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Generl Antonio LunaJFAV UPDATES
September 30, 2015


September 27, 2015

Dear Ambeth,

This is my rejoinder to your interview in 1984 with the eminent historian Teodoro A. Agoncillo that you wrote in your column “Two Mabinis, Two Lunas,”

You stated, “ In my interviews with Agoncillo, he said: While Aguinaldo is not personally involved in the death of either Luna or Andres Bonifacio, he should be held to account for the behavior which he did not order investigated.
Ambeth R. Ocampo: Do you think he tried to cover up?

TAA: That was Aguinaldo’s mistake. Granted, Luna was assassinated. Why did he not order the investigation of those people who assassinated Luna? That was his responsibility. I’m not pro-Aguinaldo or pro-Bonifacio. I judge a person on the basis of the documents available. If the time comes that I am proved wrong and other documents are shown, then I’ll accept it. Conclusions are not final, because nobody can say that I have exhausted all my sources. No! Ang anti-Aguinaldo si Vivencio Jose, masyadong pro-Luna. This is the kind of thinking I do not like.”

Although Agoncillo is saying that he is not pro-Aguinaldo all his writing shows the bias to his relative, General Aguinaldo. Reading his book,”The Revolt of the Masses”, it will seem he was dissecting Bonifacio but in fact maligning him. Sa Pilipino, “hampas sa kabayo. Latay sa kalabaw”

According to you, Agoncillo said, “ Hindi! [Jose] suppressed the documents. It’s all right if it is a question of interpretation, but the trouble is he suppressed. Kahit na kasalanan ni Luna, he is trying to suppress [the documentation]. Example: the letter of Mabini to Aguinaldo denouncing Luna. Hindi niya binanggit. The letter of Baldomero [Aguinaldo] to [Emilio] Aguinaldo denouncing Luna? Hindi niya inilagay. Ang sabi lang niya, naiinggit lang iyong mga taong attacked.

I have read Vivencio Jose’s book on Luna. And he even clearly stated that Luna did not support the Katipunan. Did Jose suppressed documents? I say no.

Dr.Jose was very clear that Luna was implicated in the Katipunan. First, by the documents showing he (Luna) was one of the leaders of the revolution together with other big names like the Zobel, Atayde and others.

He was also implicated by Dr. Pio Valenzula who gave information to the Spanish when he was arrested. Rizal was also implicated by Valenzulea who visited him in Dapitana nd asked the Katipunan to recruit Luna for his military knowledge.

Dr. Jose also wrote that Luna was tortured and never denied that Luna informed on the Katipunan to spare himself from torture. But does this make Luna a traitor?

And by the way, I think if Agoncillo has documents to prove Luna informed on the Katipunan, he should have came out with the documents. Not just make plain talks and shower Luna with innuendoes.

But did he not do the same? He also suppressed documents . He did not even used as reference the memoirs of General Santiago “Apoy” Alvarez, “The Katipunan and the Philippine Revolution “ that came out in the 1920’s. And why did he not use it? Is it not suppressing document too ?

Again, Agoncillo attacked Mabini because Mabini has wrote against his relative Aguinaldo. And label him as “ inconsistent.”

He said,” That is the superficiality of these people. Mabini is inconsistent. Firstly anti-[Luna] later pro-[Luna]. You should study [the sources and the motives]. If you are really critically minded, why is this fellow now anti-Aguinaldo? You should try to discover why.”

Most of all, I find Agoncillo as so arrogant to malign Luna the way he malign Bonifacio saying:

“ How did he become a hero? ….He never won any battle, papaano mo sasabihing hero iyan? sinunod daw si Luna, yung guerilla warfare. Noong panahong sinasabi niyang maggegerilya, hindi maaari ang guerilla eh because the Americans were still weak at the time, papaano gegerilyahin iyan? Pangalawa, there was no preparation for guerilla warfare. Hindi niya ina-analyze. All that he wants is to justify all the things that Luna did.”

Don’t get me wrong. I still consider Agoncillo a nationalist historian. But his fault is he is so rabid Pro-Aguinaldo that he malign Bonifacio and General Antonio Luna to protect his relative.

He maybe a historian but not a good military historian. On that account, he dismiss even the comment of American Generals who believed that General Antonio Luna was the ” best General the Filipino Republican forces ” have at that time.

