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July 02, 2016


By Arturo P. Garcia
A friend of mine sought my advice during the last years of Dictator Marcos. He was a businessman and he received a letter from the “Nice People Around “ or NPA asking him to pay his “progressive” or “revolutionary taxes “ to the revolutionary government in his province.

First, he asked me if it was authentic or fake and second if he will pay or not. I looked at the letter and it has a letterhead and the signature of the authority seems all right. On the second question, I answered in a way that I know can help him to decide by himself.

I told him, “Do you pay taxes to the government yes? I know he is an anti-Marcos activist too and he also hated the government. And when he said yes, I asked him, “ If you pay this government, why don’t you pay, the other government?” I learned later that he paid his dues to the other government.

Some anti-community members of the media questions in the Philippines and here in California , the revolutionary taxes being levied by the NPA in the countryside. They are even angry at former Mayor of Davao City Rodrigo Duterte in saying the same advice I gave to my friend. That he should pay his taxes to the other government and they call it by the other name as “extortion” and they even considers it as a “criminal acts.’

The problem is see is the closed their eye, or have blinders and never considered that there is a civil war raging in our land. Maybe because they are in the mainstream, insulated from the real world, living a sheltered lives. Or maybe, they are just really reactionary and anti-communist bigots that they never accepted this fact.

They will never admit that there are contending forces at odds in our society. That they never even consider that there is a dual government that is existing in the Philippines. One the duly constituted authorities, the existing Philippine Government and whoever is the President, The other the revolutionary government of the revolutionaries who have been fighting the government for the past 47 years.

It took, a new President, Rodrigo Duterte to accept that there are two opposing forces in the Philippines, Two government that are fighting each other . Actually, in the south, four governments namely, the NDF, the MILF and the MILF and the Philippine Government who are at odds against each other , all with each other armed forces.

And as they existing against each other, as government they have their own system of taxation to keep up their fighting men, armaments, governance and even their own diplomatic posts, locally and even abroad.

And as we know . all government lives by levying taxes, tariffs and even confiscation or sequestration of properties. To maintain its finacés. And some columnist echoes the military’s propaganda line that if the business refused to give money they are punished by these “criminals” by burning, destroying or sabotage of their properties.

As the saying goes,’ One terrorist is a freedom fighter to the other.” Revolutionary leaders like Nelson Mandela during his heydays as the Commander of the “Spear of the Nation” blew up electric plants and installations of the racist South African Apartheid government.

Mahatma Gandhi of India boycotted the British colonial government and refused to pay salt taxes and even marched to the sea to make their own salt.

I know that these anti-communist writers like Greg Macabenta or Perry Diaz knows that the NPA has been collecting progressive taxers in their base areas and guerilla zones even during Marcos years up to know. The NPA and the NDF does not deny this and they have records and cite military data to proved this.

But what they do not even consider the naked truth is there is a war going on. And as Napoleon says, “ In order to win the war, we need there things; MONEY, MONEY AND MONEY.”

And I think nobody can argue with that. They have to have money legally ,illegally or by any means necessary.



July 04, 2014


By Arturo P. Garcia

For sixteen years from July 4, 1946 , Filipinos celebrated their independence day on a wrong date –on July 4th every year until 1962.

it was an error that was perpetuated by Filipino leadership schooled under American tutelage. As a consequence, Filipinos were denied the opportunity to commemorate a significant event in their lives – the assertion of their freedom from colonial bondage.

In 1962, a presidential proclamation was issued mandating the observance of 12 June 1962 as a special public holiday and declaring it as the Philippines’ Independence Day. The Philippine Congress confirmed the presidential issuance and enacted R.A. No. 4166, dated 4 August 1964 setting aside 12 June annually as the country’s Philippine Indenpendence day and at the same time designated 4 July annually as ‘Philippine-American Friendship Day’.

On 12 June 1898, General Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed Philippine independence from Spanish control. It was followed by the inauguration of the First Philippine Republic early the following year. On January 22, 1899 at Malolos, Bulacan.

This makes the Philippines that first Democratic Republic in Asian and the first to drive out a European colonizer. Less than a month later, Filipinos fought the new colonial masters and died defending their newly born republic, fighting the new colonizers- the Americans. This was called the Filipino-American War that lasted for 16 years.

For the next 72 years until the First Quarter Storm broke-out in 1970’s and The Americanization of the Filipinos was so effective, that even of recent years the character of the ‘little brown Americans’ of Asia lingers on.

For 16 years on 4 July, the celebration of Philippine Independence Day coincided with the Americans ‘declaration of independence.
It was overwhelmed and overshadowed in all respects by the American Independence Day anniversary celebration. Many observers considered the Filipino celebration of 4 July as a manifestation of their subservience to the United States.

