.

The PRC helped DPRK defend Korea and almost defeated the US if not for the UN armed intervention.PRC under Mao Ze Dong sent a 300,000 Chinese People’s Volunteer (PCV) to help the stem the tide
of the US invasion of Korea in June 1950.

China has warned the US not to cross the Yalu River, the boundary between China and DPRK. But China did not wait until the US and the ROK Army was near the Yalu River when Mao sent the PCV under Field Marshall Peng Deng Huai.20160402_LDD001_facebook

The joint PCV and the DPRK’s People’s Army pushed the US Army and the UN forces all the way the 38th Parallell until a truce agreement was signed in 1953.

China also helped the DPRK to rebuild economically after the truce in 1953. The PRC only left the nation when they were able to rebuild in 1961.

US Out Of Korea! Unlike the United States that still keeps their bases and more than 30,000 American troops in South Korea and are conducting provocative military exercises.

The US military presence is a proof enough to show who is the aggressor country in the Korean peninsula for the last 67 years.

The Alliance-Philippines and all progressives all over the world condemns Trump’s warmongering tactics against its perceived enemies especially China in the South China seas and Northern Pacific against DPRK and Russia.

The Alliance also supports the reunification of the two Korea’s. They also vehemently condemn the American posturing for war and intimidation in its support for japan and against Russia, China and the DPRK in Asia-Pacific.



April 11, 2017

EPNC DIVIDES HFT DISTRICT, FIXED THE BOUNDARIES AT GLENDALE17758320_10209186349961157_7395243152848819678_o

Los Angeles—The good news. The Echo Park Neighborhood Council (EPNC) decided tonight, April 4, 2017 to fix the Historic Filipinotown district in Glendale Blvd. by a unanimous vote of 17-0 .

The bad news is that the Filipino community leaders still do not want their district into two, but decided to respect the EPNC vote.

Thus, District 5 from the East, Glendale Blvd to Beaudy St. will now be known as District 5 and Glendale Blvd West to Benton way will be known as District 6. As epr the EPNC decision.

Tactical Victory

Although it was not the decision that the FilAm community of Historic FIlipinotown was expecting, it was better than the EPNC scheme to disempower the Filipinos in their own district.

If the scheme of some racists people the EPNC succeeded, District 6 or the new HFT District will lose 2/3 of its site. But by the new EPNC decision, the boundaries were preserved into 2/3 of its original.

Some EPNC members argued that Bonnie Brae boundary is better because there is less population in East Glendale Blvd to because it is a ‘ semi-industrial sites and less residential.”

In Full Force17761243_10209184779041885_3374006598108393106_o

Some EPNC member argued that the EPNC must respect the cultural identity of HFT. Joselyn Geaga-Rosenthal pointed out that 75% of the institutions and cultural heritage sites are located west of Glendale Blvd.”

Dr. Arturo Flores said, “ it is important to preserve the cultural heritage of Histroric Filipinotown where FACLA, the Filipino Christian Church(FCC), Burlington School and St.Columban Church is located.”

The EPNC first nominal voting was 14-3 in favor of the Glendale boundary. And when the formal voting for the resolution was made, it was unanimous, 17-0.

The Filam community leaders came up to the table and congratulated the EPNC for considering the boundary to Glendale blvd where the marker for Historic Filipinotown was located.

Still, it was a victory for the Historic Filipinotown community.