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November 16, 2016


By Arturo P. Garcia

As usual, two contending forces in the ruling class are blaming each other for the burial of the Dictator Marcos in the National Heroes Cemetery.joma-duterte-0510-1

The Digong Duterte regime headed by Marcos lover, Rody Duterte is blaming the past administrations. particularly the Cory Aquino and the BS Aquino III Regimes for not passing a law that prohibits the burial of the dictator to that effect. Saying “the law is the law” justifies his order to bury the dictator with honors.

What is laughable is that Duterte explains the problem as “the struggle of two families”. He had just reduced Philippine history into absurdity insulting the EDSA 1 People’s Power revolution and the people’s struggle against the dictatorship.

In the process, he isulted the memory of his own mother who was a human rights advocate so diametrically opposed to Duterte fascist actuations and tendencies.

He was backed up by the decision of nine justices of the reactionary Supreme Court. By reciting platitudes of bourgeois laws that only them can understand and are unfathomable to ordinary people, they paid homage to Marcos, the dictator and revised history.

They acted as the Duterte’s Supreme Court as they have acted as the Marcos Supreme Court from 1972-1986 that warranted their being disbanded after the EDSA Revolution of 1986.

On the other hand, the yellow party led by BS Aquino III and their subalterns was right in labelling Duterte as ‘would be Hitler” for his passionate love for Marcos.

But it is no secret that Duterte has promised during the presidential campaign that he will bury Marcos in the LMNB. He has to pay his political patrons who bankrolled his campaign. His own selfish reasons and he is very coy about that. He is just being true to his promised and his word of honor.

In fact he has introduced former Senator Bongbong Marcos as “the next vice-president of the Philippines if he wins his case in the Supreme Court”. a very ominous foreboding of the things to come.

Cory Aquino and BS Aquino III missed the opportunity to erase Marcos in history. They both sat on their laurels and instead popularized Ninoy Aquino and forget to conduct an educational campaign in schools and the community about the evils of Marcos and martial law. Now they are reaping the wind of their historical neglect.

The only consistent parties who are opposed to the burial with honors of the deposed Dictator are the progressive forces led by the NDFP who brought the downfall of the dictator. They who opposed the dictatorship were always consistent from the past to the present.

The NDFP has its problems too. The problem now is they are perceived to be allied to Duterte while they are on peace negotiations .They are now tailing the legal mass movement that is against the burial of the dictator. They are playing delicate balancing act to go against and for PRRD.

Now, even former president Fidel Ramos is against the burial of Marcos in the LMNB. But it was his fault and it was he who allowed Marcos to be brought back to the Philippines and be buried in Ilocos Norte. It was also he who accomodated pro-Marcos leaders in his government as a sign of “reconciliation.”

But for me the two factions of the same ruling class is to be blame. Some will pass again the buck to the masses saying ” its a collective amnesia” in a usual act of self-flagellation as they always do.

US President Harry Truman, tired of the blame game and the usual passing the buck, famously ended the tiresome debate by saying, “the buck stops here” at his White House Oval office.

it’s time the factions in the ruling class of the Philippines admit their mistakes and end the blame game. History and the masses has judged them

They were weighed, judged and found wanting.