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KmB Solidarity Statement

JFAV Updates
December 6, 2015


People’s CORE’s KmB Solidarity Statement

Warm greetings to the Kabataang maka-Bayan (KmB) in your 16th Founding Anniversary!

It is very apt that KmB was established on the day that the Great Plebian, Gat Andres Bonifacio was born. Andres Bonifacio, the founder of Katipunan is the hero of the working people who asserted our independence from Spain through armed struggle.

Being the initiator in the formation of KmB, People’s CORE is pleased with the development of your organization amidst political intrigues being peddled by other “left” and politically skewed formations.


KmB true to its political principle is unwavering in the pursuit of genuine freedom and democracy of the Filipino people while it struggle for justice and democratic rights of the peoples in the US. KmB persist in reaching out, educating and mobilizing the different sectors and continue to build united front and stronger alliances for the interest of the many. Be it campaign for broader democratic rights in universities, immigrant rights, social justice, veterans rights and other sectoral interests, KmB is always in the forefront of the struggle.

KmB should continue expanding its membership, putting up or strengthening its chapters in different cities. While there may be some realignment of your programs and priorities, you should not veer away from the original tenets of KmB’s formation. You should always consider the dialectical relationship of the struggle and interest of the Filipino back home with your struggle in the belly of the beast.

KmB should be relentless in your continuous ideological, political and organizational studies. But most of all, the members should integrate theory and practice. For how good is the theory if it is not done in practice?

People’s CORE joins you in your 16th founding celebration and solidarity night and I wish you all a productive evening!

Your comrade in struggle,

Joe Navidad
Executive Director
People’s CORE



JFAV National Coordinator and FAI Los Angeles Bureau:Editor Al. P. GarciaJFAV UPDATES
December 06, 2015


( Delivered by Arturo P. Garcia, JFAV National Coordinator, at the KmB’s 16th Anniversary Solidarity Night at the Search to Involve t he Pilipino Americans (SIPA on December 5, 2015) ).

Magandang Gabi sa inyong lahat . Tonight I have no prepared speech. I want to speak from the deepest bottom of my heart.First, I congratulate the new leadership of the Kabataang maka-Bayan (KmB) on your 16th Anniversary and all those who kept on supporting JFAv all through these years.

You are the reason why JFAV and the struggle for Filipino WWI veterans and their survivors keeps burning.

What is common between our heroes Andres Bonifacio, General Antonio Luna , the Manongs or the Filipino Farm workers and the Filipino World War II Veterans?

The ruling class and their collaborators wanted to bury them. Forget them and erase them from history. They continue to malign them, discredit them ignore that they ever existed and deny them of their historic role both in American and Philippine history.

I would like to tell you my story, When I was going to school in grade I, my father told me: “ Son, you are going to school and they will teach you and you will learn many things which is not true. This is for you and only for our family. But never tell it to anyone and don’t argue with them.”

For our family, our hero is Andres Bonifacio and not Jose Rizal. It was Andres Bonifacio who lead our country to freedom when he led the armed struggle against Spanish colonizers.”

In my young mind, I cannot understand why. I just went along with it. Later in high school, I understood why my father told me that.

I later learned that everybody who was associated with Andres Bonifacio and Antonio Luna were persecuted not only by the Spanish but Aguinaldo were persecuted, murdered, killed, maligned and hunted during those times. Until now, they continue to malign, discredit and ignore them who were our true heroes.

Even on my family side, I wondered why they changed their family name, I learned that they were related to Emilio Jacinto who was close to Andres Bonifacio They changed their family name to Alcantara and Cabal to avoid persecution during the Spanish times and from the Aguinaldo’s.


Even here in the United States, the Manongs, our Filipino Farm workers were forgotten, completely ignored and not remembered in the farm workers movement history.

You should know that even the United Farm Workers (UFW) , ( pardon me for some Mexicans who are here ) tried to erase our leaders like Larry Itliong, Philip Vera Cruz and others. They even want to erase the word-Filipino in UFW’s history.

The same happened to Filipino World War II veterans. They fought in World War II for American yet until now, 70 years after- they are still unrecognized as American Veterans.

But we will not let this happen. Again, next year, JFAV will lobby in the US Congress for recognition and benefits. This is an emotional issue even among JFAV advocates and leaders. Some thinks it just a waste of time , money and effort.

But this is our duty, To educate the US Congress and tell them to their face especially the Republicans that WE WILL NOT GO AWAY..

So I ask you especially the youth to continue to l fight for Filipino Veterans equity, recognition and justice for our community. Be with your community and serve them.

Again, we thank you and please continue supporting JFAV.