For Immediate Release

GPPM-North America/USA

April 17, 2016


Los Angeles-  “ Morbid, Machosistic and Fascist!’

Grace Poe

Arturo P, Garcia of the Grace Poe For President Movement (GPPM)-North America/USA  said, ” we raise  our collective voices in condemning  in the highest possible terms,  the sadist and machosistic remarks of Davao Mayor Digong Dutette on how “he should be the first to fall in line to rape “ the woman Australian missionary who was killed in a hostage crisis in Davao City.

“When he  ( Duterte ) speaks, he speaks what is in this mind. Will you vote for a fascist philanderer whose wish is rape a good looking Causcasian woman who looked like an American actress?” Garcia  asked.

“ We  are one with Presidental bet Grace Poe is ‎incensed at the morbid and uncouth remarks made by rival Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte on a rape victim in his city’s jail 26 years ago.” Garcia added.

TULOY POE ANG LABAN!Senator Poe’s Statement on Rape

“Ito ay magaspang at hindi katanggap-tanggap, at nagpapakita ng kanyang kawalan ng paggalang sa kababaihan. Ang rape ay isang krimen at walang nakakatawa rito. Dapat tayong mapoot sa lahat ng pang-aabuso sa kababaihan,” said Poe in a statement.

In an hour-long speech in a rally at Amoranto sports complex‎ in Quezon City, where he was egged on by rabid supporters, Duterte said: “Nagalit ako kasi ni rape. Pero napakaganda niya at dapat ang Mayor muna ang nauna.”

Poe said that as a woman, he was offended at Duterte’s remarks.KSCI LA TV18

“While some may seem impressed with the mayor’s nonchalance and tough talking stance, he should be reminded that at all times, women, men and the LGBT alike should be treated with dignity and respect,” said Poe.

Duterte’s remarks were meant for an Australian lady minister who was killed and raped during a hostage taking at the Davao City jail by a group of inmates led by Federico Pugoy (who was incarcerated for a holding hostage a bus).in 1989.



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