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June 12, 2016


By MALAYA Business Insight
FEARING a runaway, landslide win for Rodrigo Duterte two days before the presidential elections last month, President Benigno Aquino III raised the specter of dictatorship to warn the electorate.

The lameduck Chief Executive, his convincing power over the people totally eroded by six years of official neglect and corruption ironically called “Daang Matuwid,” even goaded his candidate Mar Roxas to convince Grace Poe to set up a united-front to frustrate the coming Duterte victory.

Spurned by Grace Poe on this offer, the Aquino-Roxas yellow-ribbon tandem all but branded the lady senator as pro-dictatorship and an enemy of democracy. Roxas went to town claiming that his camp can do it alone – “mas marami pa rin tayong disenteng Filipino…” The vote count in the elections proved him wrong.

Wait a minute – anybody who rejects the plans and machinations of the Yellows is an enemy of democracy? It looks like that is the message of Aquino and by extension, Roxas.

Still holding on to this belief, President Aquino again used this political line in his speech at the 118th Independence Day rites in Malacañang.

He first showed a video of how his family suffered under the Marcos dictatorship, and then warned his guests composed of officials and the diplomatic corps, along with Filipinos across the nation, that we all should be vigilant and ever watchful that freedom, purloined in 1972 by Marcos and presumably regained by Cory Aquino in 1986, should never again be lost.

P-Noy’s statements that Digong Duterte won only because he had a different, unique campaign messaging and not because Filipinos repudiated the Aquino government — only reveals his utter misreading of the public pulse.

Even in the face of active social and traditional media telling him of his fallacies, the outgoing President failed to recognize that a great majority of Filipinos do not share the Yellows’ concept of freedom and democracy.

They hold that true freedom and democracy, those that the heroes from Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio to Macario Sacay, Miguel Malvar and Teodoro Acedillo upheld, fought and died for, serve ordinary Filipinos and not just the rich, comfortable “civil society” that lorded over us during the 15-year Gloria Arroyo-PNoy Aquino misgovernance.

The Filipino masses spoke when they overwhelmingly voted for Duterte. Aquino, Roxas, Drilon and their ilk had better accept the reality of a new dispensation, one that truly aims to serve the people, not just feed them with misleading slogans like “Daang Matuwid”.