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January 13, 2016

RESPECT THE OFFICE, IF YOU CANNOT RESPECT THE PERSON13528778_1570573783237996_732498832630707271_n

By Arturo P. Garcia

Martin Andanar gave the wrong analogy when he reasoned for the President when he explained the faux pas on the invite and disinvite to the traditional vin de honouer at the Palace.

Andanar said, “would you invite to your home a person who you do not like?’ What kind of reasoning is that?

False! Malacanang is not the home of Digong. He loved Davao more than Manila and his davao retreat more than Malacanang. Thus that is not his home.


This is the first time in history when a Vice President was disinvited to that traditional occasion. All the Philippine Presidents from Garcia to Marcos, Cory Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, Arroyo who had differences with their Vice-President have invited their VIce President because they respected the office.

Well, Digong is different. He is very disrespectful, he did not learned anything from school on good manners. He disrespects everyone and thinks everybody is on his beck and call.

Even in the diplomatic circle, he disrespected and curses the President of the United States, the United Nations, some Senators and even threatens everyone who incurred his ire.


He even disrespects the concept of human rights, foreign and local human riihts advocates and is always abusive in his language and acts like a King or a despot. What can we expect from a bull like him?

Thus, I loved the reply of Vice Presdent Leni Robredo. “ I don’t mind if he did not invite me. At least he should respect the office, if he does not respect the person.”

That placed DU30 in his rightful place as a despotic warlord that’s who he is.

Right on VP Leni. Always take the high ground.


I agree with Mon Tulfo of the Inquirer when he said that CPNP Ronald De La Rosa is a “clown.Kidapawan Cartoon

The more he liked to be serious, the more he looked funny. And the more he want to look funny, the more people do not take him seriously.

And the problem is that he personifies the PNP. The more he loved to imitate his boss, the more he does not become credible. Look at what is happening to the PNP.

The more they brag that “crime is down’ the more crimes are committed everyday by crooked policemen and the more the PNP looked like syndicates in uniform.

An example is how a certain SPO1 Ricky Dela Rosa defy the PNP and go scot free and even Dela Rosa cannot do anything but to rant in front of media, cursing, rationalizing and spew empty threats against SPO 1 Ricky Dela Rosa.


Columnist Ramon Tulfo wrote; “ The “idiot” policeman, SPO1 Ricky Sta. Isabel, who is suspected of being involved in the kidnapping of Korean businessman Jee Ick-joo, has been reporting to Camp Crame after all and not in hiding.

PNP chief Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa had ordered a manhunt for Sta. Isabel warning that if the cop didn’t give himself up he would be killed.

“There is a big chance this idiot is really guilty” because he had been hiding, said Bato.


” But Rappler, an online news organization, said Sta. Isabel was reassigned to the Personnel Holding and Accounting Unit in Camp Crame.“I’m not in hiding. I’m ready to face whatever case they would file against me,” Rappler quoted Sta. Isabel as saying.

If that is so, how come Bato didn’t know the missing cop was in Camp Crame all along?Why wasn’t he told by his underlings that Sta. Isabel was at the Camp Crame unit which is composed of rascals?

The answer is simple: Bato is not being taken seriously by his subordinates.” Besides who would follow a clown?

To quote a famous personality; “What is happening to our country, General?”