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July 10,, 2016


By Arturo P. Garcia

During my college days, sometimes my mother will berate me by saying, “Why do you spend your money on books”.

I understand her. She was a widow, a mother of four and a working mother, I know she knows where her hard earned money should be spent. She answered my a question I never dared to asked, “ I better spend money on food that we eat than buy a television set that we cannot eat.”

But she did not stopped me from buying books. That’s where I spent the money I saved and got from my odd jobs like writing for an entertainment magazine.

I remember the first book I bought was “ Little Brown Brothers” by Leon Wolf and books by Renato Constatino.

At the very young age, I have read all the encylopedias in my elementary school. I have my favorite corner in that elementary school.

Looking back then, I envy my classmates who can buy books while we and my schoolmates struggle against each other in high school and in college to borrow books in our library.

We re in constant struggle for books because there are only few books even in the library. You have to wait for your turn to borrow the books you need in your study.

It was good that I was also a speed reader. That’s why when I borrow books from friends and in the library, i was quick to return them. Until now, some of my friends are amazed on how fast i read and comprehend.

Well, that is called book struggle like what we call “class struggle” then. But later I learned it was a part of class struggle. The struggle for books.

In the last episode of the Game of Thrones, the budding Master of Castle Black, Samwell Tarly was sent to the great library -The Citadel by Lord Commader of the Night Watch, John Snow to learn his trade.

He was fascinated by the great library and tons of books he saw.

Like Sam Tarly of the Nights Watch , up to this time, I am still fascinated with books and libraries.