November 28, 2016


By Arturo P. Garcia

President Duterte, again has assumed ( or lied again) by saying that that people elected him with the big margin because he was agreeable to burying Marcos in LNMB.

He was saying “ that 50,000 Ilocanos will go down to Manila” to honor the dried bones of the Dictator at LMNB . So far this did not happen.

He was even threatening, “to suspend the writ of habeas corpus” as the mass protests grew against the furtive burial of the dictator at LMNB last November 18.

Maybe he is hallucinating with the lies that have been fed to him by the Marcos family. Or he was just doing and saying what he was paid for by the Marcos.

My best bet is that he is again lying to his teeth. He usually flouts his power as President and in the process he can say anything even if it’s a lie.

The fact remained that for The FILAMS FOR GRACE MOVEMENT in the United States believes that the 16 million people who voted for him did so because of his promise to eliminate drugs and criminality and not because he was amenable to burying the dictator in LNMB.15036411_10155095011439453_8506618822733612125_n

Besides this is not a majority vote but a plurality vote. If we will add the votes of Grace Poe, Mar Roxas and Miriam Defensor-Santiago, then DU30 win is not a convincing mandate.

We ask, what special affection the president has for the so-called “hurting Ilocano-speaking people” when he did not even win in the Ilocos region? Actually, It was Grace Poe who won in three of four Ilocos provinces. This despite her ( Grace Poe) position not to bury the dictator in the LMNB during the last presidential elections last May 2016.

To add insult to injury, Vice President Leni Robredo won more than 200,000 votes that was her winning margin in the Ilocos Region that gave her her safe margin of votes nationwide.

Yes its true, Virginia, THERE IS NO SOLID NORTH,

It was only a myth made up by the former dictator and until now being peddled by his son-Ferdinand Marcos Jr/ Bongbong Marcos and his family.14907603_1253283251359217_7633935336212998100_n

We are not grieving that the dictator is now buried in the hallowed grounds for heroes; In fact we are mobilizing for more protests . We sincerely believe this is temporary. One day, we can foresee his remains will be exhumed through a referendum or some other means.

Columnist Solita Monsod calls them, the 9 justices who voted for the burial of the dictator as “ injustices.” They followed the footsteps of the Marcos Supreme Court from 1972-1986 who followed the Marcos rules.

Now, the Kuarta Suprema of DU30 has also followed and upheld his rules. This Kuarta Suprema has a tradition to kowtow to sitting presidents and is corrupt and unjust save for a few brave souls in that dark chamber.

DU30, the Marcos family and the unjust Supreme Court can bury the dictator furtively. But they cannot bury the truth and justice forever.

They who cannot “handle the truth” cannot be absolved by history.


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