January 18, 2016


By Arturo P. Garcia

I saw DU30’s Communications Secretary Martin Andanar’s interview in Los Angeles last Night, January 17. He was on his way to Washington DC for the new US President Ronald Trump inauguration on January 20 as DU30 personal representative.

He conducted an impromptu interview with a select group of media people. I sincerely hope, they got their night’s worth of interview with Martin the Apostle. He was called this because he described DU30 as “Jesus Christ” and himself as “an apostle.”

Sad to say, I was waiting for something new or something substantial to say, but sorry guys, I had none. It’s all recycled stuff and the worst, Andanar spoke exactly like his boss, Digong Duterte. Well, they say imitation is the best form of flattery, but as usual Andanar –blew it by over doing it.

“ We will declare martial law.” He said without batting an eyelash. We can really feel the DU30Speak. He loved to be his boss an as any megalomaniac, like Rudolf Hess, he loved out-Hitlering Hitler.

But the bad thing for Andanar, the Malacanang Press Corps criticized him after he left the Philippines for the same act-overdoing DU30speak on the threat to “declare martial law”.

Again, he blamed the media by saying; they have the propensity of “misreporting” or “twisting” DU30 words. The usual stuff.

They respectfully asked Anandar to ”read the whole transcript of the President speech” before commenting or blaming the media. The Malacanang Press Corps is bothered by the blame game being pinned on them by the President and Andanar.

The only new thing I heard is his comment on the Marcos burial . He said, “ Well, maybe half of the world maybe laughing at us but the other half of the world understand us.”

What? Maybe he loved half and half to put on his coffee. In Tagalog, skeptics says “Asa ka pa” It’s just shooting from the hip and whistling in the wind, asking for sympathy but got none.

I have witnessed many Presidential Spokesman. Many of them were as usual poker faced and were all insensitive or emotionless.

I have seen Kit Tatad and Greg Cendana of dictator Marcos, Rene Saguisag and Joker Arroyo as well as Ducky Parades of Cory Aquino, Rudy Reyes of FVR, Jerry Barican of Erap Estrada and off course, Bobby Tiglao, Charles Remonde and Gary Olivar of PGMA and Atty. Edwin Lacierda of Noynoy Aquino and others.

I knew and had been friends with some of them. But Andanar the Apostle is very different.

It’s really hard to be the alter ego of the President. And it is equally hard to defend the President. As Andanar said defensively when he was asked how he handled his job with a President Duterte who is so ambivalent and proud; “ If you know your client, you will trust your client and defend him” to that effect.

Well, at least it came from Andanar. DU30 is his client. Like a lawyer to this client and a doctor to his patient, that is their relationship. This needs no explanation.

That’s his job! PERIOD!


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