JFAV/KmB Presentation at Cal State Long Beach, March 21, 2016


March 22, 2016

JFAV/KmB Presentation at Cal State Long Beach. March 21, 2016

JFAV at CAlState Long Beach, March 21, 2016Long Beach–I”ve given presentations before, but this is the first time for a college class.

I was a guest speaker with kasamas Al Garcia and Manila Ryce. Much love to Professor Ivy Dulay Daulo and her Asian American History class for the opportunity to speak about why full recognition is important for our Filipino-American WWII veterans.

Support HR 2766, the Filipino Veterans Fairness Act. Organizing, lobbying, marching, or giving class presentations, we will not stop fighting for full equity until justice is served. Keep on. Makibaka. ‪#‎JFAV16‬ ‪#‎ProPeopleYouth‬ ‪#‎Filipino‬ ‪#‎FilAm‬ ‪#‎Community‬ ‪#‎Solidarity‬ ‪#‎API‬‪#‎AsianAmerican‬ ‪#‎Veterans‬ ‪#‎CSULB‬

THANK YOU PROF. IVY DULAY DAULO. “Thank you to Professor Ivy Dulay Daulo for inviting us to guest speak for her Asian American History class at CSULB.At the CSULB At Prof. Ivy Daulo's class

Always glad to connect with young people about the work we do, especially to activate them about issues pertaining to our community, such as JFAV.

The fight for full equity continues with HR 2766. Contact your local congressperson to support the bill! KmB is available to speak to your class or organization. ‪#‎KmB‬ ‪#‎ProPeopleYouth‬ ‪#‎csulb‬‪#‎asianamerican‬ ‪#‎jfav‬ ‪#‎hr2766‬ ‪#‎activism‬ ‪#‎community‬ ‪#‎solidarity‬ ‪#‎filipino‬‪#‎filam‬ ‪#‎veterans‬


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