For Immediate Release
Filipino-American Human Rights Alliance (FAHRA)
Los Angeles, CA
January 17, 2016

ON MLK DAY, FAHRA CONDEMNS DU30’S REGIME WITCH HUNTING OF FILAMS15937284_1205293489558469_7480624118117592405_o

Los Angeles– On the commemoration of the Martin Luther King Jr’s Day in the United States, the Filipino American Human Rights Alliance (FAHRA)-Los Angeles vehemently condemn the DU30 Regime for it’s virulent witch-hunting against Filipino-Americans.

DU30 Regime even sent to the US his subalterns Martin Andanar and Hermogenes Esperon to attend Trump’s inauguration on January 20 and to launch witch-hunt operations against FilAms who are against his gross disrespect of human rights and wanton extra-judicial killings in the Philippines.

FAHRA-LA vigorously protest DU30 miscommunications secretary’s description of FAHRA as” a creation of US4GG’s and one of Loida Nicolas-Lewis’s organization”. That FAHRA is a part of the destabilization plots vs DU30. All the insinuations and presentation of FAHRA as “a destabilzation plot” is but a big joke!

What is FAHRA?15181517_10208056067664806_8134347330207195657_n

For the benefit of the American public and the Filipino people in our homeland, FAHRA is an national alliance that seeks to promote respect of human rights and protect it at a time it is under attack in the Philippines and elsewhere.

It was formed right at the crucible of the resurgence of Marcos fascism and the EJK killings in the Philippines when DU30 took over in July 2016.

Thus it is independent of any call for DU30’s Ouster or Resign Movement in the US or the Philippines.

DU30 witch-hunting, an Insult to All Filams

We are well aware of DU30’s covert and overt action against the FilAm community in the guise of Andanar and Esperon visit to the US to attend the Trump inauguration in Washington on January 20. It is both a veiled and open attempt for witch-hunting and intimidation, a Marcosian tactic at its best.

Therefore we reserve the right to conduct our activities like having a Christmas Party like that in December 2016. We have the right to invite anyone for our party and merry-making for the holidays. And any attempt to present it as a plot is just very unchristian and preposterous.

We will continue to defend human rights, all its advocates and fight, stand up and expose as well as oppose any human rights violations and acts of fascism like EJK’s or state -sanctioned killings in the Philippines and elsewhere.




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