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March 08, 2017
MAGNIFYING THE PROBLEM13770342_10153859917897734_7440132913465371467_n
By Arturo P. Garcia

During the Presidential campaign of 2016 , candidate Rodrigo Duterte hit the jackpot when he was able to pinpoint the problem that the Filipino most cared about. It’s the rise of criminality and the break down of peace and order.
But PDUT magnified the problem by stressing it is because of the drug problem. And he continuously harped on it. He magnified the drug problem a thousand times and until now, used it as the centerpiece of his campaign.

Like Hitler, he used drugs as a scapegoat, like what Hitler used the “Jews” as the source of the problem and exterminating them as the solution.

When he became President according to his estimates,“There were a million drug addicts” Later it became ‘ 3 million addicts.”

And afterwards, he presented a list of government officials involved in the drug trade. Then he added police and military officials. And the list grew longer and longer as time passed by.

Thus in a span of seven months since became the President, they have killed more than more than 7,100 drug addicts, pushers and some drug-lords. But the problem remained.

They say, criminality went down after the rounds of extra-judicial killings and yet peace and order continued to be a problem and criminality went on the rise.

But now, the Filipinos noticed that the break down of peace and order is not because of drugs but the ineptitude of the police forces, the justice system and other corollary factors. In fact, it is the police force that is the problem.

The killing of a Korean businessman in Pampanga proved this point. Several PNP high-ranking officials involved in the anti-drug war were implicated. Thus, PDUT has to suspend the “anti-drug war” for a while but now it is on the go again with renewed vigor.

What is appalling is that there were other moves by PUDT that will exacerbate the situation. This is the re-imposition of death penalty and the other lowering the legal age for minors from 15 to 9 so law can punish them.

In spite of international condemnation and suggestion as well as advice from world leaders that “ the war on drugs” is not the solution to the problem, PDUT even called the former President of Colombia as “ an idiot.” He even lashed out different international human rights groups and maligned them.

His myopic view that he can win the war on drugs” is matched with his bloody rhetoric with his bloody records.

He is not willing to stop the blood-letting and even rationalized that it’s the poor will be victimized because they are the ones who push drugs and not the rich.” Ergo, they will be the victims.

PDUT needs a scapegoat like Marcos when he declared martial law. He rationalized the declaration of martial law because of the” communist threat.’ Even if there were no more than a thousand armed communist then, he made the threat as real.

PDUT and his boys are now selling the lie that drug lords are “parts of the de-destabilization plots “ against PDUT. The next thing we might see is that PDUT has declared martial law and becomes the “perpetual president” of the Philippines.

And that is because of magnifying the threats. Like what they say, “making a mountain out of a mole hill.”





For Immediate Release

Los Angeles –Commission on Appointments (CA), approve DENR Secretary Gina Lopez Appointment as DENR Secretary, NOW!

Filipino American community leaders today in the United States linked arms and call on the Commission on Appointment (CA) not to bypass and approve the appointment of DENR Secretary Gina Lopez .

DENR Secretary Gina Lopez is now under attack of foreign and local mining companies lobby in the Commission on Appointments (CA). The attacks were so personal and borders on libel and slander in the opposition to her appointments.

The lobbyist opposition to DENR Secretary Gina Lopez came about when Gina Lopez cancelled the permit of 23 mining companies and 75 Mineral Production Sharing Agreements (MPSA) for destructive mining on watershed that threatens people’s water supply.

FilAm Community Support DENR Secretary

13734928_1262100823824616_8619573646874557453_o (1)

Because of her actions the mining chamber has opposed her appointment as DENR Secretary and have launched a campaign against her person to the point of personal attacks of more than 30 lobbyists in the last two days hearing of the Commission on Appointments (CA).

The Southern California community leaders led by Dr. Orlando Cagampan pointed out to the DENR and Secretary Gina Lopez as “ the bright spot for President Duterte’s defense of Philippine patrimony . social justice and service to the Filipino people.

Lopez advocacy for the environment and ” social justice means not only profits for a few foreigners and rich people but benefits for the poor and the many.”

Philippines for Filipinos, Not for Foreigners

She is not Yasay who lied on the Commission on Appointments on citizenship and does not deserve slanderous attacks on her competence and her person.” Cagampan added.

Arturo P. Garcia of JFAV also said, “The IBON Foundation, a private research non profit agency has pointed out, “that the mining industry comprised only about 1% of the Philippine economy.

The Philippine mining contributed only 3% to the economy or P 70 Billion . But as Lopez said, “Is it worth the destruction of our patrimony?” Most of all, 85 % of benefits and profits goes to American and Chinese capitalists and yet they destroy our national patrimony.” Garcia added.