August 21 2016


( From the MALAYA Business Insight)  

PRESIDENT Duterte spoke of a government revamp so sweeping that nothing near like it had ever been attempted in the Executive department. Mysterious-image-appeared-onPH-flag-during-Dutertes-inaugural-speech
Thousands of top-level presidential appointees suddenly find themselves jobless with that announcement in media emanating from “imperial Davao” at 3 o’clock in the morning of Sunday.

Digong is at it again — this time attacking corrupt officials in the heat of an impassioned speech. Never mind if it would jeopardize the smooth flow of work and service to the public in many front-line government offices.

For sure, the President knows that it would take days before the proper documentation could be completed to implement what he had just announced.

In the meantime, payrolls and checks for legitimate payments could not be processed, because authority to sign these checks shall have to be clarified.

Many other government processes and procedures would have to wait.

The off-the-cuff remarks could have been prompted by the discovery by LTFRB Chairman Martin Delgra of massive corruption going on in the regional offices.

Board Member Aileen Lizada-Lopez said in one regional office in Luzon, officials collect as much as P200,000 for one franchise. Also, Davao regional officials had to resign after a spot audit revealed questionable franchise issuances.

If the President found his anti-corruption campaign wanting in accomplishments at the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board and the Land Transportation Office, then it is within his power to revamp these offices, even fire their designated chairmen and directors now on their sixth of seventh week at work.

He can then move on and cleanse other graft-prone offices, government corporations, etc. of incompetents and incorrigibles.

Two or three offices at a time, according to the sectors that they serve, would do it. But not an all-encompassing revamp implemented in one fell swoop.

Duterte is inviting a paralysis in many government services.



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