December 29, 2016


By Al P. Garcia

Again, the President has proven time and again that he was a populist demagogue.

A populist demagogue who always plays for the crowd and speaks on everything that pleases them and topics that they want to hear. Bordering on fanaticism, they will defend to death what their populist idol says.

Much like to the times of German dictator Hitler and Italian strongman Benito Mussolini did to their people.

PRRD is likewise the same. Now, he blame the 1935 Constitution framers for the declaration of martial law and went further to ask that that the new constitution be made so as to give the President a blank check to declare martial law without the interference of the Congress and the Supreme Court.

The Marcos in PRDD is showing. He had shed his true colors, Riding high on his slipping popularity, PRRD is building up his image as a strongman both loved the left (the communist and some of the civil society in his pocket) and the right (the Marcos family, the Arroyo clan and all kinds of hangers-on).

PRRD plays a magnanimous President who has the trait of “ mapagmalasakit”. A father figure that his followers called him as “Tatay Digong. Much like the mantra of Ferdinand Marcos who called himself “The father of the nation.”

But do all dictators before him called them by that term? Hitler, Mussolini, Mobutu Zeze Seko of Zaire and others.

But what is funny is PRRD detractors calls him KATAY DIGONG or Butcher Digong for the murder of EJK’s of more than 6,000 people for the last six months.

Another thing that populist demagogue does it is to turn the tables on their detractors. Keep them guessing for his next moves and lying or taking his back his words. In the case of both Trump and Digong Duterte, their mantra is to attack the media.

Yes, they attack the media by saying, “the media misquoted them” or “twisted the facts or what they said.” And most of all” the media maliciously put words in their mouth.” They know few people will have their facts checked and bother to check the video recording of their speech.

And that is the easiest thing to do. They followed the time-tested dictum, “the best defense is offense.” Attack the source and make them defend themselves.” Anyways he has all the control of the media and the sources of information.

And besides, he has a large army of trolls on his disposal. One way he was able to achieve his victory is with this army led a strip teaser named Mocha Unson who is now elevated to fame in his administration and still is on his crusade against Vice President Leni Robredo.

What is amazing is that he has also had defenders in the left who now holds position on his government. Some of my former comrades and friends even campaigned for him. They defended him until he ordered the burial of beloved dictator Marcos. My former friends have kept quiet ever since.

The left has an avowed hatred for the “yellow brigade” of former President Noynoy Aquino III.13495160_1645402952159112_6843312337910207102_n

Why? Aquino III has imprisoned more leftist than Arroyo during his term. Continued the OPLAN BAYANIHAN of the AFP and canceled the peace talks that PRRD is now accommodating and as a populist demagogue has promised that “ he will bring peace and reconciliation to our land.”

There are many more promises that PRDD has sweet-talked the nation but on his sixth month as President has not fulfilled or not now still promising to fulfill.

That is what a populist demagogue is good at. Speak and tell the whole words promised that they would believe. It is just up to him to fulfill or not.

That’s what they are good at.


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