July 30, 2016


By Arturo P. Garcia

Los Angeles--News reports says more than 600 drug addicts, drug pushers and drug lords have been killed by the police and some vigilante groups.13770342_10153859917897734_7440132913465371467_n

More than 65,000 involved in the trade trade have surrendered en masse all over the Philippines .

What worries different human rights groups in the Philippines and abroad is that scenario is what happened during the 14 years of Marcos’ martial law. Just replace the drug lords and drug pushers and addicts with “ communist terrorists.”

Even the London’s Guardian newspaper and the BBC calls the Philippines, “land of the murderers.”

Same Modus Operandi 

This is the same modus operandi that the police and the AFP has been doing during martial law to impress the ten Dictator Marcos.
The newspaper will be filled with thousands of NPA surrenderees, NPA supporters and mass base surrendering in masse in different provinces.

Surrendered or captured Communist and NPA leaders awere paraded for photo opportunity for Generals and Regional Commanders for their promotions.

Counting all those who have surrendered or captured NPA’s or MNLF all through the years, you will wonder why there are still NPA and MNLF and why they grew stronger during the Marcos years?

Duterte’s Death Squads (DDS)?



During the years of martial law, If there is a spike of criminality in the urban areas, the President will at once unleash his “secret marshals” and what we see now are the death tolls left and right.

Actually more than 1/3 of the 600 killed were perpetrated by the civilian or police controlled vigilante groups or the death squads.

Then and now, the vigilantes groups proliferated like the “Dagupan Pangasinan Death Squad” or DPSS, the Bulacan Death Squads (BDS), Pampanga Death Squads (PDS) etc…

The only difference is the new President made this call in public and even made the PNP bolder by saying,” Sagot ko kayo.” Hence, the rise in killings.

De Facto martial Law without Declaring It

As if Duterte has find a way to impose martial law without even declaring. And as if the public is enjoying it.

Noynoy Aquino made an example of corrupt officials starting from the top, in the judiciary, the Supreme Court and the Senate. But it stopped at this friends.

Duterte started on the top and ask the bottom echelon to help him. He even sought the help of the armed and the underground left. And they are responding.

As if de facto martial law is in effect. And Duterte did not even bothered to declared it.

Meanwhile killings goes on everyday. Blood flows endlessly.


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