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December 29, 2016


By Al P. Garcia

Again, the President has proven time and again that he was a populist demagogue.

A populist demagogue who always plays for the crowd and speaks on everything that pleases them and topics that they want to hear. Bordering on fanaticism, they will defend to death what their populist idol says.

Much like to the times of German dictator Hitler and Italian strongman Benito Mussolini did to their people.

PRRD is likewise the same. Now, he blame the 1935 Constitution framers for the declaration of martial law and went further to ask that that the new constitution be made so as to give the President a blank check to declare martial law without the interference of the Congress and the Supreme Court.

The Marcos in PRDD is showing. He had shed his true colors, Riding high on his slipping popularity, PRRD is building up his image as a strongman both loved the left (the communist and some of the civil society in his pocket) and the right (the Marcos family, the Arroyo clan and all kinds of hangers-on).

PRRD plays a magnanimous President who has the trait of “ mapagmalasakit”. A father figure that his followers called him as “Tatay Digong. Much like the mantra of Ferdinand Marcos who called himself “The father of the nation.”

But do all dictators before him called them by that term? Hitler, Mussolini, Mobutu Zeze Seko of Zaire and others.

But what is funny is PRRD detractors calls him KATAY DIGONG or Butcher Digong for the murder of EJK’s of more than 6,000 people for the last six months.

Another thing that populist demagogue does it is to turn the tables on their detractors. Keep them guessing for his next moves and lying or taking his back his words. In the case of both Trump and Digong Duterte, their mantra is to attack the media.

Yes, they attack the media by saying, “the media misquoted them” or “twisted the facts or what they said.” And most of all” the media maliciously put words in their mouth.” They know few people will have their facts checked and bother to check the video recording of their speech.

And that is the easiest thing to do. They followed the time-tested dictum, “the best defense is offense.” Attack the source and make them defend themselves.” Anyways he has all the control of the media and the sources of information.

And besides, he has a large army of trolls on his disposal. One way he was able to achieve his victory is with this army led a strip teaser named Mocha Unson who is now elevated to fame in his administration and still is on his crusade against Vice President Leni Robredo.

What is amazing is that he has also had defenders in the left who now holds position on his government. Some of my former comrades and friends even campaigned for him. They defended him until he ordered the burial of beloved dictator Marcos. My former friends have kept quiet ever since.

The left has an avowed hatred for the “yellow brigade” of former President Noynoy Aquino III.13495160_1645402952159112_6843312337910207102_n

Why? Aquino III has imprisoned more leftist than Arroyo during his term. Continued the OPLAN BAYANIHAN of the AFP and canceled the peace talks that PRRD is now accommodating and as a populist demagogue has promised that “ he will bring peace and reconciliation to our land.”

There are many more promises that PRDD has sweet-talked the nation but on his sixth month as President has not fulfilled or not now still promising to fulfill.

That is what a populist demagogue is good at. Speak and tell the whole words promised that they would believe. It is just up to him to fulfill or not.

That’s what they are good at.



For Immediate Release
Knights of Rizal-Historic FIlipinotown Chapter (KOR-HFT)
December 29, 2016


Los Angeles- “ The Spanish colonizers broke his cranium, but he destroyed their empire”.—Cecilio Apostol

The Knight of Rizal-Historic Filipinotown Chapter (KOR-HFT) will mark the 10th year of the 120th Rizal Day in Los Angeles on December 30, 2016 at the Manila Terrace Social Hall, 2328 W. Temple St. Los Angeles, CA90026 on Friday, December 30, 2016 at 12 noon.

The KOR will also install Dr.Orlando Cagampan as the new Knights Commander of the KOR-HFT for 2017-2018. The outgoing Knight Commander, Arturo P. Garcia for 2015-2016 will pass the baton of leadership to Dr. Orly Cagampan.

New Knights of Rizal members will also be installed on Rizal Day. The Guest Speaker for the occasion is City of LA Public Works Commissioner Joel Jacinto.

