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July 14, 2016


By Arturo P. Garcia



To understand the current People’s Republic of China’s intransigence when it comes to its territorial claims on the disputed South China Seas, one has to know its history and its leaders.

I will discuss first PRC’s present leader for if we deal with history, you might stop reading this article for its is complicated as its culture and traditions.

The current paramount leader of modern China is Xi Jinping. He is the 62-year old Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party and had concentrated great power to himself not since in China since the days of Chairman Mao Ze Dong in the 1960’s and Deng Xiao Ping in the 1980’s.

Xi Jinping has taken personal control of policy making on everything from the economy, national security and foreign affairs to the Internet and maritime disputes. Zhang Li Fen, a scholar said, “ Xi is directing a building God campaign.”

Another Harvard expert, Roderick MacFquahar said, “ Like Mao, Xi thinks if China succumb to western values, these forces will destroy not only China’s exceptionalism but also the stability of the Chinese Communist Party.”

13582127_984331211679635_4040789833710743964_oThus, Xi Jinping is building a personality cult around himself. Different from Mao whose personality cult was built by the “Gang of Four” who have power motives behind the Cult of Mao.

But unlike Mao who led a revolution and built socialism for China. Ji is like an emperor who rose from red nobility. Mao was never a dictator as foreign propagandist want us to believe. He was a democrat.

Eager to advance China’s destiny as a global superpower, Xi has pushed China’s claim in the South China Seas concocting the “Nine- Dash Line” formulated by the reactionary Koumintang of Dictator Chiang Kang Shek regime in 1947.

The “Nine- Dash Line” doctrine claims “90% of China Seas” even the 200 miles Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) of six neighboring Asian countries. Namely, The Philippines, Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia,Taiwan and Indonesia.This also adds to the conflict with Japan over the Shensuku Islands that China has declared as “ Air Defense Zone”.

Mao unlike Xi Jingping practiced international solidarity, in his 29 years of leading China. Mao aided poor countries in the Third World, supported world revolutions like Vietnam and Korea and Africa that won their struggle for liberation and independence and never threatened any country.

Eager to advance China’s new destiny as a global superpower, Xi trotted worldwide to 14 countries. The worst, he builds up the China’s army for global conflict and territorial claims in the South China seas. It’s grabbing and reclamation of islets and atolls and turning them as forward military bases are just proofs of its hostile intentions.

Mao unlike Xi Jinping, never went out of China except to meet with Stalin in Moscow after their victory in 1949.

We can safely say, a capitalist tyrant at home is a danger to other people abroad. Thus Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte should be wary of China when it comes to its foreign policy.

But China is the Philippines neighbor nation. We can still deal with China and has better chance of working with them unlike the United States that treats us as a vassal nation.

Dealing with China is an exciting times. Duterte can find out more about it in his six years of governance.