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For Immediate Release
4th HFT PH (118th) Independence Day Committee (4HFTIDC)
Contact: Arturo P.Garcia
Phone; (323)640-4056
June 03, 2016


Los Angeles—Mabuhay ang Ika-118 Araw ng Kalayaan ng Pilipinas!


More organizations have joined the 4th Historic Filipinotown PH Independence Parade Committee on June 4, 2016. At 9;00 AM

As of the press time, 32 organizations have joined the 4th HFT PH (118th) Independence Day Committee (4HFTIDC) that organized the parade and program on June 04, 2015.

The committee is inviting other organizations to join the 4th Historic Filipinotown parade on Saturday, June 4, 2016 at 9:00 AM.

The ParadeBPUSA15 Route.

Assembly time for vehicles, floats and contingents is at 8;00 at the assembly area in front of the Silver Lake Medical Center (SLMC), 1711 W.Temple St. Los Angeles, CA 90026.

The vehicles, floats and contingents are requested to submit participation forms at the registration table at Burlington and Temple Street . It is first come first serve for organizations to line up from Bonnie Brae St to Union St at both sides.

The route of the parade will be from Temple St, Left on Bonnie Brae St, right on Beverly St, Right on Park View St, Left on Temple St, straight and left on Robinson St, Left on Beverly St and Left on  Parkview St the end of the parade at Park View Street.

The parade will start promptly at 9;00 AM around the Historic Filipinotown with the Pinoy Harley Riders Club c/o Tony B Reyes and the Nilo Lazaro and his 15 man- band from San Diego leading the parade.

More than 32 Participating organizations3HFTIDP

The following organizations composed the 4HFT Independence Day Committee in alphabetical order:

ALLIANCE PHILLIPINES, ANSWER-Los Angeles, Binibining Pilipinas-USA 2016,Benguet 13/Benguet Organization of Southern California, Cordillera Association of Los Angeles, District 13 Office of Councilmember Mitch O’ Farrell, Echo Park Community Coalition (EPCC), EPCC Mayor Jerry Esguerra, Filipino American Community of Los Angeles Inc.(FACLA),Filipino American Service Group Inc. (FASGI), FILAMS FOR HILLARY,Filipino American Press Club of California (FAPCCA)

FILAM INQUIRER, Justice for Filipino American Veterans(JFAV). Golden Agers of Los Angeles (GALA), Knights of Rizal (KOR)-Historic Filipinotown Chapter Kabataang Makabayan Pro People Youth (KmB), Nilo Lazaro and Band, LAKAMBINI NG KALAYAAN 2016, Medical Mission c/o Dr. Erllinda Grey, National union of Journalists in the Philippines (NUJP)-USA,Outreach for Christian Fellowship (OCF),Office of California Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez, District 51.

Pinoy Harley Riders Club (PHRC), People’s Community Organization For Reform and Empowerment (People’s CORE), Pilipino Workers Center of Southern California(PWC-SC), Pangasinan Brotherhood-USA, Philippine Independence Day Foundation-Carson City, Search to Involve The Pilipino Americans (SIPA),Queen of Asia Pacific (QAP), Southern California Filipino Dental Society(SCFDS), San Carlos Association of Los Angeles (SCALA), SUNDAY JUMP, Sapphire Media Regency (SMR),Veterans Van c/o BAGYO and Vita Plus.


Participation Forms

The parade participation is free. But the organizers are not responsible and legally liable to any untoward incident that may happen during the Parade.

Joining the Kalayaan Parade is the sole responsibility of individual and organizational participants.

Participating groups must sign and submit their participation forms  via email or at the day of the parade at the registration table on June 4, 2016 at the parade starting area.

For more information please contact Bernie at FASGI at (213)497-9804 and Art at (323)640-4056 or email us at alpiegarcia@gmail.com.

Also please visit our website at www.jfavusa.org for more details.





May 31, 2016


By Arturo P. Garcia
NBA Western Conference

Many did not believe the Golden State Warriors can’t come back from a 1-3 deficit against the Oklahoma Thunders . Especially when their main man Stephen Curry was injured and was not able to play for some games.

But tonight, they did the impossible They won the 7th game in their home court and came back from 3 loses and win four games to gain the berth against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the winner of the Eastern Championship for the NBA Championship.

As I saw it, even it was a team efforts. The main Warriors players delivered what expected of them at the right time. Green, Curry and Thomson made their long toms at the right time at the right place.- on the 3rd and the last quarter.

A special, record-setting season saved for the defending champs, with a memorable comeback added to the long list of accomplishments.Curry and Klay Thompson carried the 73-win Warriors right back to the NBA Finals.

