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July 30, 2016


by Sid Balatan

SBMKidapawan City, Cotabato— Therefore Go!

This is the new battle cry of the United Methodist Church all over the globe. It was issued during the General Conference last May 2016 in Portland, Oregon.

The beauty of this marching order–Therefore Go!–is the simplicity of the statement, directness of its meaning and compelling call to action. The 12.1 million members of our church were jolted from their slumber with the new quadrennial theme, covering the years 2016 to 2020.

Several Methodist faithfuls, after hearing their Pastors expound the call–Therefore Go!–stand from their seats and went out of the Church building, but suddenly stopped, realizing that he or she does not know exactly where to go.

Therefore Go! But the next question is: Where do we go?

The said question gave birth to the Kidapawan Outreach Mission, a collective initiative of three entities Wilshire UMC Multicultural English Ministry, Mission Ministries with Migrant Filipinos (MEA-Migrant Ministry) and Spottswood Methodist Mission Center based in Kidapawan.

The general purpose of the Kidapawan Outreach Mission is like an advance party, to scan the horizon and identify mission areas, so that the Methodist faithfuls who are moved by the Holy Spirit to respond to our quadrennial theme–Therefore Go!–will have an idea on the kind of people and places where the Lord wants us to Go!

So far the Kidapawan Outreach Mission had identified, initially, 5 mission areas located in the far-flung villages of Kidapawan.
Tungao Manobo Village UMC. They need help to transfer their small church near the newly built highway. Also, they need slippers for their children. They need $2,000 for the transfer and improvement of their church.

Blessed Redeemer UMC. They need help to cement the flooring of their church. The flooring of their church is muddy during rainy season and dusty during summer. They need $250 for cementing the church flooring.

Spring of Life UMC. The Pastor needs a horse and a cellphone. The horse is needed to visit members and also use to deliver help like medicines in emergency situations.

Living Water UMC. This church needed a clergy, a Pastor or even a student Pastor to help them read and explain the Bible.

New Galilee UMC. The church need to improve their rest room. Pastor maria Teresa Cagam also need a cellphone for communication wit the members and with the District Superintendent.

KCMThe Wilshire UMC Multicultural English Ministry, from the special offering that was collected last month for Kidapawan, shared its blessings.

We bought a horse and gave it to the Living Water UMC.

We bought 4 cellphones and give to the New Galilee and 3 more churches.

We bought 85 pairs of slippers for the children of Tungao UMC, and it will be si tributes this Sunday.

We opened a bank account to hold the incoming fund of the Kidapawan Outreach Misssion, and made an initial deposit of $50.00.

We donated $10 each to 10 Pastors who joined the clean-up drive and planting of trees and vegetables inside the Spottswood Methodist Mission Center.

The objectives of the Kidapawan Outreach Mission is two-fold:

FIRST. To show that the way to serve the Lord in the remote villages, particularly in Mindanao, the poorest region in the Philippines, is a matter of carrying a heavy Cross and sometimes navigating a life and death situation.

SECOND: The other fold of the Kidapawan Mission is to show to the members of the Wilshire UMC-Multicultural English Ministry, and other congregations in the first world countries, were so loved and taken cared of by the Lord. We are so blessed for having the life we have in the US and other rich countries, the environment that we have while we worship the Lord Jesus and the relative peace and freedom we enjoy on a daily basis.

Sometimes, we forgot that we are so much blessed, until we see in front of us, the struggles of our sisters and brothers in poor villages whom Jesus called the “least of your brethren.”

We are all blessed for sharing the blessings of the Wilshire UMC Multicultural English Ministry.

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, it is time, Therefore Go!




MEDIA ADVISORY via Arturo Garcia
Historic Filipinotown Neighborhood Council (HFNC)
Contact Person: Cecille Ramos
Phone:(213) 413-3323
July 31, 2016


By Art Garcia

14HFTFLos Angeles- Let’s all come and celebrate!

A TASTE OF BICOL at the 14th Historic Filipinotown Festival at the Silver Lake Medical Center (SLMC) on Saturday, August 6, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 6;00 PM.

This year, the motif of the 14th Historic Filipintown Festival will be A TASTE OF BICOL in honor of the Bicol Region, its food and the Patroness of Bicolandia-Our lady of Penafrancia whose feast is celebrated every September of the year.

Featured Actress/Singer Carol Banawa

At Around 4;00 PM, as highlight of the festival, the featured special guest is the well known Filipina singer and artist, Ms.Carol Banawa.
The fashion show of the Ms. Phillipines –USA will also be held on the stage.

More than 40 booths that will display food, arts, and cultural exhibits will be around the ground and will provide the crowd with their crafts and wares ad freebies.

More than 45 Orgs Participates

More than 45 community organizations, business ,non-profit agencies, are slated to participate with their respective booths in the annual festival.

The festival started to commemorate the 14th year of the designation of the Historic FIlipinotown district by the Los Angeles City Council on August 02, 2002.

The festival will be held at the parking lot of the Silver Lake Medical Center (SLMC) at 1711 W.Temple St.Los Angeles, CA 90026 from 9;00 Am to 6:00 PM.

Procession and MassKOR-HFT

The day long event will commence with a procession around the SLMC ground by participating organizations. It will be led by the HFNC and the Image of our Lady of Penafrancia or Ang Ating Mahal Na Ina, the Patroness of Bicolandia.

A regular mass will follow the procession. The mass will be led by Fr. John Brannigan of the St, Columban Filipino Catholic Church. Presentation by Filipino Children will follow.

At around noon time, a Cookfest will be held by SaladMasters. Also a Children Fashion Show will follow and cultural numbers will regale the crowd at the main stage.

So come and join the fun at the 14th Historic Filipinotown Festival on Saturday, August 6, 2016 at the Silver Lake Medical Center compound and have a taste of Bicol.

For sponsorship opportunities email cecramos@aol.com or lou.filipinotown@gmail.com .For Booth rental rates: (10×10 sq.ft. with table and 2 chairs included. Prime booth-$ 400.00 standard booth- $ 300.00 (first come first serve) For payment inquiries, call 213_413-3323 0r 626-786-3513.