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March 09, 2017


Los Angeles– – The Alliance-Philippines, a revolutionary progressive organization based in the United States and in the Filipino American community pays the highest tribute to Attorney Lynne Stewart, a revolutionary and people’s lawyer who fought for political defendants often persecuted by the system, and who herself was imprisoned for her principled advocacy of others, who died on March 7.

We send our deepest solidarity and condolences to her lifelong partner Ralph Poynter and her entire family.

Like Portia of the “Merchant of Venice”, was dedicated to her clients. Atty. Lynne Stewart was fervently dedicated to the cause of prisoners, both those behind bars for their political beliefs as well as the victims of mass incarceration and criminalization of the poor.

For this she earned the scorn and enmity of the bourgeois state and did everything to punish her to the point of detaining her despite her conditions and according her inhuman treatment.

The plight of Atty. Stewart mirrors the situation in the Philippines today when lawyers like Senator Leila De Lima is being held in jail on trumped up charges by another lawyer, President Duterte who has a distorted version of the rule of law. Scores of people’s lawyer has been killed or maimed or even silenced in the Philippines from the time of martial law until today.

When the U.S. imperialism’s so-called “war on terrorism” in the Middle East and against Muslim communities was also intensified in the United States, Lynne Stewart stood up and defended Muslim clients.

National Conference of the Party for Socialism and Liberation in 2011, our staunchest ally, we are proud of their tribute to Lynne Stewart:

“ We presented awards to various Fighters for Justice, individuals renowned for their persistent activism. Her letter to acknowledge her award remains a testament to her revolutionary and optimistic spirit, an inspiration to all:

“Dear friends and comrades at PSL:Justice For Akai Gurley

I am overjoyed and proud to accept this award as a Fighter for Justice, especially to be amongst such stellar comrades in the struggle as Mumia Abu Jamal, Leonard Peltier, the Cuban Five and the Angola 3. This is not to mention my joy that my brother Ramsey Clark will be present.

“There is no greater honor than to be recognized by those with whom you have marched shoulder to shoulder for great causes. My entire adult life and legal career have been about prisons. Criticizing them, fighting to keep people out of them, defending those who are caught in the cruel mesh and recognizing those who have spent their lives there for political acts in defense of community.

“As a lawyer, it was often difficult to frame an argument on the basis of justice when I knew that it was not part of the equation for those making the decisions. And yet, the battle was to be fought with zeal.

“As Emiliano Zapata said, we must come to authority not with hat in hand but with rifle in fist: the ultimate symbol of people’s power.

“We have a responsible mission. If you are to be a fighter for freedom you organize, organize, organize. You resist the outrages of authoritarian government. You speak up and fight back.

“Love and struggle, Lynne Stewart”

Arturo P. Garcia
AJLPP West Coast Coordinator
Los Angeles

March 9, 2017