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June 22, 2016


By Arturo Garcia

Two days from now,on June 23, the British people will vote on a referendum on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union, often shortened to combining the words “Britain” and “exit, following the ‘Grexit’ or Greece Exit that did not prosper as an example.

Brexit is a political goal that has been pursued by various individuals , advocacy groups, and political parties since United Kingdom
(UK) joined the precursor of the European Union (EU) in 1973.

The turn of event turned for the worst when a pro-Brexit patriot shot and killed an anti Brexit parliament member Jo Cox in broad daylight, shouting: “Britain First.” Now the pro and anti Brexit advocates are in a stalemate.

There is a big implication for immigrants in UK and in EU on this referendum. There are a lot of Filipinos in Britain. There are more than 25o,000 FilBrits in the United Kingdom.

The second largest after Italy ( 271,000). For our brothers and sisters in England and those living in the EU countries, this will have a very great effect on their lives especially if the Cameroon capitalist reforms takes effect years from now.

For some progressive British political analysts, this is a ploy by the ruling class led by Prime Minister David Cameron who sought an agreement with other European Union leaders to change the terms of Britain’s membership. The deal is very one sided, in favor of the ruling class and against the working people especially the immigrants in England.

The UK wanted to get out of the burden of subsidizing the rest of the 15 members of the EU like what Germany. The Netherlands and France do. But this is for the benefit of the whole Europe. And yet the UK wanted to keep its capitalist freedom for itself.

He says the deal, which will take effect immediately if the UK votes to remain in the EU, gives Britain “special” status within the 28 nation club, and will help sort out some of the things British people say they don’t like about the EU, such as high levels of immigration and giving up the ability to run our own affairs.

The main points of the deal are: On Child benefits – Migrant workers will still be able to send child benefit payments back to their home country –

Mr Cameron had wanted to end this practice – but the payments will be set at a level reflecting the cost of living in their home country rather than the full UK rate. A very clear British capitalist accumulation on the backs of the working people.

On Migrant welfare payments – Mr Cameron says cutting the amount of benefits low paid workers from other EU nations can claim when they take a job in the UK will remove one of the reasons people come to Britain in such large numbers (critics say it will make little difference).

He did not get the blanket ban he wanted. New arrivals will not be able to claim tax credits and other welfare payments straight away – but will gradually gain the right to more benefits the longer they stay, at a rate yet to be decided.

Keeping the pound – Mr Cameron has said Britain will never join the euro. He secured assurances that the eurozone countries will not discriminate against Britain for having a different currency. Any British money spent on bailing out eurozone nations that get into trouble will also be reimbursed.

Protection for the City of London – Safeguards for Britain’s large financial services industry to prevent eurozone regulations being imposed on it

Running its own affairs – For the first time, there will be a clear commitment that Britain is not part of a move towards “ever closer union” with other EU member states – one of the core principles of the EU.

This will be incorporated in an EU treaty change. Mr Cameron also secured a “red card” system for national parliaments making it easier for governments to band together to block unwanted legislation.

If 55% of national EU parliaments object to a piece of EU legislation it will be rethought. Critics say it is not clear if this would ever be used in practice.

In summary, this is British autonomy under the EU’s centralized system. Well, Britain is an island and wanted protection for itself.  They want to have their cake, the EU cake and eat it too.

Let us see how the BREXIT referendum on June 23 goes.



June 22, 2016



By Arturo Garcia

An avowed “Leftist” and self-proclaimed Socialist, Rodrigo Duterte is set to be the first president of the Philippine client-state who is not beholden to US imperialism less than a week from now on June 30, 2016.

His rise to the presidency is starkly significant. Very different from the six years of all-out puppetry by the outgoing Aquino III regime which allowed the US imperialists to fortify its military foothold in the country.

Aquino III allowed the US to expand its military presence on the pretext of defending against China encroachments and by re-establishing US military bases through the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA).

Aquino III brought back the “culture of impunity” by waging a war of counter-insurgency against the people, heightened human right violations, refused to talked peace with the NDF,jailed NDF consultants and activists and acted with partiality with the MILF.

As a President, Aquino III showed utmost insensitivities to people’s demands and insulated himself with his own PR-media campaign believing himself that “he, the emperor has his clothes on.”

Very different from his landlord-capitalist predecessor, Duterte has called for renewed peace talks, made the fight against crime and corruption as his center piece. In the process, many in the lethargic and corrupt law enforcement agencies are in a frenzy to hype up their “killing” and arrest scoreboard to ingratiate themselves to the new dispensation.

He also called for the rewriting the history of Mindanao from the point-of-view of the people’s resistance against their subjugators and colonizers. The Filipino people can support Duterte in such an endeavor in order to highlight the courage and heroism of the Moro people and Lumads of Mindanao in their resistance against Spanish and US colonizers.

