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Fascist Ex-President Andres Uribe and Pablo Escobar’s Chief Assassin Led ‘No’ Campaign in Colombia


October 7, 2016

Fascist Ex-President Andres Uribe and Pablo Escobar’s Chief Assassin Led ‘No’ Campaign in Colombia

Los Angeles- Why did the Plebiscite for the Peace Agreement in Colombia failed?


Besides the Colombia ex_President Andres Uribe campaigned against the FARC and Colombia Peace Agreement in Bogiota, in Medellin, the second biggest city in Colombia, former headquarters of Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel, voted against the peace deal between the government and the FARC-EP by 63 percent—about 12 points more than the national average.

The “No” campaign was led nationally by former president Alvaro Uribe, whose close links with paramilitary groups have been well-documented in recent years, and in the case of Medellin, by former convicted drug-trafficker Jhon Jairo Velasquez alias “Popeye.chief assassin, who acknowledges having killed over 300 people, ordered the killing of over 3,000 people, including journalists, judges and activists.

Released two years ago after a 22-year prison sentence, the mobster recently got involved in national electoral politics, evoking at the end of June his wish to become a senator, representing what he called the “far-right.”

He said in an interview he identified himself with Uribe’s conservative party, but that he would likely not be accepted because of his criminal past. “I would join Senator Uribe if he asked me to,” he told W Radio.

With over 130,000 followers on his YouTube channel, and over 10 million visitors, Velasquez started a virulent campaign over the summer against the peace negotiations between the Colombian government of President Juan Manuel Santos and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, which were closer than ever to reaching an agreement to put an end to over half a century of armed conflict.

Bloody Record

But his hatred for the FARC-EP actually dates back to his career as Escobar’s chief assassin, when he participated in the systematic extermination of the Patriotic Union members—many former FARC-EP fighters— who had demobilized after a peace process to run in elections.

However, between 1985 and 2002, two UP presidential candidates were killed, eight senators, 13 lawmakers, 11 mayors, 70 councilmen and at least 5,000 party members at the hands of paramilitary groups, Colombia’s security forces and drug-traffickers, including Pablo Escobar’s cartel.

In the 1980s, Escobar contributed to the rise of Colombia’s main paramilitary group, the infamous United Self-Defense of Colombia, as they fought for him against the FARC-EP rebels. Before Fidel Castaño co-founded the AUC with his brother, he was a close friend of Escobar and started his career as a drug dealer in the Medellin cartel.

With this year’s peace deal and planned demobilization, the FARC-EP was taking a similar risk as the UP members in the 1980s had taken, as paramilitary groups declared decommissioned FARC-EP members military targets and evidence showed a strong surge in paramilitary violence in the country, targeting rural leaders and human rights activists with almost total impunity.

When voices from the past like Velasquez’s make themselves heard against the FARC-EP, followed by 62 percent of voters, it casts a gloomy shadow on the future of peace in Colombia.


The 64% Satisfaction Rating of President Duterte

Cultural Notes
October 6, 2016

The 64% Satisfaction Rating of President Duterte

By Arturo P. GarciaMysterious-image-appeared-onPH-flag-during-Dutertes-inaugural-speech
According to the latest SWS survey, Filipinos gave President Duterte a 64% satisfaction rating A notch below President Ramos who enjoyed a 66% satisfaction rating. And still the highest for a newly elected Philippine President.

Does this mean Filipinos approve of the killings in the name of the anti-drug campaign of Duterte? Does this mean the Filipinos are sadomasochistic and enjoy the impunity of anti-drug killings?

The 64% is way below the 91% popularity rate of Duterte days after his inauguration on June 30, 2016. But given the acculturation of Filipinos to Hollywood and individualistic character of hero and its concomitant idolatry or hero-worship, it is easy to understand why Filipinos behaved this way.

The Filipinos were reared into the mythology of an individual hero doing the dirty work of fighting to the mass.

There is Fernando Poe Jr. long list of films like “Panday” and others who fight alone and are being supported by the mass, watching on the sidelines while he beat the hell out of all his enemies and the enemies of the people.

Add that to the long line of Hollywood films like “The Punisher,” “Dirty Harry” and the retinue of gunslingers in American cowboys films , the Filipino mindset is addicted to the lone hero fighting for them.

If you will consider how the Americans made Dr.Jose Rizal as our national hero and foster a culture of veneration without understanding, making Filipinos loved American heroes more than their own and treat their patriots as bandits for the last century, it will deepen your understanding of the Filipino psyche.

And here comes Digong Duterte who made his campaign promise to crush the drug lords and all their ilk and “ throw them all in Manila Bay.” They loved his joke that “ the undertakers will have a field day because he will kill of them”.

The dictator Marcos had his share of popularity. When he became President he promised, “This nation Will Be Great Again “ in 1966. And again, during the early days of martial law when he made an example of Lim Seng, a Chinese drug lord and made him face a firing squad.

Even Noynoy Aquino has his share of popularity when he promised; “ Walang mahirap kung walang Korup”, Six years ago when he was elected President. Like Erap Estrada, he failed miserably and went away ignominiously.

And now , we have Digong Duterte. He is the President, commander –in chief of the armed forces, lawmaker, chief diplomat and the chief-show biz master rolled up into one. As a columnist said and added title , “Chismozo in Chief.”

A nocturnal person, he loves to talk and gives rambling speeches much like Prof. Jose Ma. Sison, his example during his activist days. Duterte is a self-confessed and self-professed socialist. Thus he loves lecturing and doing impromptu press conferences and the media loved him

He also loved to make the media as his “whipping boy” for always “quoting him out of context” As his spokesman said, ” interpreting him creatively.”

He loves to curse, pandering to the police and the military because he loves gun. And they liked his “green jokes” . He postures as “Dirty Harry” and much like Trump, he does not care who get hurt when he talks.

Much more than that, he loves macho talk and always displays his mastery of Filipino masculinity and patriarchy.As always, he brags about his mandate being elected as President and his Presidential Immunity in May 2016 elections.

He can enjoy his being President while it lasts. As the old saying goes;

“Politics has no heart. It has only a head.”



October 6, 2016


By Arturo P. Garcia

Sp-UCLA. CSULB and USC Troy Phi Historic  Filipinotown Tour, October 17, 2015



Mrs. Remy Geaga,was a former President of the Filipino American Community of Los Angeles (FACLA) While she was the President of FACLA, her years were called the “Golden Years of FACLA’. Very different from what it is now.

She served four years as president of the large Filipino American Community of Los Angeles and was president of the Asian Democratic Committee in Los Angeles. In 1981,

Geaga established the Filipino American Service Group Inc. (FASGI) to develop a multi-services center for the elderly.

She also established the Transitional Housing Project for the Homeless in 1989 and the Bayanihan Senior Citizens Center.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors honored her in 1996 for her extensive community service. She was not the only activist but also her sons and daughters who became the pillars of the KDP.

For her advocacy was awarded by President Cory Aquino for her consistent anti-martial law advocacy. The first FilAm community leader to awarded the honor for her contribution for Philippine democracy after the EDSA 1 Revolution.

She died in 1997 at the age of 80.

On Jan. 9 in Los Angeles.In her honor, the intersection of Temple and Alvarado was named by the City of Los Angeles as Remedios Geaga Square.