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November 14, 2016


By Arturo P. Garcia

Karl Marx said “ When history repeats itself, the first is a tragedy, the second is a farce.”14907603_1253283251359217_7633935336212998100_n

Thus when people wonder why history seems to repeat itself, they must ponder on this truism. A good example is what is recently happened in the Philippines.

After 30 years when the Filipinos overthrown a despotic dictator, the Supreme Court by the prodding of the President and the Marcos family will bury the dictator in the Libingan Ng Mga Bayani (LMNB) with honors.A great reversal of history.

But we need not to look far. Here in the United States, more than 150 years after the Civil War ended, racism is still alive. Especially with the election of a perceived bigot and racist Donald Trump of the GOP. Why?

We can trace this phenomenon with the magnanimity and the concept of reconciliation among Americans. Instead of punishing the secessionist, the Union leaders extended the hand of friendship and reconciliation to their fellow White Americans.

President Johnson who replaced Lincoln, gave the power back to the secessionist and slave owners both in the federal and state governance. They removed the Union soldiers who occupied the south after years of martial law.

What happened next is when they gained power, they instituted Jim Crow laws and again enslaved the African Americans in the South and other states.

Like what happened in South Africa in the 1990’s , some African -American gained some political and economic power but the old ways came back with vengeance.That saw the rise of Klu Klux Klan ((KKK) who were led by Southern rebel officers.

What make the matter worse, they made a mockery of the Lincoln Emancipation Act of 1863 that freed the slaves.They passed state laws that disempower the Blacks. In addition, the US Supreme Court in 1892 passed the “Separate but equal” clause that undermined the emancipation act of 1863-. All in the name of the law.

The African Americans led by Rev.Martin Luther King Jr. has to fight another battle- the civil rights struggle after almost a hundred years and was successful when the Civil Rights Law was signed in 1965. This was after a long bloody civil rights struggle from the 1950’s to 1965.

In Japan, the militarist and the rightist never let up their struggle for Japan’s nationalist resurgence/ They made the tradition of visiting the shrine of the war criminals and paid homage to them. Until they were able to change some provisions in Japan’s peace constitution and allowed Japan to re-arm and involve itself in international peace-keeping and militarize.

The worst, the Japanese textbooks justify Japan wars against its neighbor and hail it as nationalism and acts of patriotism.They never apologized “comfort women” they made as “sex slaves during World War II. All of these to the consternation of their Asian neighbors.

In the Philippines, the Marcos family made a political comeback. They slowly creeped into the corridors of power and when Senator Bongbong Marcos ran for Vice President and they supported Digong Duterte. Now,they will be now burying Marcos at the LMNB.15036532_1411815788836072_3821808158370566313_n


The Supreme Court and even President Duterte blamed the past administration for “ not passing laws that ban the burial of Marcos in the LMNB”.

A simplistic legalistic passing the buck style that a simple minded citizen can accept. But in essence they ignore the morality of history and common sense. To them its better to adhere to legality and ignore morality for the simple reason that ” the law is the law’ .

Dura Lex, Sed Lex. Simply uphold the letter of the law and ignore the spirit of the law.

Unlike the Germans who atone for their collective sins and instituted harsh laws against the resurgence of Nazism and Hitler’s ideology. Germany learned from the sins of the past and in fact received the largest humber of refugees and immigrants in Europe.

Back to the United States, the civil war is sill being fought not in the battlefields anymore but every four years in Presidential elections. This is due to the false civility in order to achieve reconciliation and unity after the civil wars.

The most unkind thing, the DVA paid even the Confederates soldiers who fought the Union their pensions.On the other hand, for the past 70 years, the remaining 25,00 Filipino soldiers and guerrillas and 68,000 widows and survivors who fought for America during World War II are left out and are still fighting for their benefits and rights.

Now will you still ask why history repeats itself?

Well, “those who never learned from history are bound to repeat it.”

And as they repeat it- it becomes a farce..