It is easy for Agoncillo to say Bonifacio never won any battle because for him as a historian, you are a good military leader only if you win battles.

Agoncillo did not know that even great military man like George Washington lost his battles too. Even Fidel Castro was captured during their failed attack on the Moncada Barracks on July 26. But later they won the Cuban revolution.

But that is besides the point. It was General Luna who was at the forefront of the battles from Manila to Caloocan up to Calumpit, Bulacan that delayed the advance of the Americans to Malolos and let Aguinaldo escape to the north, that itself was a mark of good generalship.

And to direct the offensive in Manila that almost succeeded is a magnificent feat itself. Why did the arrogant Agoncillo demean and malign General Luna? Just to favor his own relative Emilio Aguinaldo?

Well, if Agoncillo used the the memoirs of General Santiago Alvarez. Or Heneral Apoy’s “Katipunan and the Philippine Revolution “ that came out in the 1920’s, he will find out that the true hero at the Battle of Dalahican or Binakayan was General Mariano Alvarez and not Emilio Aguinaldo.

And yet many historian allied to Agoncillo says Aguinaldo was the leader at the Battle of Binakayan when Aguinaldo was not EVEN THERE!

And what did Aguinaldo do to fight the Americans? Just to run away and issue directives. And when was captured, to swear allegiance to the Americans and receive a pension from the Americans until he died.

Agoncillo rode on his anti-Americanism to favor Aguinaldo and malign other of our heroes like Bonifacio and Luna. He says.” we historian should base our conclusions to documentary evidences” but when Mabini documented is memoirs and wrote against Aguinaldo he says Mabini is two faced and bias. But what is he? Is he not biased.?

I am happy that here in the United States” historian does not solely base their history on written documents. They use oral history to capture the essence of history”

And that is what Agoncillo miss. He can ignore the oral history of the Filipino people but every one knows and it was passed orally from generations to generations that Aguinaldo ordered the assassination of Andres Bonifacio and General Antonio Luna.

Agoncillo in his books can focus on the temperamental and emotional of General Antonio Luna and call him as a “traitor” and demean his heroism but the Filipino people know best.

To say that there are “Two Mabini’s and Two Luna’s” is to cast doubts on the heroism of our heroes and malign them to favor somebody else.

Sincerely yours,

Arturo P. Garcia
Los Angeles,California
United States of America




September 29, 2015


Veteran Igmedio Bandayrel Sr. New Philippine Scourts (PS), US Army,

Los Angeles- “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.”

Another Filipino World War II Veteran from Los Angeles passed away on September 25, 2015. Filipino Veteran, Egmidio Bandayrel Sr. is a member of the New Philippine Scouts, US Army. He is from Abra, Northern Luzon.

Egmidio Bandayrel was born on on August 5, 1927 and died on September 25, 2015. He was 88 years old.

He joined the New Philippine Scouts and served on occupation duties under the US Army in Japan after the war.

Viewing and Last Rites

His remains will have its viewing on Thursday. October 1, 2015 at Forest Lawn, Glendale, CA from 12:00 Noon to 9.00 PM

The last rites and burial will be on Friday October 2, 2015 at 1;00 PM.
Veteran Bandayrel is a a member of the Justice for The Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) and the Society of the Guerillas and Scouts Inc. (SGSI

He is survived by Elizabeth, Emmanuel, John, Eugenio and Egmidio Bandayrel Jr and Rosemarie B, Eleazar



Tribute to Our Manongs, The Filipino Farm Workers ( On the 50th Anniversary of the Delano Grape Fruit Strike)

September 27,2015

Tribute to Our Manongs, The Filipino Farm Workers
( On the 50th Anniversary of the Delano Grape Fruit Strike)

Americans wonder
how Filipino Farm Workers,
Survived and thrived in their land,
Where there are four seasons,
Some conveniently forget
They brought them here,
First in Hawaii
to be scabs and strikebreakers
To fellow Asians, Chinese,
Japanese and Koreans
And even Portuguese pineapple pickers,
But they were not the docile type,
They saw the revolution in their homeland,
They fought the Spanish conquerors
And then Americans in a bloody war
Of occupation and resistance
And they united them all,
All of the Asian workers and others
To the consternation of the bosses,
Blood by blood, stone by stone,
Hand by hand, bullets by bullets,
In the picket lines of Hawaii’s
Dirty plantations and factories
And where they earned the respect
By shedding blood for the workers.

