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January 19, 2017

FIAMS READIES FOR “TRUMP EFFECT”15727366_1645910392376750_7891150173196389084_n

By Nimfa Rueda

LOS ANGELES—Shortly after Donald Trump was elected  president, a Filipino-American second-grader in a West Covina public school came home in tears after he was bullied by a white classmate.

“His classmate yelled at him, ‘Go back to your country,’” said Lester Ramos, chair of Migrante South Bay and Orange County, an activist group that protects Filipino migrant workers’ rights.

University student Kate Dolorito reported that a group of Republican students stopped her on campus and said, “You don’t belong here. Go back to where you came from, you illegal immigrant.”

Ramos said these were just some of the many incidents of bullying and harassment that have been reported since Trump was elected last November.

‘Trump effect’

Teachers unions and advocacy groups have called these incidents the “Trump effect” and are working with education agencies and local governments to protect immigrant students.

“We plan to collaborate with these groups in launching an awareness campaign, as we expect this anti-immigrant climate under the incoming Trump administration,” Ramos said.

‘Not anti-immigrant’Justice For Akai Gurley

“There’s a big possibility that the new administration will pass harsh policies that can result in the violation of human rights and harsh treatment of immigrants,” said the video message.But Trump supporter Don Deluna does not agree with the migrant workers’ groups.

“It’s not true that (Trump) is anti-immigrant,” said Deluna, a 47-year-old entrepreneur from Orange County. “He is anti-illegal immigrant, and he’s only going after those who are criminals.”Deluna, who campaigned for Trump, pointed out that the incoming president has a large following among Fil-Am Christians who are hopeful that he will respect their “religious freedom to be prolife.”

“They’re evangelicals, Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians… who felt that their religious freedoms had been taken away,” he said.Deluna said he expected Trump to defund Planned Parenthood, which offers abortion services.He also believes that protectionism under the Trump administration “will keep jobs in America” and the overall economic agenda of Trump, who is a “businessman,” will translate into a better economic climate.Deluna said Filipino-Americans were “educated and entrepreneurial” so they would flourish under Trump, who plans to stimulate the economy and keep entrepreneurs “motivated to innovate.”

Orlando Cagampan, leader of the local Knights of Rizal, told a recent “Talakayan” forum in Historic Filipinotown in Los Angeles he hoped Trump’s economic policies would also be “friendly to the Philippines.”15823124_1645910349043421_7054635430292338600_n

“(Trump’s) policies can make or break the Philippine economy under (President) Duterte,” he said.

‘Trump likes Duterte’

Fil-Am businesswoman Rachel Gunther said she was optimistic that the Trump presidency would be friendly to the Philippines and would “eliminate whatever bad blood” there was between Mr. Duterte and the Obama administration.

“Trump likes Duterte. He invited (Duterte) to the inauguration,” said Gunther, the Fil-Am leader of Make California Great Again, a pro-Trump nonprofit launched in Long Beach last week.

Mr. Duterte had repeatedly cursed Obama over criticism of extrajudicial killings in his war on drugs.

He called Obama a “son of a bitch” and told him to “go to hell,” prompting the White House to cancel planned bilateral talks between the two leaders.

Mr. Duterte said Trump, in a phone conversation last month, had endorsed his brutal antidrug campaign and said he was doing it “the right way.”

Gunther, who is scheduled to attend Trump’s inauguration in Washington, said she also believed Trump would strongly support the Philippines’ claims to disputed islands in the South China Sea.

Deluna agreed, saying Trump would “play hard ball” with China.

Undocumented Filipinos

The biggest concern for many Fil-Am community leaders is the uncertain fate of the nearly 1 million undocumented Filipinos in the United States.

“For sure, life will be harder for them in the coming years,” Historic Filipinotown community leader Dondino Manzon said.

Immigration lawyer and advocate Arnedo Valera said that could be true if Trump planned  to act on his campaign rhetoric on immigration.

In that scenario, he would expect the Trump administration to tighten immigration rules for countries with terrorist presence, including the Philippines, which has been fighting the Abu Sayyaf.

“We can expect disruptions and strict regulations on immigrant visas allocated for the Philippines, whether they are family-based or employment-sponsored visas,” said Valera, executive director of the Migrant Heritage Commission in Washington.



