Los Angeles
March 17, 2016


The Titans of the Philippine Senate, 1946-1972Los Angeles” Senator Jovito Salonga, The best President the Philippines never had.”

Scores of Filipino American leaders in Southern California paid tribute to the departed Senate President, Senator Jovito “Jovy” Salonga who died last March 10, 2016 and was buried last March 17, 2016 in Pasig, Rizal, Philippines.

In a memorial ceremonies was held at the Manila Terrace Social Hall, the event was led by TALAKAYAN leaders, Arturo P.Garcia, Sid Balatan and Dr. Orlando Cagampan last March 17, 2016 before the TALAKAYAN SA KAPIHAN SA HFT.

Memorial Services For Salonga

The memorial service was opened by Fr. Eric Ong Veloso who gave the benediction at the start of the memorial service.

Dr. Veronico Agatep said, “I was his campaign manager when he ran for President with the Liberal Party (LP) in Cagayan Valley during the 1992 Presidential election.

He was a simple, down to earth politician. Even when many deserted him during the campaign, he remained decent. I never saw such individual. He was really the best President never had.”

Arturo Garcia of JFAV also said, “ Senator Salonga is the pillar of the LP. He gave way to Mrs. Cory Aquino in 1985 to be the candidate of the opposition to maintain unity in their ranks against Marcos.

Salonga, The Methodist Leader



I first knew Jovy Salonga when he campaigned as a congressman in 1965 and won over a rich competitor-warlord Rufino Antonio in Rizal. He won despite the odds supported by the common people. And then when he ran as Senator, we also campaigned for him.”

Sid Balatan added, “Salonga was a Methodist lay leader. He is deeply religious and practiced what he preached. We pay tribute to his being simple and a decent political leader. We will never forget him for his contributions for the overthrow of Marcos and martial law’

Meanwhile. Mylah De Leon, a journalist remembers, “ Salonga has a good rapport with the media. He will always meet us at his Pansol Resort and regale us with political discussions and good music.”

Ricky Lee Festival Press Conference

On the other hand, Al Aquino stated, “ Salonga is a good leader, but he has his failings too. While the PCGG Commissioner, his relatives and some Aquino cronies took advantage and made themselves rich during the sequestration of Marcos assets. But this does not demean his status as a good leader.

He was one of the victims of the bombing at Plaza Miranda in 1971. He exposed Senator Ninoy Aquino and CPP leader Joma Sison as the perpetrators of the Plaza Miranda bombing on August 21, 1983. “

After the tribute, Sid Balatan proceeded to conduct the press conference of the Ricky Lee Festival in Los Angeles on April 6-27, 2016.

Four vintage Ricky Lee films, :Himala'; “Karnal”, “Anak” and “Dubai” will be shown as Laemmlle NOHO 7 at 5240 North Holywood , CA 91601 from April 6 to 27, 2016

Festival Pass is for $ 40.00 an $ 8.00 discount ticket. Ticket per movie is $ 10.00For tickets pls call (213) 399-5041 or (818) 536-8442 Parking fee is only $ 2,00 for validated ticket.

For more information please contact the Knight of Rizal (KOR)-HFT
at Arturo P. Garcia at (213) 241-0995




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