They came to the mainland later,
By ships and when they came,
Derided as “fresh off the boats”
They landed in Seattle, In San Francisco,
Oakland, Monterey, Alaska and LA,
They build their towns called “Little Manila”,
In Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles
And after that, the bosses displayed
A sign that says;
to break their spirits,
to keep them in their towns
and keep them as slaver wage earners.

But what sustained them and build their towns,
What spirit possessed them to be Filipinos?
As well as Americans to a land and people
That does not love?
Was it the hope that they will be recognized?
As a people and not as a commodity?
Is it the spirit of so-called “nationalism”?
Or is it just a simple sense of humanity?
That they are men and believed that
We are equal in the face of God and men?

They were like rice seedlings,
Seedlings that needs to be planted and grown,
And then to be transplanted,
to be rice stalks,
In another field and be harvested
As the harvest season comes.

They are like waves in the sea,
The sea that nurtured them and they looked up
When they fell the nostalgia of home,
As they look west
They know that beyond. The wide bay
Lies their homeland in the east

That is why the rice and the sea
Sustained the seven-fingered man
The farm worker leaders
We now know as Larry Itliong,
Who lost three of fingers
somewhere in Alaska, Seattle
or when at the merchant marine
during World War II,
Larry Itliong Who taught the workers
to unite them with different tongues,
about the unity clap:
So that farm workers who came Ilocos,
Katagalugan, Bisayas and Mindanao
Will understand each other,
That only in unity they can have strength,
And they can be understood by fellow Mexican
And even the capitalist bosses.

Yes, the sea and the rice sustained them
They who work in the farm
But cannot eat the asparagus, the apples,
The grapes and other plants and fruits
That they plant, harvests and grow
While they are only paid cents and a few dollars.

They who toiled under the sun,
In a back breaking labor,
Not allowed a few breaks,
Not allowed to marry White Women,
Who can only copulate if they pay
With their hard earned money,
Who were not allowed to worship in
White Churches and temples,
Who were discriminated
Shot at, spat at and bawled
By racist white gangs.

Yes, rice and the sea sustained them
And on 50th year of their strike
We remember them,
Our Manongs who lay
The ground work of who we are today,
The Filipino American Community.
And all we can say is, MABUHAY
September 6, 2015



For Immediate Release

Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)

Contact Person: Arturo P. Garcia

September 25, 2015


Los Angeles- “ The Time to grant total equity and recognition for Filipino American World War II Veterans is now! “ 

Atty Arnedo Valera, The Executive  Director of the M igrant Heritage Commission (MHC)  and also the legal counsel of the Justice for Filipino American veterans (JFAV) based in Virginia  said this in response to the executive issued by President Obama that expedites visa for children of Filipin World War II veetrans.

He added, “  accumulatively, the grant of US Citizenship to Filipino American WWII  Veterans  in the 90’s, the recent executive action according immigration benefits to children of Fil Word War 2 Vets, the initial lump sum under FCEC, to18,000 Filipino veterans  out of the 41,000 veterans who applied for the lump- sum, —all the existing proposed legislations for congressional medals are explicit recognition that now is the time to grant full equity and pension benefits to the remaining  WWII vets who are still alive and the widows of the veteran

Now is the time while we remain living witnesses to our 26,000 remaining Filipino  WW2 heroes to get the benefits and recognition they deserve.”

JFAV to President Obama, Issue an Executive Order Now.

JFAV National Coordinator meanwhile said: “ While welcome the piecemeal benefits but we want the full respect and restoration of full benefits similarly enjoyed by all American Veterans. We challenge President Barack Obama to go to an extra mile to issue an Executive Order Recognizing the Filipino Veterans Now!

The JFAV has written an open letter in 2011 asking his Excellency President Obama to ssue this Executive Order to no avail. Now is the time to issue that order and let the “Do Nothing US Congress “ to follow up  with a law.”

Valera added; Their sacrifices were not done on a piece meal or installment basis.They gave their all and the Filipino nation also contribution one million of its population to achieve the great victory during World War II in the Pacific War Theater  for American.