For Immediate Release
January 19, 2016



In the weekly TALAKAYAN CLUB last Thursday, January 19, 2019 in Historic Filipinotown, the Knights of Rizal (KOR)-Historic Filipinotown approved a resolution opposing the demolition of the Rizal Memorial Sports Complex (RMSC) and turning it into a mall.

KOR-HFT Knights Commander Dr.Orly Cagampan said, “we oppose the demolition of the RMSC because it is a part of our national heritage. The RM Stadium then was built in 1934 and hosted important national and sports events in Asia.”

RSMC As a National HeritageKOR-HFT

Sir Tony Berango of the KOR-West Region said, “ We deplored Mayor Joseph Estrada’ s flair for destroying historical sites.

We still remember what he did to the Rizal Monument photo-bombing it with the Torre De Manila. Estrada has destroyed several vintage colonial hotel as and even the iconic Army/Navy Club.” .”

Past KOR Knights Commander Arturo P. Garcia added, “ The RMSC has been a national monument . It was a site of a bitter battle during World War II during the liberation in 1945.

KOR Support Filipinos Oppose to RMSC Demolition

Thus, we support our compatriots in the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC), Senator manny Pacquiao, cultural activists and other organizations that stand not to turn it into a mall for the benefits of the big business .

We, as Filams and as Manilan’s want the development of the RMSC, not its demolition. We are not in favor of transferring the RMSC into another place like Panpanga.

It’s timely development is needed to turn it into a modern sports facility, a national training center and if they want, a commercial center as well as to preserve its legacy.”




January 18, 2016


By Arturo P. Garcia

I saw DU30’s Communications Secretary Martin Andanar’s interview in Los Angeles last Night, January 17. He was on his way to Washington DC for the new US President Ronald Trump inauguration on January 20 as DU30 personal representative.

He conducted an impromptu interview with a select group of media people. I sincerely hope, they got their night’s worth of interview with Martin the Apostle. He was called this because he described DU30 as “Jesus Christ” and himself as “an apostle.”

Sad to say, I was waiting for something new or something substantial to say, but sorry guys, I had none. It’s all recycled stuff and the worst, Andanar spoke exactly like his boss, Digong Duterte. Well, they say imitation is the best form of flattery, but as usual Andanar –blew it by over doing it.

“ We will declare martial law.” He said without batting an eyelash. We can really feel the DU30Speak. He loved to be his boss an as any megalomaniac, like Rudolf Hess, he loved out-Hitlering Hitler.

But the bad thing for Andanar, the Malacanang Press Corps criticized him after he left the Philippines for the same act-overdoing DU30speak on the threat to “declare martial law”.

Again, he blamed the media by saying; they have the propensity of “misreporting” or “twisting” DU30 words. The usual stuff.

They respectfully asked Anandar to ”read the whole transcript of the President speech” before commenting or blaming the media. The Malacanang Press Corps is bothered by the blame game being pinned on them by the President and Andanar.

The only new thing I heard is his comment on the Marcos burial . He said, “ Well, maybe half of the world maybe laughing at us but the other half of the world understand us.”

What? Maybe he loved half and half to put on his coffee. In Tagalog, skeptics says “Asa ka pa” It’s just shooting from the hip and whistling in the wind, asking for sympathy but got none.

I have witnessed many Presidential Spokesman. Many of them were as usual poker faced and were all insensitive or emotionless.

I have seen Kit Tatad and Greg Cendana of dictator Marcos, Rene Saguisag and Joker Arroyo as well as Ducky Parades of Cory Aquino, Rudy Reyes of FVR, Jerry Barican of Erap Estrada and off course, Bobby Tiglao, Charles Remonde and Gary Olivar of PGMA and Atty. Edwin Lacierda of Noynoy Aquino and others.

I knew and had been friends with some of them. But Andanar the Apostle is very different.

It’s really hard to be the alter ego of the President. And it is equally hard to defend the President. As Andanar said defensively when he was asked how he handled his job with a President Duterte who is so ambivalent and proud; “ If you know your client, you will trust your client and defend him” to that effect.

Well, at least it came from Andanar. DU30 is his client. Like a lawyer to this client and a doctor to his patient, that is their relationship. This needs no explanation.

That’s his job! PERIOD!