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June 27, 2016


By Arturo P. Garcia


On thing I learned in my years of as reporting and writing for the last 45 years is to write the news as they happened and how the personalities said what they said.

I never gave politicians especially incoming Presidents any benefit of the doubt. Or what the media says “the honey moon period”

One writer quipped, “ I am not married to him anyways. Why should I give him a honeymoon.” I think she is right.

For the incoming President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte, I think he does not need any honeymoon period with the press.

In the first place, after being elected and giving press interviews for hours in the wee hours of the morning, he antagonized the media and accused them by twisting his words . Visibly angry, he banned media interviews to the consternation of many media people.

By the words of one of his trusted advisers, “ No interviews, No mistakes.”

But who can blame Duterte but himself and his big mouth. Like any Filipino people he loved to give statements but loved also to deny them, modify them and re-interpret it depending on how he loved to say it with added expletives.

Being in the media, we are used to these politicians. Even during the campaign Duterte has been doing that. And the media who wanted scoop, loved to twist it, add or reinterpret it to make it more sensational. The sensentionalist media and Duterte loved each other.

Even the left and some in the progressive sector is equally guilty in building up the Duterte myth. Especially with the peace process, they are even saying “he is the first left president” and “socialist” or revolutionary at that.

If we will make a list of Dutertespeak, it can equal to Joseph Estrada’s Erapspeak that made money.

But whatever happened to the aphorism of one of our heroes, Emilio Jacinto, the “Brains of the Katipunan”; “ Sa taong may hiya, ang Salita ay gawa” ( “To real man, the word is his bond”)

Well, politics is like that. Let us just hope that Duterte proves his detractors wrong and made good of all the promises he made.

Or else, he will gain the wrath of the Filipino people when the day of reckoning comes.

Leaders are not judge by the words they made, but he actions they take.




June 27, 2016


13524422_1085380738221773_4875494859585353238_nLos Angeles– “The oldies but the goodies.”

The Los Angeles Philippine Women’s Club ( LA PWC),the oldest Filipino American women’s organization, marked their 55th years of community service by installing its new officers and new members.

In her welcome address, Past President Amelia Arichea lauded its officers. She said, “ I thought I was too old, too tired and just want to retire but the president, Ms, Linda Jones then sold her house and relocated to Arizona, thus I have to assume the presidency again.

But when I see Mrs. Ruby Cube who is older then me who still works, then I said, when should I rest and retire?”

She also mentioned that, ” the LA PWC has the distinction of the only API organization whose came is the the marker of the Music Center at the Ahmanson Theater in DTLA. The LA PWC supported the project,”

A Happy Occasion

The happy occasion was held at the Manila Terrace Social hall at 2328 W. Temple St. at Historic FIlipinotown, DTLA .

Their guest speaker was Ruby Cube, Past president of the California Federation of Women’s Club, Los Cerritos District.

She was introduced by LA PWC Vice President and work horse, Rosalie Caratao who was also the installing officer for the installation of new officers and members of the LA PWC..

New Officers, New Members

She swore in the new set of officers led by President Perla Santos and nine new members of the LA PWC.

After the new President Perla Santos accepted her post and Mrs.
Linda Maestro conducted the Cadena De Amor ceremony,

Atty. Roman Mosqueda and Sir Knight Commander of the KOr-HFT Art Garcia regaled the crowd with their songs.Maestro Buddy Reyes played his music and accompanied the singers.