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On to Washington DC for Justice and Equity!

January 26, 2016
JFAV: On to Washington DC for Justice and Equity!

JFAV Lobby in the US Congress,2013Los Angeles— On behalf of the Justice For Filipino American Veterans (JFAV), we would like to announce to all our activist, advocates and friends  that after our consultations with our East Coast comrades and friends we have set our lobby to the US Congress this February and March, 2016.

1. We have set our lobby days from February 29 to March 2, 2016. Thus we ask our prospective lobbyist to get their tickets now while it is cheap and arrive at Washington DC from February 27 0r 28.

The tickets are from $ 296 to $ 315 and will rise as your flight date gets nearer. So we advice you to book it now.

2. We should meet up on the afternoon or night of February 28 for a final briefing so we can start our first day of lobby on Monday, February 29.

3. We advice you to get your tickets and fly to the Reagan National Airport because it is nearer DC and our meeting area that we will inform you later.

4. UCLA SAmahang Pilipino, JFAV/PCORE. KMB and Ugnayan New York will join in the lobby efforts. Our first for 2016- an election year.

We do not know the exact number of lobbyist but on our meeting on February 2, we will be able to know it by then.

5. We advice and ask all our allied organizations to continue gsthering petitions and submit them to People’s CORe and JFAv and we will present them to our lobby at the US Congress.
6. Lastly we would like to  remind all allied and friendly organizations to continue fund-raising for this JFAV efforts for our Filipino World War II Veterans and their relatives for justice and equity!

This is all as of  now and please be guided accordingly.

Al P. Garcia

Justice League