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August 04, 2016



Los Angeles—The Alliance Philippines based  in the United States,  vehemently condemned in the strongest possible  terms,  the reign of terror being perpetrated by the present Duterte regime in the guise of ‘anti-drug war”.

The anti drug war  that has killed 810 people from May 10, 2016 to August 3, 2016 and have made 600,000 people surrendered.

Although President Duterte and PNP Chief Ronald Dela Rosa has made lip-service to the ‘due process of law,”, “ respect for human rights” and “ condemnation of extra-judicial killings’, the fact is they have  instituted a bloody  reign of terror with  ordinary people as the hapless victims.

Double-Standard of Justice

True, they maybe drug addicts, pushers or small drug operators but they are not big-drug lords but common people. But the way they are merciless killed by the police and vigilante groups are brutal and merciless.

What is appalling is that big-time suspected ‘drug lords like Peter Lim of Cebu and Mayor Espinosa and suspected PNP generals are given their time in the media, can avail of legal defense and are patronized by the President itself making the anti drug drive looks inutile and showbiz.

We are not surprised at the way the President and his side-kick PNP Chief and his subalterns in Congress, dismiss the accusations of the PNP brutal ways in handling suspects and killing them without any warrants or due process. This makes the Philippines now as the “murderous nation” in the face of world opinion.

Reign of Terror

The Alliance is supportive of Duterte’s war on drug. Everyone is fine  with it. What we cannot tolerate is the injustice of senseless killings and lack of due process in the name of this “anti drug drive.”

What we are seeing now is the scale of an undeclared martial law from 1972-1986 , the Japanese Occupation of 1941-44 and the Spanish reign of terror during the Philippine revolution of 1896-1898.  That where people are killed left and right and what is worse, that it becomes a common practice and people becomes apathetic about.

The Alliance is wary that these anti-drug drive will turn later into an anti-democratic opposition and an anti-communist pogrom n the face of the failed peace process with the NDF and the MILF.

This is not too far-fetched because we have a Marcos lover in the palace named Rodrigo Roa Duterte.