It is long overdue, the least that the US Government can do is to rectify this historical injustice.”   Valera concluded.

For more information please contact jfav at (213)241-0995 or email us





For Immediate Release

Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)

Contact Person: Arturo P. Garcia

Phone;(213) 241-0995

September 25, 2015



On August 15,1945, the Emperor of Japan, Hirohito announced that Japan’s surrender to the Allies. This happened after the United States dropped two Atomic bombs on August 6 in Hiroshima and on August 9 at Nagasaki that obliterated the two cities and killed hundreds of thousands of people.

For many Asian countries like Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia and China, its freedom day for countries colonized by Japan. Actually, they made it their day of Independence.

The Significance of the 70th Anniversary of August 15, 1945

But in the Philippines where fighting was still going on, it will be September 6, 1945 when Japan officially surrender. That is why it is called V-J Day or “Victory over Japan Day.” But for many Asians the real V-J Day is August 15, 1945.

The Japanese forces in the Philippines under General Tomoyuki Yamashita only surrendered on September 3, 1945 to the US forces in Kiangan, Ifugao. The formal surrender was made in Camp John Hay, Baguio City that same day.

But for the remaining 25,000 Filipino World War II Veterans and thousands of their survivors, they cannot rejoice for this day of liberation. For more than 70 years, they remained unrecognized American Veterans. They are still denied of their rights, privileges and benefits as American Veterans.

Although the Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) acknowledged the fact that greater problem that more than 600,000 American Veterans are denied of their benefits, we highlight the plight of the Filipino WWII Veterans.

Justice and Equity For Filipino World War II Veterans

Even the current DVA Secretary Robert MacDonald accepted to the JFAV in June 29 meeting and as even US President Obama acknowledged, “The Filipino World War II Veterans have waited too long for their recognition and benefits to be denied.”

We honor the 70th Year of America’s Victory Over Japan on this day by continuing the struggle of our community and nation for equity and justice for Filipino World War II Veterans and their 60,000 survivors in the America and the Philippines.

Last June 12,2015. Rep. Jackie Speier filed for the third time the Filipino Veterans Recognition Act of 2015 or the H.R. 2766. We have been filing this bill for the last 22 years in the US Congress.

JFAV as the lobby group for the Filipino WWI Veterans and their 60,000 survivors in the US Congress will not let up until justice and equality prevailed against systemic racism and institutionalized discrimination.

Baby Steps

Last June 29, JFAV and ACFV has a 30-minute meeting with the DVA Secretary Robert MacDonald and he promised to expedite the 4,000 appeals of denied Filvets.

In the latest move, POTUS Obama last July 15, 2015 has issued the “Memorandum on Streamlining and Modernizing the US Immigrant Visa System” to the Department of Homeland Security that expedited the “parole system “ for 25,000 Filvets “ who can now petition their children to the United States sans the Comprehensive Immigration Reform law.

While we in JFAV acknowledged that this is not real “family reunification” but we feel that this baby steps or palliatives has its valuable effect.  It can be measured with the reality on the grounds until a true comprehensive immigration reform law can be realized in the future.

Salute to Filipino WWII Veterans

Lastly, we honor the more than 500,000 Filipino soldiers and patriots who fought during World War to defend the Philippines and served under America’s flag and the very many of them who did not ask for a single centavo as a remuneration for their wartime services during the war.

We salute the 250.000 recognized Filipino- American Veterans under the US Army and the Commonwealth Army, the USAFFE and the guerilla forces and their survivors but  were formally recognized by the US Army and yet who were unrecognized and disenfranchised under the unjust Rescission Act of 1946.

There are only as of today,  remaining 25,000 living Veterans both in the Philippines and the United States and almost 68,000 widows and relatives of these veterans.

We in JFAV and the Filipino American community in the united States  make this solemn promise:

We will fight for you until justice and equity is achieved. You fought for us and gave your all, now are our turn to fight for your recognition, justice and benefits.




Arturo P. Garcia

Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)

National Coordinator


August 15, 2015

Los Angeles, CA






September 25, 2015


What is the  Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)?

The Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) is a nationwide alliance of Filipino World War II Veterans organizations, youth, students and community advocated based in the United States.

