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Justice For Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)
September 25, 2015


Los Angeles—“Thousands of words streams, a thousand miles away from the theme.”

The Justice For Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) an alliance of veterans organizations, widows and relatives , advocates, youth and students based in the United States expressed deep concern on how the Republican Party presidential debates have gone awry.

As time passes and the presidential elections comes the debates are dominated by racist and anti-immigrant candidates.

On the other hand, the concern of more than 600,000 American Veterans who have their benefits claims in a backlog at the DVA has not been discussed.

It is disappointing that the concern of more than 28,000 Filipino American Veterans who remained unrecognized by the US Congress for 70 years are left-out or not even been discussed. It is only Trump who pay lip service to the veterans as he points out their sad state.

Racists and Anti-Immigrant Rants

The latest remarks by GOP candidates Donald Trump, Ben Carson as well as Walter Scott and Jeb Bush is alarming in the sense that it is fast becoming a trend as ultra-rightist and racist in content.

What is alarming is that it now fast becoming the face of the conservative Republican Party that transforms America hack into the Jim Crow era.

Donald Trump has said, “ he will build a wall on the border, deport all 11 million illegal immigrants” and has called the Mexicans as “ rapist, drug dealers and all sort of names”.

Although he has mellowed a little and have tone down his racist comments ever since because of the backlash, he remains as an unrepentant anti –immigrant persona. But sad to note, some GOP candidates followed his lead.

Ben Carson’s Anti Muslim Diatribes

And one of this candidate in Dr. Ben Carson who said,” A Muslim must not be a president of the united States’. And coming from an African American conservative it is truly very alarming.Although Dr Carson has back pedaled in some sense and tried to minimalize his comment as “ unimportant”, he truly has remained in a sense a racist candidate following the lead of businessman Donald Trump.

Another GOP candidate Jeb Bush has antagonize the Asian American community by saying that ”API’s uses “ anchor babies” to gain citizenship in America. “

It is saddening that for Jeb Bush has not apologized nor retracted his statement in a vain attempt to out-Trump Donald Trump in his racist comments.

The Rise of Blatant Racist Rhetorics in the GOP

For JFAV , It is interesting that follow the developments in the event and how the American people will response to the racist and discriminative content of the GOP debates.

The API and other minority nationalities are now taking steps to counter this racist and anti-immigrant campaign that is fast becoming the trends in the GOP.

This blatant rightist and ultra-conservative content of the GOP debates will have a profound effect of the result of the US Presidential Elections on November 2016 and the Republican Party itself.

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