Bantay Pilipinas-USA Scores DU30’s Anti Drug War as a Reign Of Terror

Bantay Pilipinas-USA

August 25, 2016

Bantay Pilipinas-USA Scores DU30’s Anti Drug War as a Reign Of Terror


Los Angeles—Bantay-Pilipinas-USA , a Filipino-American  progressive organization based in the United States scores the Duterte Regime’s anti-drug war that has killed more than 2,000 people in the Philippines for the last 2 months since Duterte assumed the presidency  as anti-people “reign of terror”.

Bantay Pilipinas –USA added, “ For us, it is disconcerting that more than  1, 067 of those who were killed were under investigation for they were killed by groups other the PNP operatives.

When the President himself attack the CHR, a lady Senator who was a formerCHR Chair and says that “human rights is being used against the police” , brings back the old and sad memories when the AP especially the coup plotters ( who are now Senators) questions the CHR and the concept of human rights.”

Condemnation From All Quarters Abroad

That is why prestigious international groups, newspapers and human rights groups  including the US State Department, Human Rights Watch  based in New York and the Amnesty International expressed concern on the human rights situation in the Philippines.

They even expressed disgust that it was the President who egged on the police and military authorities to “shoot and kill” the suspects in complete disregard of due process and human rights.

Bantay-Pilipinas-USA believed that the reign of terror being perpetrated by Duterte and his police and military authorities is akin to the terrible atrocities perpetrated by dictator Marcos during martial law. His anti-drug war is a foreboding of more terrible things to come.




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