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April 01, 2017


By Arturo P. GarciaRally For Akai Gurley

During the last year, 2016 I have pointed out that the gentrification of Historic Filipinotown was on the rise.

Of the 16 multi-unit apartment projects around Historic Filipinotown, only 5 of them were for seniors and are affordable to residents residents. All the others were at market rates prices.

As of April 1, 2016, six of the new high rise apartments are at market rate prices. It seems the Mayor of Los Angeles and the city council are all “lip service” in solving the housing crisis and are more interested in solving the “homeless problems” than the “renters problems and the lack of housing or affordable housing for renters.”

Unaffordable Apartments

The six under construction or in its finishing touches are the apartment projects at 333B 69 unit apartment at Union and Temple, the 200 unit apartment South Echo Park Alexan at Bonnie Brae and Temple, Colorado and Carandolet, Beverly and Parkview ,Commonwealth and Beverly and Temple and Union.

The next apartment in Carandolet and Colorado is on its finishing touches. It replaced the empty lot on this corner of Temple St. But for sure, because it is market rate, the rent start at $ 2,000 for sure for a single unit.

A new apartment complex in Historic Filipinotown is leasing units starting at just over $2,000 for a studio, according to Eastsider LA, which first spotted the pricing information for the 69-unit apartment complex.

Gentrification in HFT

The wedge-shaped complex, called 333B. According to 333B’s website, rent for a 494-square-foot studio starts at $2,087 and one-bedroom units start at $2,520. The most expensive unit the complex has to offer is a sprawling three-bedroom apartment measuring 1,436 square feet; it rents for $6,730.

ELA says these beefy rents “set a new high for Echo Park south of the 101, which had long been the lower-priced alternative to the higher prices traditionally found north of the freeway.”

Residents will have access to amenities ranging from covered, underground parking to a rooftop lounge with a spa and fire pits. The complex also has a gym, an outdoor movie area with a big screen TV, and something described as a “leisure park.”

When the project was previewed in a meeting of the local neighborhood council, residents were staunchly opposed to the look of the building, with one local commenting, “I would not want to live in it. I would not want to look at it.”

In the Sea of Want for Living Spaces

Situated on a slim lot at Temple Street and Belmont Avenue, the complex is “painted in blocks of white, grey and Kermit green,” says ELA. It is less than a hundred feet away from the Filipino American Community of LA building in Temple St.

This isn’t the only new residential complex HiFi has on the way. Just a few blocks west, on Temple and Bonnie Brae streets, 200 apartments are comping up in a complex called Alexan South Echo.

The apartments, expected to be complete in October 2018, will rise on the former site of the warehouse where the Derby Dolls played for years.

No Homes for the Renters

Already in operation, the Apartment Unit in front of SIPA has been finished since last year. Another apartment unit in Temple St. has been constructed and is offering $ 1,800 for a studio.

That makes the renters of Historic FIlipinotown is a sea of want. With new apartments units that they cannot afford to rent, and most of all they cannot live with.

That’s gentrification for you.



April 01, 2017

DEHUMANIZING THE VICTIMS, THE SURVIVORS AND THEIR FAMILIES13620168_1267189539973023_1546217399480246871_n

By Arturo P. Garcia

We have the April Fools Day on the first term of PDUT. And the bad joke was April Fools Day 2017 is on all of us.

One common factor that binds the fascist’s dictators is that they loved to dehumanize their victims, the survivors and the families of the victims. This is to dehumanize the people who believed them and turn them into an unthinking mob.

This is how Hitler turned the erstwhile romantic and humanist German people into unthinking automatons who hated the Jews, the gypsy, the communists and everybody whom Hitler called “ the scum of the earth.”

This also the way PDUT has turned his loving DDS people into unthinking fanatics who swear on all people even at the international community especially the New York Times and the European Union Parliament as a “bunch of idiots and son of the bitches.”


Using the same propaganda machinery that made him win the Presidential elections of May 2016, PDUT is using the same to birschmirch the 7, 300 victims of his ‘war on drugs” mostly poor people.

Rationalizing why only poor people die on his ‘war on drugs” PDUT declared, “ only poor people sell drugs. Rich people does not sell them, they buy them.” This to the wild laughter of his crazy fanatics DDS who salivate on every word he uttered.

On the issue of his philandering and his trusted lieutenants womanizing like Speaker Bebot Alvarez and Tony Florendo, his women spokesman declared, “ the Filipinos did not vote for a saint.”

Rubbing salt into the grievous injury” insulting the Filipinos more.


A Filam leader told us during the TALAKAYAN last week, “ PDUT is a bluffer. He will declare his ideas like declaring martial law to discipline the Filipino people ala Marcos. When nobody argued with it, he will go on with his ideas and turn them into action.” In Tagalog, “Tutuluyan niya ito.”

Our friend who taught humanities in the Philippines and in the LAUSD , really know what stuff dictators like Marcos are. Other people who do not know still slavishly adore PDUT and do not mind the inhumanity he displays.

Actually, they mimic what PDUT is doing and says, “they are just collateral damages.” The worst, they justify his arguments several folds not knowing they are losing their sanity and humanism.


When the Germans finally knew what Hitler and his minions has done to more than 20 million people especially to more than 6 million Jews he systematically exterminated from 1934 to the end of the war in April 1945, they were in awful shock.

In remorse, Germany has bannered everything about Hitler especially all the political activities that venerated the late Nazi dictator’s ideas in Germany. The truth maybe were hidden rom them during the war.

But Hitler and his subalterns were consciously committing the genocidal crimes in the name of the German people.


PDUT was exactly the opposite. He venerated the memory of dictator Marcos and even buried him in the hero’s cemetery and declared him as a hero.

The reason is quite evident that the Marcos family supported and bankrolled his campaign for Presidency in 2016 by the tune of more than P 2 billion pesos.

He even insulted all the victims of martial law by saying, “ Huwag na kayong magreklamo. Total babayaran naman kayo.” Alluding to the remunerations to be given to the victim that was passed by his predecessor, President BSAIII.


PDUT even unashamedly said, “ I will do a Hitler and kill 3 million Filipinos in order for my “anti drug war to succeed”. The world was in shock.

He later retracted what he said in the guise of “ I am only joking” or “ I was again misquoted by the press.” For the fear of being aligned to Hitler and lose more foreign investments especially from rich foreign investors who are Jews.

But still PDUT is still unrepentant. He said, there will more people who will die on his “war on drugs”. He still wage a word war against all his detractors, calling them “de-destabilizers” and “coup plotters”


Until when can PDUT stand the test of times? Joseph Estrada, his fellow Mayor lasted for one and half year in office.

But PDUT may stay longer because he can play the communist in exchange for peace talks and woo the military and the police into his side by giving them favors and kowtowing to their wishes.

He also thinks that he can make use of his China and Russia connection while appeasing his main ally, the United States which he paints as “imperialist” while posturing for his “independent foreign policy” that he can only can understand and his DDS fanatics applaud.

But all good things never last. Most of all- bad things must end ignominiously.