November 14, 2016


Los Angeles– ” Ang umiidolo sa pasista ay tunay na pasista!”14305343_10211152773365351_5183897241981021493_o

Hindi na nagtataka ang ang Filipino American Human Rights Alliance -Los Angeles na nakabase sa Amerika ang pananakot at banta ni President Digong Duterte na idedeklara ang suspensyon ng writ of habeas corpus .

Kasunod ng kanyang pagdedeklara ng state of emergency sa buong Pilipinas. ito rin ang ginawa ng diktador Marcos noong 1971 at 1972.

Labanan ang EJK sa Pilipinas

Binabati din namin ang mga pwersang anti-EJK sa Amerika na nagrali laban sa libing ng Diktador na pinaboran ng Korte Suprema ni Digong Duterte at laban sa EJK .

Naganap ito sa Los Angeles, San Francisco at Washington DC noong Oktubre 30 at Nobyembre 4 at nitong Nobyembre 10 at 11, 2016.

Hindi natin palalampasin ang paglaganap ng talamak na pasismo sa Pilipinas. Ipagpaglalaban natin ang karapatang pantao sa Pilipinas maging dito sa Amerika.

Ipagtanggol ang Karapatang Pantao14305444_10154554963460229_5378197365707566155_o

Nais lamang pagtakpan ni Digong Duterte ang kanyang madugong paghahari. Kahit walang katwiran,nagdeklara siya ng state of emergency para tajutin ang taong bayan sa pagbomba sa Davao kahit doon lamang nangyari ang karahasan.

Halatang-halata na nais palawigin ni Duterte ang kanyang paghahari-harian bilang pangunahing sigag maton sa buong Pilipinas. Nais din nyang higitin ang kanyang idolong si Diktador Marcos na kanyang ipapalibing bilang kanyang bayani.

Sa ngayon, malalang karahasan ang pinaiiral ni Digong sa maraming pagpatay na umabot na sa higit 4,000 na “extra-judicial killings” sa kanyang gyera kontra droga. Ito ay malalang paglabag sa karapatang pantao na kinokondena sa buong daigdig.

Malinaw ang ginagawa ni Haring Digong. Nais niyang maghari kahit sinasabi niyang hindi sa matagal na panahon. Hindi natin maasahang ang isang umiidolo sa diktador ay hindi magiging diktador at maghahari-harian tulad ng kanyang idolo.

Labanan ang talamak na paglabag sa karapatang pantao!

Labanan ang lantarang extra-judicial killings sa Pilipinas!

Filipino American Human Rights Alliance (FAHRA)
Los Angeles
Nobyembre 13, 2016




November 13, 2016


Los Angeles– NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE!14976771_1243676529039687_2364207734843455108_o-1

Kabataang maka-Bayan / KmB, Pro-People Youth salutes all 80 endorsing organizations, the JFAV Justice League Working Committee, comrades and allies, and the hundreds who marched the streets of Hollywood for our WWII Filipino-American veterans, survivors, and families today.

It’s #JFAV16because #70StillNoEquity.

As we chanted “NOT MY PRESIDENT!” in the streets, we are NOT hopeful for this Trump presidency. According to polls, Filipinos sadly comprised the highest support for Trump amongst Asian American voters.

As Filipino Americans today, we must challenge the 500 years of colonized mentality which preserves white supremacy. KmB, Pro-People Youth stands against racism, xenophobia, and misogyny, as it is this same racism, xenophobia, and misogyny that denies our veterans and their families full recognition.

15068386_1245548565519150_4144972219780024918_oDie In Front of CNN Sunset Blvd.

In front of the CNN, We conducted a die-in for 70 seconds to represent the 70 years of injustice. The Rescission Act of 1946 exclusively denied 250,000 Filipino WWII soldiers from equal benefits and full equity, unlike their American counterparts.

Today, there are only 10,000 to 15,000. We remember the fallen and honor the living because justice delayed is justice denied.15068355_1245548922185781_1367704197568119827_o

If you want to get involved in this JFAV campaign, such as workshops, assisting veterans, petitions, Valor Monument clean-up, and lobbying in 2017, contact us at propeopleyouth@gmail.com.

No Justice, No Peace!