December 31, 2015


By Arturo P. Garcia

JFAV, November 11, 2013

Los Angeles– There are some questions that I really appreciate when some youth and students as well as common FiIlipino American asks when it comes to the Filipino World War II Veterans.

One rarely asked questions is -” Why did it take so long for the Veterans to fight for their rights in America?”

Few people even the so-called historians in the Philippines and here in the United States know that the fact that Filipino Veterans were disenfranchised by the Rescission Act of 1946 an are not recognized as American Veterans by the 79th US Congress was deliberately hidden from the public by the Philippine Government.

The Filipino Veterans Fought for Their Own Issue in America

It was only through the efforts of some well-meaning Filipino government officials and of all people-President Cory Aquino who requested President Bush Sr that the US Government fulfilled one of its promise to naturalized the Filipino Veterans as American citizens in 1991.

It was the dedicated efforts of Filipino World War II organizations and leaders in the United States since 1984 who led the crusade for equity and justice and the Filipino American community that the issue of veterans equity and rights came to fore. And yet the Philippine government has the temerity to claims some of its tactical victories like the lump sum in 2009.

But the lump sum in the ARRA law is the same as the “apology ” and promised compensation of the Japanese Abe Government to the more than 200,000 Korean comfort women during World War I. Now, both the South Korean and Japanese governments passed off as a ” good agreement.”

Inspiring Rebuke

What was inspiring was the rebuke given by remaining and living Korean comfort women to their government and Japan for the agreement where they were not even consulted and was made behind their backs.

Their question is simple: “Why are killing us for the second time?”

People asks why the Philippine government has not done the same for FiIlipina comfort women. The answer is simple. The Philippine government and some of its leaders like President Aquino II are beholden to the Japanese government and sad to say, their willing puppets.

Just remember that Aquino III choose to attend the inauguration of the Japanese owned- Mitsubishi Plant in Laguna than the arrival honors for the departed SAF44 killed in a bloody combat the Mamasapano last January 25, 2015. Can you beat that?

Again, in the conflict between Japan and China over the Shensuku Islands, Aquino III again sided with Japan angering China which claims the islands as a territory of China.

Aquino’s Demeaning Collaboration with Japan

When the JFAV San Francisco Coordinator Ago Pedalizo asked Aquino III during his appearance with Balitang America (BA) in San Francisco about the plight of Filipino Veterans, Aquino II feigned ignorance on the issue saying “I did not know about that” and promised “I will study it.”

Well,it’s only six months remaining in his (Aquino’s) term and yet the Philippine government has not done any thing for the remaining 28,000 Filipino American Veterans and more than 68,0000 survivors in America and the Philippines. Is Aquino still studying the veterans issue or not?

All Filipino Presidents from Roxas to Aquino III only did the same thing. To placate Americans and follow its policies from”containing China” to the worst of passing the VFA, the EDCA and bringing back the bases in the future.

Collaboration and FilAm Bashing

People should know that the Aquino Family has a history of being Japanese collaborators from Pre-World War II up to the present as well as the other political dynasties of the Philippines.

So, JFAV was not surprised that another Filipino was beheaded in Saudi Arabia. And all the DFA can say to OFWs is “please follow the law.”

And then we ask, on the case of Filipino-American bashing and the case Senator Grace Poe, we are Filipinos and modern heroes when we remit our money to the Philippines?

And yet we are not Filipinos and are Americans and “traitors” because we were “naturalized American citizens” when it comes to the exercise of our right and even our right to vote and run for public office, is that so?

Well. these are the reasons why the Philippine government is inutile when it comes to the rights of overseas Filipinos especially the FIlipino-American Veterans of World War II.

Please think about this.

Happy New Year to all!


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