The burgeoning alliance with the Duterte regime can also see cooperation in the field of promoting both economic and militant nationalism with a clear anti-imperialist content, not the shallow “national pride” being promoted by the corporate media. He stated this by saying he will not go to war with China on the matter of the Aquino declared “West Philippine Seas.”

The Filipino people must urge the Duterte regime to pursue the nationalist policy disallowing the presence and stationing of foreign military troops by calling for the abrogation of unequal military treaties such as the Mutual Defense Treaty of 1951, the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) and the newly approved EDCA.

The objective conditions of worsening crisis brought about by imperialist neo-liberal policies are pushing the Filipino people to develop a deep sense of anti-imperialism.

For more than three decades now, the US imperialists have blunted the people’s anti-imperialism through control and manipulation of commercial media to project the US as a champion of “anti-terror” and “freedom” and justify US terrorism, acts of aggression, intervention, occupation and colonization.

The patriotic and revolutionary forces can further encourage the incoming Duterte regime to support efforts for a renaissance of nationalism through a rewriting of history with the help from the progressive cabinet members and the vigilance of the people’s movement. The the point-of-view of the Filipino people’s resistance against colonialism and imperialism must be promoted.

But the revolutionary and the people’s movement must use the principle of unity and struggle well for the next six years of the Duterte Presidency .

All unity without struggle will lay them movement to the wayside like what happened for the last six years and during the first years of the Cory Aquino regime.

Let the events for the next six years unravel who really Mr. Duterte is and what the opportunities are for the revolutionary movement.



June 21, 2016


By Arturo P. Garcia

There were three victories for this night.

The two were in the TV Series “Game of Thrones” and the big one was the real one- the big win of the Cleveland Cavaliers over the hometown favorite, The Golden State Warriors. And the last one was for the books.

The first victory was of Daenrys Stromborn, the Dragon Queen over the Slavers fleet at the Battle of Mirein.

Using her three dragons, she destroyed the Slaver fleet and was ready to reclaim her kingdom – the Seven Kingdom of Westeros with the help of Tyrion and her new found allies.

The second victory was of the Starks led by the former Night Watch Commander Lord, John Snow over the pretender Lord of Winterfell, Ramsey Bolton, at the episode titled “The Battle of the Bastards.”outside of Winterfell.

The close quarter battle was akin to the Battle of Waterloo where Lord Wellington of the British Army and her allies defeated the master of Europe, Emperor Napoleon on the ground of his choosing.

He picked the reverse slopes of Waterloo, a town near Brussels, Belgium in 1815.He concealed his army well. Sir Davos of the House Seaworth, helped John Snow picked his battle ground, preferred by Lord Stannis Baratheon outside Winterfell.

Although chastised by Lady Sansha for picking up a battle with outnumbered forces, John Snow was a typical brave commander. He told Lady Sansha,” We have to fight with what forces we have. We have begged for forces but that’s what we have.” And he fought bravely for what he have despite all the odds.

Like Lord Wellington he was saved by the timely arrival of The Prussian Army led by Field Marshal Blucher. That turned the tide of the battle in favor of the British Army. Thus Napoleon was defeated.

Like any good General as Mao said, ” There is no ever victorious general. A good general will have to overcome the limitations he had to win.”

Thus, when John Snow and his forces were almost surrounded by the army of Ramsey Bolton from all sides and were fighting for their lives, Lady Sansha Stark and her cousin’s army of the Knights the Vale led by Little Finger,Peter Baelysh ,arrived on time .

They in turn encircled the army of the Boltons, relieved the encircled forces of John Snow and led them to victory.

In the end, they were able to take Winterfell and gave poetic justice to the barbaric Lord Bolton who killed their brother Ricon Stark. Sasha feed him to his own dogs who he starved for seven days.

Truly, I can write about the ”Game of Thrones” because I watched in instead of the seventh game. I had this weird feeling that the Cavaliers will win the Game 7 and they really did.

As my friend Doc Orly posted in his Facebook page: “ Cleveland’s championship drought is over. LeBron James had a triple-double, Kyrie Irving’s 3-pointer with 53 seconds left put Cleveland ahead to stay.

And the Cavaliers beat the Golden State Warriors 93-89 in Game 7 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night. “

It’s the first major championship for the city of Cleveland since the Browns in 1964. It was a period of 52 years. Cavalier Lebron James feel on his knees on the floor, cried and thanked the lord for this grace.

Boying Pimentel summed up the Cavs victory: “Here’s a way of looking at it: Cleveland needed and wanted this more…”

Looking back, I did not regret watching the “Game of Thrones” and missed the NBA Games. I sensed something was wrong with the two successive wins of the Cavaliers and the successive loss of the Warriors.

It was a case of snatching the defeat from the jaws of victory.

It was a sad reality. Sometimes victory is sweeter in the virtual reality like in the GOT.

John Snow still lives!