The Associated Press (AP) wrote on the Warriors win eloquently:

“ Curry scored 36 points with seven 3-pointers to finish with an NBA-record 32 in a seven-game series, while Thompson added 21 points and six 3s, two days after his record 11 3-pointers led a Game 6 comeback that sent the series home to raucous Oracle Arena for one more.”

The AP report added ” The Warriors became the 10th team to rally from a 3-1 deficit and win a postseason series. They return to the NBA Finals for a rematch with James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, who lost the 2015 title in six games as Golden State captured its first championship in 40 years.”

The turning point for the GSW was when the Thunder trailing 90-86, Serge Ibaka fouled Curry on a 3-point try with 1:18 to go and the shot clock running out. Curry made all three free throws, then a 3-pointer to seal it.

What broke the back of the Thunders who were about to win was the back-to-back 3-pointers by Thompson and Iguodala pulled the Warriors within 54-51 with 7:57 left in the third. They tied it on Curry’s 3 at 7:21 and he followed with another 3 to give his team the lead.

AP also described the team effort in scoring chores: “ Curry and Thompson each topped the previous record for 3s in a seven-game series, 28 by Dennis Scott and Ray Allen. Curry hit one over 7-foot Steven Adams in the third, and Thompson wound up with 30.”

On the important aspect of defense the AP wrote, : Iguodala replaced Harrison Barnes in the starting lineup and what a move by Kerr and his staff, who did the same thing last year in crunch time.

Andre Iguodala joined the starting lineup for just the second time all season and the 2015 NBA Finals MVP hung tough against Kevin Durant, who scored 27 points on 10-for-19 shooting. Shaun Livingston’s driving, one-handed dunk late in the third provided a big lift off the Warriors bench.

His smothering defense on Durant kept the Thunder star without a shot until his 3 at the 5:45 mark in the first. Durant had just nine points on five shots in the first half.”

Superb defense but cunning offense, good outside shooting with long toms with driving forays into the basket carried the Warriors to another stunning victory. A great comeback from 3 losses.

That’s what real champions stuff are made of- strong hearts.

And that was the story of the great comeback of the Golden State Warriors!



June 02, 2016


Los Angeles—“They were the pioneers for change, The trailblazer for equality and against racism.”SCFDS2016


The Southern California Filipino Dental Society (SCFDS) will celebrate their 50th Anniversary with a party on June 18, 2016  at the Ronald and Nancy Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California to mark their 50 years milestone.

This was announced by the officers of the SCFDS.

Victory Against Racism

When Filipino dentists and other foreign-trained dentists first immigrated to the U.S., they were not allowed to practice dentistry, under the assumption that the education and experience of foreign-trained dentists were not to the level of U.S. standards. In California.

SCFDS3Dr. Rene  Calugcugan, SCFDS President narrated, ” When Filipino dentists and other foreign-trained dentists first immigrated to the U.S., they were not allowed to practice dentistry, under the assumption that the education and experience of foreign-trained dentists were not to the level of U.S. standards. In California.”

According to Dr.Orlando Cagatao, the oldest and the pioneer in the group, “ A group of San Francisco Filipino dentists saw the inequity of this and decided change needed to happen.

They organized and began strategizing how to go about change, thus establishing the California Filipino Dental Society. Filipino dentists from all over California joined in the effort and eventually grew so large that a Southern California chapter was born, let by the first president, Dr. Juan C. Bides.

Filipinos and other foreign dentists had tremendous difficulty legitimizing their education and skills and had to jump through hoops, re-entering dental school with limited opportunities to even take the California required board examinations.”

Glorious Past, Distinguished Present


Dr.Virginia Castelo also narrated, “ The Southern California Filipino Dental Society (SCFDS) is a professional dental association supporting Filipino and non-Filipino dental professionals in both Southern California and the Philippines.

Originally founded in 1966 as an affiliate chapter of the Philippine Dental Association, SCFDS started with the vision of helping foreign-trained dentists legitimately practice dentistry in America.”

Dr. Rene Calugcugan SCFDS President said,” Both Northern and Southern chapters joined forces and initiated legislation to allow foreign-trained dentists to practice in California.

They drew the attention of Assemblyman, Willie Brown, Jr., and Senator Milton Marks. Both legislators championed to push forth the new legislation despite stiff opposition. Eventually, the new legislation did pass with a 69-0 vote among the Assembly and a 32-0 vote in the Senate.

SCFDS Golden Anniversary, June 18, 2016

Then governor, Ronald Reagan, signed the new legislation into law on June 12, 1969, to coincide with Philippine Independence Day. More than 3,000 foreign-trained dentists have since benefited from the efforts of the SCFDS.

