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December 26, 2016


Los Angeles – “Talk, Talk. Fight, Fight”14054299_10209124495803178_1134729115577460992_o

The NDF in a statement by Prof. Jose Ma Sison said, “ We have no other objective but to demand the amnesty and release all political prisoners and give way to a bilateral ceasefire agreement. These matters can be settled in a few number of hours.

Even if the GRP remained unwilling to amnesty and release all political prisoners in compliance with the JASIG and CARHRIHL and in consonance with a bilateral ceasefire agreement, the NDFP would still be willing to negotiate peace while fighting in the battlefield. “

The NDF also pointed out that “ The delay in reaching the bilateral ceasefire agreement is the responsibility of the GRP, because of its refusal to fulfill its promise of amnesty and release of all political prisoners.

The NDFP has no choice but to pursue the line of people´s war in order to strengthen the people´s army and other revolutionary forces as the means to avoid the pitfall of capitulation and pacification through an indefinite ceasefire that would certainly result in a lack of interest on the part of the GRP to negotiate the substantive agenda of the peace negotiations”

Learn the Lessons14102675_10153946958933667_9143813628016318388_n

Sison added, “ We should not get stuck on such matters by dealing with them piecemeal over a long period of time. We can make a stable bilateral ceasefire agreement by learning lessons from the period of unilateral ceasefire declarations.

Oplan Bayanihan should be terminated and should not be replaced by another brutal oplan under General Año, who kidnapped Jonas Burgos. Safe distances must be kept between the armed forces and units of the GRP and the

He called on The GRP and NDFP negotiating panels, “ should finish and sign the comprehensive agreements on social and economic reforms, political and constitutional reforms and end of hostilities and disposition of forces within the first or second year of the Duterte regime

Prospects Are Bright14211991_1031784303600992_3569646119046952000_n

Sison also said, “ The prospects are still bright in the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations if we consider that the rounds of talks are proceeding successfully. The discussion on CASER and on other matters can certainly progress during the third round of formal peace negotiations. “

The NDF pointed out, “ It would be alright for the talks in Rome to schedule the fourth round in a neutral venue. The two sides can meet to talk whatever is the status of the talks on the bilateral ceasefire agreement; and even if the NDFP would end its unilateral interim ceasefire declaration due to the ruthless incursions on its territory of the enemy armed forces.

The main interest of the NDFP and the People´s Revolutionary Government in social and economic reforms is economic development through national industrialization and genuine land reform.

Also, their main interest in political and constitutional reforms is upholding national sovereignty and democratic principles. They are also willing to co-found the Federal Republic of the Philippines with the Duterte regime and make a new constitution that prevents fascist dictatorship, political dynasties, warlordism and dissipation of national resources.