The Martyrdom of Dr. Jose P. Rizal

On December 30, 1896, the Spanish colonial government in Manila executed Dr. Jose P.Rizal in the Bagumpayan Field ( known also as the Luneta Park) after a mock-trial.

He was suspected to be the leading the Philippine revolution that erupted on August 26, 1896 led by the Katipunan of Supremo Adnres Bonifacio.

After Rizal was executed, the revolution spread like wild fire and on June 12, 1898, the first Philippine Republic was born. And then Spain sold the Philippines to the United States by the Treaty of Paris, December 10, 1898 and the U.S. occupied the Philippines.
KOR-HFT 5th Anniversary

10th KOR-Los Angeles Rizal DayKOR-HFT 2015

Thus, every December 30, 2016, the Filipinos marked the martyrdom of Dr. Jose P. Rizal as Rizal Day to honor its foremost hero. On December 30, 2016 marked the 120th Anniversary of his death.

The KOR-HFT was formed in December 30, 2006 and since than have conducted activities to memorialize the heroism of Dr. Jose P.Rizal and venerate his lofty ideals of patriotism and nationalism.

For more information please call Al at (213) 318-9065 or email us at jfavusa8@gmail.com and visit our website at www.jfavusa.org




Disyembre 30, 2016


Wala na bang mga Pilipinong nagkakabuni, an-an, alipunga, at kurikong?13528778_1570573783237996_732498832630707271_n

Mukhang napakatumal yata. Ang dami mong oras na ginugugol sa mga kabulastugan.

Bakit pati ang school project ng bata ay pinakikialaman mo? Pakialaman mo ang school project ng anak mo.

Ang yabang mo, Doc. Para bang napaka-brilliant mo. Parang Mocha Uson ka lang na kinabitan ng MD at puro turok ng fillers ang mukha.

Pati si Loida Nicolas-Lewis ay inaalaska mo. Tanungin mo nga ang ‘yong mayabang na sarili kung mas mataas ang buwis na binabayaran mo kaysa binabayad ng mga property ni Atty. Lewis sa Pilipinas.

Marami ka bang pinapaaral na mga Pilipino. Tanyag ka bang tagabigay ng mga malalaking donasyon tuwing may bagyo, baha o lindol sa Pilipinas?

Alaskahin at atakehin mo ang mga kasamahan mong maiingay na hindi na mga Pilipino at hindi pa nagbabayad ng buwis sa Pilipinas. Sila ang pagsabihan at pigilan mo.

Naitanong mo ba kung may dual citizenship si Atty. Lewis? Hindi no? Hanggang buni ka lang kasi. Ipaubaya na ang politika sa iba. Hindi ka kikita at sisikat diyan.

Wala o kulang ka sa alam. Tagakalat ka lang ng tsismis. Midlife crisis ba?

Ang solusyon: maghanap ng bagets.

Narito ang artikulong sinagot na atake ni Lorraine Badoy sa anak ni VP Leni Robredo:20160701jb-13-620x534

I was told that the mag cover of Leni Robredo under the banner ‘Bayani’ that I posted yesterday is the Philippine Science High School project of Jillian Robredo. My son, who also studies in Pisay told me this.

I never said this was an official mag. I was told it was but I left that part open to being corrected because I wasn’t sure if it truly was. And in fact, I expressed my desperate hope that all this was was a joke. A spoof mag.

Turns out this is a school project. And I am not taking it down. Nor am I apologizing for it.

My children, as Jillian Robredo, are scholars of our country’s top science high school, the Philippine Science High School.

They owe their education –a top rate one, may I add–to the Filipino people. And I am deeply grateful for all of you who have made this possible. Pisay is my children’s fertile ground where they have bloomed and evolved quite well—as it is for thousands of kids.
It really takes a village to raise a child.

And just as this village has stepped up to raise my children, so am I stepping up in doing my share in educating my children and other people’s children about our democratic processes.

