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October 18, 2016


Los AngelesIt’s sweet sixteen for the Queen of Asia-Pacific 2016!

16 year old Jena Mafnas Serrano from San Diego,California was crowned as the new Queen of Asia-Pacific (QAP) 2016 last Sunday night , October 16, 2016 at the Saban Theater, Beverly Hills,California14589913_10154495172966271_2247111576761311268_o

Her royal court that were also crowned were Rochelle Lozano as Princess of Asia; Angeline Nguyen from Orange County as Princess of the Pacific; Ana Ngo from Vietnam as Princess of South Seas and Samantha Guzman as Princess of Polynesia.

The five finalist were picked by the prestigious board of judges from the 13 QAP Candidates who were presented at the second Queen of Asia-Pacific pageant , 2016.

Reactions on QAP 2016

14753740_10154495182476271_4847663599859857985_oExecutive Producer Lissa Pacheco Chow said,I was overwhelmed with emotions because of the large turn-out and enthusiastic, grace and poise of our candidates. This night was for them.”

Meanwhile, Queen of Asia President Lino Caringal Jr said,”We welcomed this opportunity for the Filipino-American community. The QAP had successfully penetrated Beverly Hills with a magnificent and wonderful coronation.

This is a good foreboding of significant things to come,” Caringal added. Caringal also acted as the emcee during the crowning ceremonies.

A Night With A Bang


Creative Director Fenny Pangan said,” We would like to thank all our sponsors, patrons, family and friends and most of all the candidates for their great undertaking.

Although things did not turn out according to our plans and many circumstances were beyond our control and yet our candidates showed their grace and poise under pressure. Int he end, that all what matters.”

The Sabah Theater was filled to the brims with multi -racial guests, photographers, media people and dignitaries who flew from all the parts of the world for the event.

This is the first time that the Filipino-American community pageant penetrated Beverly Hills with a bang.




For Immediate Release
Movement Against the Dictators Interment (MADI-USA)
October 18, 2016


Los Angeles –No matter what the PH Supreme Court Decision will be on the burial of Dictator Marcos, after October 18, 2016.,We, inThe KONTRA LIBING COALITION and MADI-USA together with all other groups all over the United States and abroad, will still vehemently oppose the proposed hero’s burial of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (Heroes’ Cemetery).

We are not morally bounded by any immoral decision of the Supreme Court if allows a hero’s burial for the dictator. We hope and pray for the best and favorable decision from the Supreme Court, and that is not to bury Marcos in the LMNB.

We do this not because we harp on the past, but because we care about our country’s future.

A hero’s burial for Marcos glosses over the crimes he committed against the Filipino people during the 13 years he usurped power.

When he was finally booted out of the country by a people power uprising in 1986, he fled with an estimated $10 billion worth of plundered loot hidden worldwide.

The dictator left the economy in shambles, with $28 billion of external debt, an inflation rate of over 50%, 58.9% incidence of poverty, and a negative economic growth rate. Marcos dealt brutally with those who opposed his one-man rule. Human rights groups, estimates the number of opponents killed by the Marcos dictatorship at tens of thousands , the number tortured at 34,000 and the number imprisoned at 70,000.

If the Supreme Court allow a hero’s burial for Marcos, it will be a party that erases the memory of the Filipino people’s hard-fought and heroic struggle for freedom from his tyranny.

It will invalidate the sacrifices of many true heroes gave up their lives in brave defiance of his illegitimate authority, and in courageous struggle against corruption and injustice.

Any decision to bury Marcos iwho s a fake war hero, sullied the honorable names of our Filipino World War II Veterans and their families by falsifying their war records and presenting their heroism as his. The US DVA has not awarded a single war medal to Marcos during World War II.

A hero’s burial for Marcos plays into the hands of Marcos loyalists, who are waging a political comeback, as with the recent vice-presidential electoral bid of the dictator’s son, A hero’s burial erases from memory the sins of the Marcos dictatorship, and removes another obstacle in the path of the Marcos loyalists’ political ambitions.

Most importantly, a hero’s burial for Marcos negates the hard and important lessons learned from his dictatorial regime’s negative example. The Filipino people deserve to move on – away from corruption, away from the old politics of patronage and people’s disempowerment, away from tyranny and abuse of power, away from the sordid state of affairs that was the Marcos era..

These principles continue to be relevant 30 years after the fall of the dictator in a country where poverty, inequality, injustice and impunity in public office remain rampant. These principles are even more relevant at this time when talk is rife of martial law as the solution to the country’s problems, given President Duterte’s declaration of the ‘state of emergency and continued cynical statements against due process and human rights

We will continue our vehement protest against a hero’s burial for dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Marcos is not a hero!

No to Marcos burial at Libingan ng mga Bayani!

Kontra Libing Coalition-Los Angeles
Movement Agains the Dictators Interment (MADI)-USA

October 17, 2916



PESANTE-USA Scores AFP CMO Operations and Dispersal in Manila

For Immediate Release
Los Angeles
October 18, 2016

PESANTE-USA Scores AFP CMO Operations and Dispersal in Manila

Los Angeles— The Philippine Peasant Network -USA (PESANTE-USA) condemns in the strongest terms the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for its violent dispersal of protesting national minorities and advocates in front of the AFP General Headquarters in Camp Aguinaldo this morning, October 18,2016

Even as the protest contingent were arriving in front of Camp Aguinaldo, AFP forces immediately began using water cannon to violently disperse protesters. For PESANTE-USA this reaffirms the AFP’s “consistent record of human rights abuses” and its being “fascist to the core”.

AFP Still Conduct CMO Operations

PESANTE-USA said” the violent dispersal goes to prove that the  fascist AFP does not share the Duterte government’s vision for peace, adding that the pattern of killings, harassment, and militarization in the countryside and counterinsurgency campaign Oplan Bayanihan that
persists up to now.

PESANTE-USA cited the the recent murder of Lumad leader Jimmy Saypan on October 12 and young Lumad activist Anoy Pasaporte on October 13, in Compostela Valley.

There was also the killing of Cagayan Valley peasant leader Ariel Diaz and massacre of 4 farmers in Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija last month.”

AFP, A Fascist Organization

Military operations in the guise of “civil military development operations” are still ongoing in Mindanao, Abra, Cordillera,Cagayan and other areas where the military arrest and detained peasant leaders suspected as NPA members.

PESANTE-USA challenged PPRD that “If he is really serious about peace, we urge Duterte to punish the military who are working against the people’s interests, dismantle paramilitary groups organized and funded by AFP, and pull-out all military forces from ancestral domains and communities of national minorities,”

Only by doing this the Duterte Regime can achieve peace during his term of office. And if not, people’s resistance to an oppressive regime will intensify.

For more information about pesante-usa please email us at Pilipinokami76@yahoo.com.