It originated from another alliance named Kilusan Disyembre 7 or the December 7 Movement (D7M) based in Los Angeles that spearhead the first political mobilization for veterans rights and welfare on  December 7, 1993 in Los Angeles. .JFAV was a campaign committee formed by People’s CORE in December 16, 1998  .

It’s aim to attain the full recognition and just compensation, rights and benefits  of the Filipino World War II Veterans , their widows and relatives here in American and those in the Philippines.

From A Regional to a National Organization 

But on 2006, JFAV took the steps to for it as a separate national organization from a west coast regional organization not just  campaign to relentlessly  pursue the issue of equity and justice.

During the First JFAV National Conference held in UCLA on March 2006, the conference decided to form the JFAv as a National Organization and started to build chapters in the different states of the U.S..

Thus on 2009, after the issue of lump sum  became more clear, JFAV stood on total recognition and not just lump sum and became the  only lobby group  in the US Congress.The paid lobby group stopped lobbying in 2009 after the passage of the ARRA law in 2009.

With the JFAV as a lobby group for the veterans and widows, the drive for total equity became more pronounced when 25, 000 or 52% of Filipino Veterans who applied for the lump summed were unjust denied. in 2011.

Legal and Legislative Struggle

JFAV filed the Filipino Veterans Fairness Act of 2011 with Rep. Jackie Speier as the sponsor. The bill gained ground with 96 co-sponsors but was not given a hearing at the GOP controlled House Veterans Committee.  LAst june 13, 2015, the Filipino Veterans Fairness Act of 2015 was filed last June 13, 2015 in the lower house.

Meanwhile in 2012, at the 9th  Federal Appeals Court, Atty Valera of the MHC boldly argued the case and got a fair hearing. But the Recinto case was denied leaving the JFAv and MHC no other choice but to file a Certorari at the US Supreme Court last May, 2013.

With a complete legal and legislative strategy, JFAV continued to fight for equity and justice without let up. Thus on April 9, 2013 Bataan Day , a new bill- the Filipino Veterans Fairness Act of 2013 S690  was filed jointly at the US Senate with Senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii and Rep. Jackie Speier .

Despite all the odds, JFAV has grown from a west coast based organization to a full blown national organization representing the Filipino American veterans and all their survivors.

JFAV will be always at the vanguard of the Filipino American community not only for the veterans but for the dignity and pride of the Filipino nation and the thriving 5.5 million Filipino American community in the  United States.





For Immediate Release
Justice For Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)
September 25, 2015


Los Angeles—“Thousands of words streams, a thousand miles away from the theme.”

The Justice For Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) an alliance of veterans organizations, widows and relatives , advocates, youth and students based in the United States expressed deep concern on how the Republican Party presidential debates have gone awry.

As time passes and the presidential elections comes the debates are dominated by racist and anti-immigrant candidates.

On the other hand, the concern of more than 600,000 American Veterans who have their benefits claims in a backlog at the DVA has not been discussed.

It is disappointing that the concern of more than 28,000 Filipino American Veterans who remained unrecognized by the US Congress for 70 years are left-out or not even been discussed. It is only Trump who pay lip service to the veterans as he points out their sad state.

Racists and Anti-Immigrant Rants

The latest remarks by GOP candidates Donald Trump, Ben Carson as well as Walter Scott and Jeb Bush is alarming in the sense that it is fast becoming a trend as ultra-rightist and racist in content.

What is alarming is that it now fast becoming the face of the conservative Republican Party that transforms America hack into the Jim Crow era.

Donald Trump has said, “ he will build a wall on the border, deport all 11 million illegal immigrants” and has called the Mexicans as “ rapist, drug dealers and all sort of names”.

Although he has mellowed a little and have tone down his racist comments ever since because of the backlash, he remains as an unrepentant anti –immigrant persona. But sad to note, some GOP candidates followed his lead.

Ben Carson’s Anti Muslim Diatribes

And one of this candidate in Dr. Ben Carson who said,” A Muslim must not be a president of the united States’. And coming from an African American conservative it is truly very alarming.Although Dr Carson has back pedaled in some sense and tried to minimalize his comment as “ unimportant”, he truly has remained in a sense a racist candidate following the lead of businessman Donald Trump.

Another GOP candidate Jeb Bush has antagonize the Asian American community by saying that ”API’s uses “ anchor babies” to gain citizenship in America. “

It is saddening that for Jeb Bush has not apologized nor retracted his statement in a vain attempt to out-Trump Donald Trump in his racist comments.