In fact in the diplomatic circles abroad, it’s a common joke that nobody comes to the July 4th Independence Day of the Philippine embassies and post because “they are all in the US posts”.

However, early in 1960, and due the resurgence of the nationalist sentiments, the Philippine Historical Association [PHA] petitioned the President and the Congress of the Philippines to adopt and declare 12 June every year as the true independence day of the country.

Arguments became heated and nasty. The American colonial bond was strong. American educated Senator Camilo Osias was one of those who opposed the change, but in the end, he found the light and strongly supported the PHA position.

According to Historian Esteban A. de Ocampo, the 12 June proclamation was desirable for it was an act undertaken by Filipinos themselves in the exercise of their ‘voluntary, spontaneous, deliberate, solemn and sovereign will.”

Commenting on the same subject, Senator Ambrosio Padilla stated during the debate that the Truman Proclamation was a “‘notorious document in international law for proclaiming of the Philippines independence of the Philippines when by tradition and by history the only ones that can proclaim the independence of a country are the people of that country.”



July 1, 2016


By Arturo P. Garcia

If somebody will ask me, how insensitive is the Aquino II regime, I will say they can see it in the attitude of his “ official representative in Los Angeles,” the Consul General of Los Angeles.

Like his boss, President BS Aquino III, he is gone. His term of office is only until June 30, 2016. And my poor ass, he was given a farewell party by some of the ever smooching FilAm media who maybe are psychopath for credits.

The former ConGen Leo Herrera-Lim started on the right foot but ended on his other wrong foot. One of his first act was to visit FACLA and continue the good will started by former ConGen Hellen Barbers.

He said then. “ You are welcomed at my office, go there any time and let’s have coffee.” But those were only empty words.

How many times we went there for important activities but he is not there. The ready answer is that “ he is out of the office “ or “ he is busy.” When we invite him to some functions, we got the same answer.

Magaling lang pala sa umpisa itong si ConGen. Paimpress lang pala, pagkatapos wala na.

He missed many once a life time opportunities. Like the Golden anniversary of the Southern California Filipino Dental Society that was held at the Ronad Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley last June 18, 2016.

Anyways he sent a letter that became a part of the souvenir program saying, “I regret I am unable to join you in view of another equally important prior engagement on that evening?’

But the some dentists wonder,” He attended our golf event but he was not able to come to our 50th Anniversary. How is that.” Sa golf present, sa event absent? “What is his real priorities?

For the business and high society sector you have time but for the LA Filipino community members you have none?

As a parting shot, I will not say good riddance. But still some media friends says, his good works still outweighs the bad. There might be some truth in this, but still, the community find him as a snub.

Let this be a reminder to him and others in the foreign service. We can sum this is one word that the incoming President Rodrigo Duterte, MALASAKIT.

We hope that the incoming ConGen Adel Cruz who was the former Philippine Charge De Affairs in Libya will be different.

Welcome to Los Angeles ConGen Cruz and Goodbye former ConGen Lim.



July 02, 2016


Los Angeles–  “All are  mockery and travesty of the legal system and an instrument of repression,”

Freed  Kdiapwan Detainees, April 16, 2016

Arturo Garcia, the Alliance National Coordinator  based in Los Angeles said, “We call on the Department of Justice, to dropped all the  the trumped-up charges filed against the human rights defenders and to cease further legal actions against the lumad supporters,”

The Alliance Philippines supports the call of human rights activist in the Philippines to   withdraw the arrest warrants that the Aquino administration slapped against human rights activists who helped tribal folk in seeking shelter at a compound of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines in Davao last year.

The Alliance-Philippines based in the United States that the warrants filed against the 14 activists by Regional Trial Court-Branch 10 Presiding Judge Retrina Fuentes was “unjust and improper and  urged new Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre to withdraw the cases.”

Drop all the Charges

The Alliance noted  that the cases stemmed from the complaint filed by Cotabato Rep. Nancy Catamco last year who claimed the lumad refugees were being held at the UCCP Haran Complex against their will when the tribes folk were actually seeking refuge from military operations.

Catamco then accused the militant leaders of forcing the lumad to stay in Haran against their will, filing kidnapping and illegal detention cases.

Those included in the warrant issued last May 13 were 14 activists—Rev. Jaime of the UCCP-Haran, Sheena Duazo, Karapatan-SMR secretary-general Hanimay Suazo, Ryan Laniba, Tony Salubre, Jimboy Marciano, Mary Ann Sapar, Jaja Encosio, Pedro Arnado, Lumad leader Kerlan Fanagel, Catholic nun Stella Matutina, Restita Miles, Isidro Andao, child rights advocate Kharlo Manalo and Rius Valle.

It was only on June 28 that the accused learned of the existence of the warrants. No bail was recommended for the cases.