Jillian Robredo can hardly be faulted for thinking her mother a heroine. Don’t all mothers wish their children thought of them as heroines?

But see, Jillian Robredo’s mother is not just an ordinary citizen that she holds up for her classmates–our top scholars– to see as a heroine. Leni Robredo is the country’s most powerful woman– our Vice President, no less.

And her abysmal performance as public official needs to be called out.

Still Jillian Robredo is within her rights to think her mother as VP is exceptional. A heroine, no less.

Just as we are within our rights to express what we think of the VP who happens to be her mother.

You say, but this is merely a school project.

And I say, all the more we should take this on because these are our children we are talking about. Our country’s most important resource. All the more we should educate them.

Also, this is Philippine Science High School. Our country’s top scholars, where our leaders come from. To whom much is given, much is expected, right?

At the very least, we owe these kids a clearer definition of what constitutes ‘heroism’.

And we owe these kids a clearer picture of how freedom of expression—one of the bedrocks of a vibrant democracy–works.

So there. Now get off my back, you ninnies. I hope that clarifies things for you.



PAHAYAG NG NUJP: “Di po laro ang pagbabalita, Mr. President!”

December 30, 2016

PAHAYAG NG NUJP: “Di po laro ang pagbabalita, Mr. President!”

( Note: We publish the statement of our counterparts in the Philippines on the statement of PRRD. Some of the editing for brevity is ours–Editors )13770342_10153859917897734_7440132913465371467_n

Los Angeles–Mawalang-galang po, mahal na Pangulo. Sinasadya ng National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) na gamitin ang pambansang wika sa pahayag na ito upang bigyang sapat na halaga ang kaliwanagan sa komunikasyon at tiyakin na mauunawaan ng lahat ang nais naming ipaabot.

Sa inyong panayam sa midya nung Huwebes, muli mong sinabi na “nilalaro” mo kami at “mahilig” kang “magbitaw ng kalokohan.” Kung kaya, pananagutan ng mga mamamahayag ang pagsusuri sa bawat mong salita, kung totoo ba o hindi, at kami ang dapat sisihin kung ‘di tugma ang aming ulat sa mensahe na nais ninyong iparating.

Ipagpaumanhin po ninyo, subalit tuwiran kaming tumututol sa inyong pananaw. Hindi dahil ayaw naming suriin ang inyong mga salita — dahil kasama po ito sa aming gawain — kundi, bilang Pangulo ng Pilipinas, kayo po ang may pananagutan at tungkuling maging malinaw sa lahat ng inyong pahayag sa sambayanan at sa buong mundo.

May mga pagkakataon naman po para sa biro o sa kalokohan. Subalit dahil kayo ang Pangulo, ang inyong mga pahayag sa publiko ay aming itinuturing — at dapat lamang ituring — na patakaran ng inyong pamahalaan.

15135896_10208056073824960_2710043578821660784_nDagdag pa, marami rin sa inyong masusugid na tagasuporta ang nagtuturing ding atas at utos maging ang inyong mga biro at gamitin ang mga ito bilang dahilan para sa mga karumaldumal na hangarin ng mga kriminal at tiwali sa loob at labas ng gobyerno.

Sa ganitong kalagayan, aming kagalang-galang na ginoo, hindi kaya mainam na huwag mo na kaming laruin at bawasan na ang hilig ninyong magbitiw ng kalokohan?

Ipagpatawad po ninyo , mahal na Pangulo, kung amin namang ibinabalik sa inyo ang inyong sinabi: Kung hindi malinaw ang inyong mga pahayag at hindi malinaw kung ito ay biro o seryoso, nasa inyo po at wala sa amin o sa taumbayan, ang problema.

Seryoso po kami sa aming gawain at tungkulin naming ituring na seryoso at iulat ng tapat ang anumang namumutawi sa bibig ng Pangulo.

Huwag po ninyong baliktarin ang kaayusan ng pananagutang maging malinaw, Mr. President.


Ryan D. Rosauro
NUJP Hotline 09175155991