Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)
June 25, 2016


KmB at IWD MArch, March 06, 2016Los Angeles– The Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) vehemently condemned the SCOTUS affirmation of it’s racist and anti-immigrant biased laws.

JFAV National Coordinator Arturo P. Garcia said, “ we were not surprised with the racist and anti-immigrant decision of the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) with its 4-4 decision last June 23.

The SCOTUS is just being consistent as the bastion of conservatism and reaction as it has handed rulings against the people like the “Separate but Equal”

Garcia added, “ and now the ruling just re-affirmed the status quo against DAPA and DACA or the Executive Actions of President Barack Obama to the delight of the reactionaries all over the land.:”

The die-In at the 15th JFAV Annual veterans Day Protest March:Rally in Hollywood, November 11, 2015A Series of Anti-Immigrant and anti-Veteran Rulings

JFAV Garcia also said, “ It is still fresh on our minds that the SCOTUS made the recent decision that affirmed centuries old “insular act of 1901 ” ” that ruled against the Samoans and other API Veterans of US foreign wars. The ruling said, “ colonized people by the US are “nationals” not worthy of American citizenship,”

Garcia reminded the public that the SCOTUS is consistent with its anti-Filipino and anti-Veterans ruling. This colonial ruling of the Insular Act of 1901 by Justice Brown was used by the SCOTUS to deny the JFAV appeal for a certiorari in 2015. This denial was given after the JFAV appeal on the 9th Court of Appeals in Northern California was also denied.

This denial “for the lack of merit” affirmed the that the Filipino World War II Veterans are “nationals and therefore not “American citizens” Therefore are not “eligible for benefits and rights under the American law” . Again, this was reiterated by the unjust Rescission Act of 1946 by the 79th US Congress in February 18, 1946.

Unite and Fight BackJFAV:KmB.Ugnayan Lobbyist in the US Capitol, February 28-March 2, 2016

The JFAV asks the Filipino-American community and all its allied and all activist: “ After the Supreme Court ruling blocking expansion of DACA, we must remind ourselves and remember that our power as people does not depend on the courts. We must not be moved!

We should not let this great injustice pass. Thousands of immigrant and their rights are in jeopardy. That includes thousands  of Filipino-Americans  children and parents who availed of DACA and DAPA. All their efforts have gone to naught because oft his terrible decision of the SCOTUS.

We got the Filipino World War II benefits by lobbying and fighting for the last 23 years. We got DACA from community power for more than 12 years, and we will use community power to move forward.

We did not rely on the courts to stop the Vietnam War and fight for our civil rights. But we must fight in all court of laws all racist and unjust rulings and acts. We must united and fight back.” Garcia ended.

Fight Back! No Reactionary Laws Can Subdue The People’s Will!

Arturo P. Garcia
JFAV National Coordinator
Los Angeles,

June 24, 2016



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