Siklab Bayani: Para sa Katotohanan. Marcos Burial is Ultimately Duterte’s Accountability

November 25, 2016

Siklab Bayani: Para sa Katotohanan. Marcos Burial is Ultimately Duterte’s Accountability


Los Angeles— The buck stops at President Duterte’s door. The events that led to the burial of Marcos as a hero began as a campaign promise, as a quid pro quo for the Marcos family’s support.

After Duterte’s victory, this burial became a unilateral, undemocratic exercise of Presidential prerogative in total and absolute defiance of the people’s collective disgust and continued pursuit of justice for the Marcos family’s crimes.

Nine of the Supreme Court justices legitimized it through weak, faulty logic hard-pressed for any moral basis. Then some AFP units and their superiors translated the Commander-in-Chief’s promise into action in contempt of due process.

That the truth about the Marcoses has been lost due to this dishonorable burial is a spit in the faces not only of the victims of human rights violations under Martial Law, but the generations of Filipinos who will pay for the billions of debts he pocketed and the institutions he politicized and destroyed.

The Coalition Against the Marcos Burial in LNMB therefore calls once again on all Filipinos who cherish their freedoms to sustain and intensify our shared outrage against the burial of Marcos as a hero.

The imperative of the moment is to build the broadest coalition possible, and it is for this reason that we call for Filipinos to join us again on November 30th from 4pm onwards at the People Power Monument to reclaim the truth: that Marcos is not a hero, and never will be.

CAMB does not set any preconditions for the inclusion of any group, whether they be from the left, or supporters of the previous administration.

15036411_10155095011439453_8506618822733612125_nCAMB believes this is the only condition by which we can truly forge a united front against the immediate foe: the Marcos family and their efforts at twisting historical facts to suit their return to power, with Duterte as their enabling agent.

We oppose any effort to diminish and dilute the responsibility of Duterte for the Marcos burial. Our efforts should be directed at Duterte and the Marcoses, and not against each other.
CAMB respects similar initiatives organized elsewhere, and we reject attempts to paint one or another initiative as opposed to, instead of complementing each other.

But we lament divisive rhetoric previously quoted and circulated, whether deflecting blame for the burial on previous administrations, or those sowing divisions in the ranks of the people.

We thus encourage all freedom-loving citizens to join us and be one with the rest of the nation in taking Duterte to account for the Marcos burial.

Together, let the flames of our outrage burn the hands of those who sought to play god with history, and impose upon us a pekeng bayani.

Because with this treacherous glorification of the dictator, patalikod tayong sinaksak ng Duterte administration gamit ang punyal ng panakaw na paglilibing.



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