Thus,in honor of the California  Governor who passed the law that made the SCFDS what it is now.the 5oth celebration is aptly being celebrated at the Reagan Presidential Library  on June 18, 2016.

Today, SCFDS boasts 300 members dedicated to professional excellence and the development of future Filipino dentists.

Our goal is to secure SCFDS as the premier Filipino dental association in the region and support our members in their professional path.” Dr. Rene Calugcugan declared.



June 01, 2016


By Lenin M.Ordonez

My father Rogelio Ordonez is a native son of barrio Alapan, Imus, Cavite, he came from a long generation of farmers who toiled the land to make an honest living, and most importantly, to provide for their families.

During the time of the Spanish colonization in the Philippines, the oppressive foreign powers through its civil and religious dictates, had so marginalized the peasant farmer working class that the very fabric of their existence was reduced to a life of daily struggle, injustice, hopelessness, misery and despair. Self-dignity and self-worth which were naturally brought upon by their hard work, had become an almost unattainable aspiration for the oppressed plebian farmer.

It was only then a matter of time that this class struggle would turn into an uprising that will eventually lead into a full blown revolution against the oppressive colonial powers. It was the common plebian, like the farmers who were in the forefront of the Revolution. And the rest as we know, is history.

When I was growing up in our small little barrio of Alapan, Imus, Cavite, I had the opportunity to live amongst the last few real farmers of our barrio. I had seen these farmers riding their caribous into the rice fields in the early morning hours as they start their long workday. I had seen them riding them back into their backyards to graze in the late afternoons.

I had seen them tie these beasts of burden in our back yard to graze and wallow in the muddy shallow ponds. I had seen them plant rice in the paddies all throughout the day. I had seen them harvest the rice grains and spread them onto the hot concrete roads to dry them out before taking them to the mill. As a kid of about seven or eight, I held a certain admiration for these simple farm folk. I never viewed these people as being poor or lower in social stature. In my eyes they were never poor, they just lived differently, simpler, more humble.

My grandfather was a farmer most his life until he lost most of his farm land to a conniving relative who had managed to issue a deed title for my grandfather’s rice field, and “legally” this entitled him to claim ownership of my grandfather’s land. I would assume that this was the reason why my grandfather probably stopped farming and began working in odd jobs (I was told) as a construction worker, a telephone line man and operator, a police officer, and a private body guard for the late famous Mayor of Pasay City, Mayor Cuneta. (Yes- he is Sharron Cuneta’s father).

But my grandfather remained a farmer at heart. Although he did not farm and plant rice anymore, he was still very active in working and co-habiting the land. When I was young, during the rainy season, he would take me to the rice paddies to catch and gather snails (“kuhol”). And while we look for kuhol, he would tell me stories about how he would take my father young Rogelio in the early morning to go with him to the rice fields.

He said my dad would work the rice paddy for about fifteen minutes, and afterwards my grandfather would begin to notice that he wanted to leave the field to come home. And so, he would send young the Rogelio home. And what did he do when he got back home?

Although it was still dark during the early dawn hours, young Ka Roger did not curl up in bed and go back to sleep. He would wash his muddy feet, get in the house, sit in the candle-lit dining table and begin reading and writing. Even at a young age, my father had a passion for learning. He was a full scholar throughout his scholastic life.

My grandparents never paid a single cent for his tuition which culminated to an Engineering Degree. Yes Ka Roger has an Engineering Degree, and this he attained only because his Ninong, whose house he lived in during his college days at Mapua wanted him to be an engineer just like him.

However, we all know that my father’s true passion was writing. He chose to write in our own native tongue, in a language that the common folk, the humble worker would easily comprehend. By writing in Filipino, his words were direct, unmasked, and unpretentious.

His literary works be it fiction, journalism, poetry, social critiques reflected the basic and fundamental truth of the struggle of the Filipino working class underneath the oppressive and self-preserving interests of the status-quo.

My father never did forget his humble beginnings as a son of a farmer. He lived a righteous life and he fought for what is just and fair. He held these ideals with the highest esteem and he wrote, taught, and lived his full life guided by these great human aspirations.

Although Ka Roger never did learn how to plant and harvest rice as a farmer, instead, he planted the seeds of idealism in the minds of his children, his students, his friends, and his readers. And by the looks of his crops. I believe that he will indeed have a bountiful harvest.

Ikinararangal ko na ikaw, Rogelio L. Ordonez ay aking ama. Mabuhay ang lahing magsasaka. Mabuhay ang lahing anak pawis. Ipagpatuloy ang pakikibaka!

Lenin Mario M. Ordonez
22 May, 2016
Vancouver B.C. , Canada