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May 10, 2016



The Vice-Presidential elections in the Philippines is an exciting especially in the Philippines since 1961 when the tradition of the role of the President changed.

During the 1957 elections. Rep. Diosdado Macagapal of the Liberal Party (LP) from Pampanga was elected with Carlos P. Garcia of the Nacionalista Party, from Bohol in the Visayas. That was the first time that leaders of the Republic comes from different parties. From then, on traditions changed.

Garcia marginalized Macapagal who he thought will run against him during his reelection bid in 1961. That was a wrong move. Macapagal used his time as Vice-President to campaign and in 1961, when he contested Garcia, and won the race,

Unlike in the United States, where the Vice President is the Presiding officer of the US Senate, the Philippines has none. Traditionally, the role of the Vice President of the Philippines is to be the second in command to the President. Since the 1935 Elections that was the rule.

He/She is also the President in waiting until something happened to the President. He or She is the proverbial “warm spit in the pitcher” and the “spare tire.

In four instances, Vice President Sergio Osmena Sr. succeeded Manuel Quezon when he died in 1944 in the United States ; Vice President Elpidio Quirino succeeded Manuel Roxas when he died of heart attack in 1948.

Then Vice President Carlos P. Garcia succeeded Ramon Magsaysay when the later died in an airplane crash in 1957 and Vice President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo replace Joseph Estrada when the latter was overthrown during the EDSA 2 People’s Uprising.

Only Marcos has no Vice President since he declared martial law in 1972 until February 1986. . He abolished the 1935 Constitution ( including the office of the vice president) and replaced it with his own constitution. He thought he will live forever.

But since 1961, it was the case of the Vice President fighting the President like when Emmanuel Pelaez ran against Macapagal in 1964, Fernando Lopez fought Marcos in 1970 and Salvador Laurel versus Corazon Aquino , Erap against Ramos in 1998 and Gloria M. Arroyo against Erap Estrada in 2000.

Ever since, the President always picks a Vice President he presumes to be loyal to him. So there will no problem between them.

But usually, during the campaign, to balance the regional votes like When Quezon picked Osmena to get the Visayan votes, Roxas with Quirino, the Ilokano votes, Garcia with Yulo to get the Tagalog Votes, Marcos for Lopez to get the Visayan votes and so on.

But since 1961, the Filipinos has the propensity of electing different vice Presidents.Garcia has Macapagal, Macapagal has Pelaez, Ramos has Estrada, Estrada has Arrroyo, Arroyo has Guinggona and lastly Aquino II has Binay.

Thus, we should not wonder why the Vice Presidential race in the Philippines has the intense passion, struggle and campaign almost and sometimes surpasses the Presidential race.

Some people believe this is a way that Filipinos balance the President so he will not abuse his power or to become a dictator like Ferdinand Marcos. A fiscalizer vice president is a thorn on the side of a president. And Filipinos do not like “yes man”.

The Vice Presidential race has its qualitatively different contradictions. Every President has to be elected on his or her own merit. And they are considered as a presidential timber in the next elections, a worthy successor to the President for being in power.

That is the specific characteristics of the vice presidential race in the Philippines.

So please stop wondering why the people are excited about the vice presidential race.



May 09, 2016


By Arturo P.Garcia

It seems that the Filipino voters, wary of attempts of cheating by the Aquino III Regime decided to give a landslide win to Dutertte to ensure his victory last May 9, 2016.

This is at most , a protest vote against both Roxas and Poe and the Aquino III Regime who espoused “TUWID NA DAAN” which really a “TUWAD NA DAAN”.

For Senator Grace Poe, It seems she missed the bus to victory. . She was too late to focus on Aquino’s excesses and instead attacked Duterte. Bitin ang banat niya kay Aquino, attacking Roxas instead. People annot diffirentiate her program with Aquino’s “ Tuwid na Daan”

Patunay na sawa na ang mga taong bayan sa mga palusot ni Pnoy Aquino. ang resulta ng eleksyon ay nagsasabing, “TAMA NA. SOBRA NA, TAPUSIN NA ANG TUWAD NA DAAN

The Filipinos were fed up with the excesses of the Aquino Regime. On his plain deadma attitude , inaction and dogged defense of his inept and insensitive minions. For six years, Despite the Mamasapano Massacre of the SAF44, his handling of the Leyte Yolanda disaster, the Laglag Bala at the NAIA, the MRT scandals and many others, the people has been forgiving but this time, the people decided-ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Here comes Duterte, the hard hitting Mayor for Davao City, Mindanao who echoed the people’s feelings. Out of nowhere , he was very brutally fank and spoke the language of the fed-up masses. And yet the “Daan Matuwid” people ignored Duterte’s appeal to the masses.

Instead they painted him like Hitler, the figure that only the middle class knows and understand. But even the big business understood Duterte and his machismo, They wanted action and not speeches against the Marcoses and martial law.

They want a man of action not words and here lies the appeal of Duterte to the desperate masses., the middle class and even the big business. And they voted in droves for him

Duterte, knowing that he has a small party-the PDP LABAN decentralized his campaign and let loose the initiative of the desperate masses. And they responded accordingly.

I myself has never seen a grass root campaign of volunteers in the cities of the United States so dedicated and so fanatically pro-Duterte. And they manned the keyboards, the fund-raising, the man to man campaign and it produced results.

The ABS-Research person said it all. “Duterte particularized the yearning of the masses and translated it to simple words and actions.While Grace Poe, Roxas and Binay spoke about alleviating poverty, Duterte spoke how he will bring back peace and order by killing the criminals.

While they spoke of fighting graft and corruption, Duterte warned the corrupt officials,” You must stop or I will stop you!’ A language understood by the masses.

Straight talk, not the long winding speeches and promises that the people have heard from every elections. They understood Duterte’s simple message.

The people understood and they voted in droves, and made him win with the largest margin afraid that he will be cheated.

Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte became the first candidate from Mindanao to become the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Let us hope, he translate his words into real action.