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For Immediate Release
FAHRA-Los Angeles
February 15, 2017


Los Angeles–The drift towards PDU30’s authoritarian law grows stronger. We must fight the resurgence of Marcosian fascism under PDU30 in the Philippines!

The Filipino American Human Rights Alliance -Los Angeles expressed deep concern over the news of eminent arrest of foremost Philippine opposition Senator Leila De Lima on trump up charges as announced by DOJ Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre.

Although we respect the Senate statement that they will not allow the arrest of Senator De Lima, we view such action as unprecedented and a proof of a steady drift towards DU30’s authoritarianism using the playbook of Dictator Marcos when he declared martial law in 1972.

Expose DU30 Diversionary Tactics

FAHRA using the lens of the past when Marcos closed the Congress when he declared martial law, arrested some Senators like Ninoy Aquino, Pepe Diokno and Jovy Salonga; Cory Aquino when he ordered the arrest of Senator Enrile and Aquino III jailed Enrile, Revilla and Jinggoy Estrada on the PDAF cases.

But on the case of De Lima, trump up charges even in the Senate Ethics Committee, the public remain guessing what on what charges will she be arrested.

The DU30 regime needs diversions like the De Lima arrest to draw away the rampant graft and corruption now imploding on the DU30 Regime like the P 2B “Common Station” scam of the DOTR; the P150 Million BI Scam, the PNP Kidnap Tokhang and others.

Defend Democracy

We in the United States must defend the democratic opposition in the Philippines and the Senator De Lima who is now under malicious attacks of the PDU30 Regime.

Senator De Lima bravely exposed and opposed the EJK or state-sanctioned killings that exacted more than 7,100deaths in 7 months of the DU30 regime.

We, in FAHRA must defend Senator De Lima and others under attack of the DU30 Regime. This is our duty to our motherland, to the FIlipino people and the Filipino-American community in the U.S.

We defeated Marcos in 1986, We must defend democracy under attack in the Philippines, now!