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April 05, 2017


by Steve Angeles, ABS-CBN News

The Los Angeles Philippine Consulate opened its month-long World War II exhibit, as part of its celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Bataan Death March.

For the Pinoy WWII veterans now in their 90s, the event brought back memories from the past.

“It’s very familiar to us veterans,” said Eliseo Tominez. “That was 75 years — so they’re displaying our uniform before.”

The exhibit showcases artifacts — newspaper clippings and uniforms from the WWII era — hoping to educate visitors on the plight of the veterans, while honoring their sacrifices.17504438_10209176034143268_7228418470510997894_o

The exhibit will be on all month — and while it will raise awareness, the consulate is also hoping to raise funds to help the Filipino WWII veterans get their long awaited congressional medals of honor.

“It is up to us to come up with the necessary funding, so we can give each and every surviving Filipino WWII veteran a congressional gold medal,” said Consul General Adel Cruz. “One gold medal costs 50 dollars.”

So far, Cruz has already received $6,000 in pledges, and will issue directions on how the donations will work.

In the meantime, the fight for veterans equity continues.

Justice for Filipino American Veterans’ Art Garcia has just returned from lobbying efforts in Washington DC, hoping to restore the pension and benefits these veterans have fought for.17309115_1411415218932483_4252211883406081976_n

“It’s the Filipino Veterans Fairness act; we have to introduce it this summer,” Garcia said. “So that will be the next move, and we will not let up lobbying, and even though this gold medal is given, it’s only a step. It’s only a formal recognition, giving a medal… but the formal recognition that will give them pension as an American veteran. It should be passed as a law.”

And while the fight remains strong for these veterans on many fronts, there’s a sad reality that these veterans are passing away.

One veteran — Nicholas Casipe — who was eager to share his story at the exhibit had passed away the day before the ceremony.



April 04, 2017

EPNC FIXED THE BOUNDARY OF DIVIDED HFT DISTRICT AT GLENDALE17761243_10209184779041885_3374006598108393106_o

Los Angeles—The good news. The Echo Park Neighborhood Council (EPNC) decided tonight, April 4, 2017 to fix the Historic Filipinotown district in Glendale Blvd. by a unanimous vote of 17-0 .

The bad news is that the Filipino community leaders still do not want their district into two, but decided to respect the EPNC vote.Thus, District 5 from the East, Glendale Blvd to Beaudy St. will now be known as District 5 and Glendale Blvd West to Benton way will be known as District 6. As epr the EPNC decision.

Some EPNC members argued that Bonnie Brae boundary is better because there is less population in East Glendale Blvd to because it is a ‘ semi-industrial sites and less residential.”

In Full Force17758320_10209186349961157_7395243152848819678_o

Some EPNC member argued that the EPNC must respect the cultural identity of HFT. Joselyn Geaga_Rosenthal pointed out that 75% of the institutions and cultural heritage sites are located west of Glendale Blvd.”

Filipino-American community leaders led by PWC Executive Director Aquilina Soriano Verzosa, Dr. Orlando Cagampan, Knights Commander of HFT Chapter, Jun Carningal, President of Pangasinan Brotherhood, Al Capati, Knights Commander of California Chapter, Linda Rockello attended the EPNC Meeting

Those who spoke for the motion to place the boundary at Glendale Blvd were; Dr. Arturo Flores, LASOS President, Gloria Resureccion, FACLA Director , Arturo P, Garcia, JFAV National Coordinator, Jun Caringal, Deputy Knight Commander, Bert Frias, former FACLA Director, Evelyn Gapultos of Camiling Association spoke for 45 seconds each in favor of the Glendale Blvd boundary instead of Bonnie Brae St.

Respect Cultural Heritage

Dr. Arturo Flores said, “ it is important to preserve the cultural heritage of Histroric Filipinotown where FACLA, the Filipino Christian Church(FCC), Burlington School and St.Columban Church is located.”

The EPNC first nominal voting was 14-3 in favor of the Glendale boundary. And when the formal voting for the resolution was made, it was unanimous, 17-0.

The Filam community leaders came up to the table and congratulated the EPNC for considering the boundary to Glendale blvd where the marker for Historic Filipinotown was located.

It was a victory for the Historic Filipinotown community.