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May 18, 2016


By Arturo P. Garcia


Some quarters are vehemently opposing and questioning presumptive President Digong Duterte’s offer of four cabinet post to the National Democratic Front (NDF) as a confidence building measure for peace talks and presumably to end to the 49 year old insurgency in the Philippines .

These are unfounded fears very common among die-hard anti-communists like Senators Trillanes, Lacson, Hontiveros,De Lima and other that abounds in the Philippine society. These people are the ones that oppose any peace talks with the communist and the Muslim rebels for time immemorial. In fact they always argue for repression and counter-insurgergency.

They are people as Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew characterize as “ people with bunkers in their minds.”

The world changed, but they never changed. They forgot that there has been socialist leaders and nations in the world and they co-exist with the capitalist world. Like the People’s Republic of China (PRC), Cuba, the former Soviet Union (USSR) , Brazil , Chile and other nations , one time or another.

Other socialist leaning countries with workers parties have came into power like in Britain, Germany, France, Greece, Portugal and other European nations and their people respected these parties unlike the die hard anti-communist in the Philippines

In fact , a lot of well know Filipinos have been allies and have worked with the communist in the Philippines ever since. The likes of Constancio Padilla, Lorenzo Tanada, Emmanuel Pelaez, Blas Ople, Leopoldo Salcedo have been one time of another been communist allies or communist party members since the 1940’s.

Before martial was declared and during martial law, many well known personalities have cooperated and worked with the communist, the National Democratic Front (NDF) and the NPA .

The Lopezes, Senators Serge and John Osmena. Ramon Mitra Jr., Gerry Roxas, Jovito Salonga, Jose W. Diokno, Eva Estrada Kalaw have worked with the revolutionaries to name a few. Gerry Roxas has the distinction of having accepted the post of the President of the Preparatory Committee of the NDF before he died of cancer in the Unite States

Many activists during their youth had their rites of passage, working with the NPA’s, the NDF or the CPP . The likes of Vice President Jejomar Binay, Heidi Yorac, Ruben Torres, Sen. Francis Pangilinan, Sen.Serge Osmena, Sec. Rene Velasco, Sec. Nani Braganza, Sec. and Amb. Bobbi Tiglao, Usec. Efren Moncupa, Cong Miro Quimbo, Cong. Kit Belmonte, Mayor Ed Pamintuan, Atty. Ruel Pulido, Philhealth Pres. Alexander Padilla, Erin Tanada, UP Prof. Raymund Agapito, Dani Consumido,Gary Olivar, Jerry Barican and many others

Even past President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, presidential candidate Fernando Poe Jr . and Mayor Digong Duterte worked with the revolutionaries in serving the people during their hey days.

So, what’s the problem in working with the communists? It is an unfounded fear. It was build up during the height of the cold war when anti-communism became an unofficial religion in the Philippines and in the United States.

In fact during the term of President Carlos Garcia, RA 1700 or the Anti-Subversion Law was passed making the membership in the communist party punishable by death. RA 1700 was repealed during the term of President Fidel V, Ramos in the late 1990’s.

Then why fear the unknown? Besides as US President Franklin Roosevelt said during the depression, “The only thing we must fear, is fear itself..”

As singer Bob Dylan said in a song, ”Times They are A Changin.”



For Immediate Release
4th HFT Independence Day Committee (4HFTIDC)
Contact: Arturo P.Garcia
Phone; (323)640-4056
May 17, 2016


13064709_1086434011399471_1987925634195613361_oLos AngelesMabuhay ang ika-118th Araw ng kalayaan ng Pilipinas!

More Filipino-American organizations are joining the 4th Historic FIlipinotown (118) Independende Day Parade on June 4, 2016

The 4th Historic Filipinotown PH Independence Parade Committee(4HFTIDC) cordially invite all FilAm organizations and other community organizations to join the 4thHistoric FIlipinotown Kalayaan Parade, June 4, 2016. At 9;00 AM

Assembly time for vehicles, floats and contingents is 8;00 AM at the assembly area in front of the Silver Lake Medical Center (SLMC) up to Bonnie Brae St. The parade will start promptly at 9;00 AM parade around the Historic Filipinotown or the Temple-Beverly corridor.

Parade Route

The route of the parade is from Temple right to Bonnie Brae St. Right to Beverly, right on Park View St. Left on Temple, left on Robinson Street , left on Beverly and left on Parkview.

The Parade end and the 4th HFT (118th) PH Independence Day program will be held at the Filipino American Service Group Inc..135 N.Parkview St.Los Angeles, CA 90026.

The 4HFTIDC planning meeting will be every Monday at 6:00 PM at the Filipino American Service Group Inc.(FASGI) House at 135 N. ParkviewSt.Los Angeles, CA 90026.

25 Participating OrganizationsJFAV March,Nov.11, 2015

More than 20 organizations so far composed the 4HFT Independence Day Committee: District 13 Office Of Council Member Mitch O’ Farrel, Philippine Consulate General of Los Angeles, Historic Filipinotown Neighborhood Council (HFNC), People’s CORE ,Filipino American Service Group Inc. (FASGI), Southern California Filipino Dental Society (SCFDS), Knights of Rizal (KOR)-HistoricFilipinotown Chapter ,Pangasinan Brotherhood -USA Inc, Justice for FIlipino American Veterans(JFAV), Search For Pilipino Americans (SIPA).

The Philippine Institute of Language Arts and Culture Inc. (PILAC), FIlipino American Community of Los Angeles Inc. (FACLA),Outreach For Christian Fellowship,City of Carson and the Philippine Independence Day Foundation, Inc, ANSWER-LA., Los Angeles Neighborhood Land Trust (LANLT),Pilipino Workers Center (PWC),

LAKAMBINI NG KALAYAAN 2016, Binibining Pilipinas 2016, Queen of Asia and Pacific (QAP),Cordillera Association of Los Angeles ,Sapphire Media Regency(SMR),Cordillera Association of Los Angeles,
FILAM INQUIRER, Alliance-Philippines, San Carlos Association of Los Angeles(SCALA), Burlington School.

Organizations have been invited to join the Planning meeting of the 4HFTIDC every Monday at 6:00 PM at FASGI House, 135 N.Parkview St.Los Angeles, CA 90026.

Let us all actively take part on the 4th Historic Filipinotown PH Independence Day Parade on Saturday, June 04, 2016.