The Rise of Blatant Racist Rhetorics in the GOP

For JFAV , It is interesting that follow the developments in the event and how the American people will response to the racist and discriminative content of the GOP debates.

The API and other minority nationalities are now taking steps to counter this racist and anti-immigrant campaign that is fast becoming the trends in the GOP.

This blatant rightist and ultra-conservative content of the GOP debates will have a profound effect of the result of the US Presidential Elections on November 2016 and the Republican Party itself.

For more information please call (213)241-0995 or email us at







For Immediate Release
Justice For Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)
Contact Person: Arturo P.Garcia
September 24, 2015


Los Angeles- On September 2, 1945,  70 years ago, the Japanese Imperial Army formally surrendered to the Allies at the deck of the U.S.S. Missouri at TokyoBay, Japan.

Today, the Justice For Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) honor the brave Filipino men and women veterans, widows and relatives and the whole Filipino Nation as well as the Filipino-American community on the solemn occasion of the formal surrender of Japan to the Allied forces on September 2, 1945 aboard the USS Battleship Missouri on Tokyo Bay.

Arturo P .Garcia JFAV National Coordinator said:

“ We salute the Filipino nation who sacrificed a lot and lost more than a million people during the war, suffered untold destruction most especially the City of Manila that lost more than 300,000 people during the liberation battles from February 3 to March 1945.”

Hushed Up 70th Anniversary

Garcia added, “ And yet, the anniversary passed both in the United States and the Philippines without fanfare. There were no parades nor memorial services.

The worst, the United States let Japan to rearm and the Japanese authorities passed a law allowing the Japanese Self Defense Forces to fight overseas and be deployed globally.

This is an outright violation of the Japanese peacetime Constitution and lays into the scheme of the United States to “contain China” and use the Japan and the Philippines in joint war exercises against China and Russia in its “Pivot Asia” Obama doctrine .

The “ Pivot Asia” doctrine calls for the deployment of 70% of all US naval assets in the Pacific to “contain China”, its economic and growing military reach in the now highly contested China Seas and North Pacific islets between Japan and China.”

Justice and Equity, Now

JFAV said, “ Even in the United States, victory over Japan is hushed up with the remaining 25,000 Filipino World War II Veterans and more 60,000 widows remained unrecognized by the US government for the last 69 years.

What is the worst betrayal when your friend nation would not recognized you as American Veterans and even refused to grant them benefits and right.

Adding insult to injury they denied the 25,000 lump sums by the DVA. Out of the 43,000 Filipino WWI Veterans who applied for the lump sum benefits in 2009, they only granted 18,000 veterans. And excluded the widows in the grant of the benefits.”

No to Japanese Militarism

JFAV expressed. “ On this 70th Victory Over Japan Day, the Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV) and its allied organizations solemnly promise we will not let up on our struggle , redouble all our efforts to attain justice and equity for our heroes.

We will continue to be vigilant to monitor Japan’s aggressive and militarist activity all over the world special in the Philippines and Asia.

We will never let another war be waged in the name of the Japanese and Filipino people as well as the American people again. No more war, Never again war!”

Justice and Equity Now!Fight for Peace,

Never Again War!

Justice for Filipino American Veterans (JFAV)
Arturo P. Garcia
National Coordinator

September 02, 2015




Alliance News
Setyembre 21, 2015


Los Angeles—Labanan ang Pasismo, Noon at Ngayon sa Pilipinas,

Ginugunita ngayon ng Alliance-Philippines (AJLPP) ang ika-43 taon ng pagkakadeklara ng batas militar at ang pagpapataw ng diktadura ng pangkating Marcos sa Pilipinas noong Setyembre 21, 1974.

Sa ating paggunita, nagpupugay tayo sa libu-libong martir na nakibaka laban sa pagpapairal ng pasismo at diktadura sa Pilipinas sa loob ng 14 taon mula noong 1972 hanggang 1986.

Pasista sa Esensya si Pnoy Aquino III

Sa ating paggunita ngayon, mahalagang maunawaan na lalo lamang tumutindi ang pasismo ng militar na AFP habang inaaruga ito ng mapagkunwang liberal na demokrata si Pnoy Aquino.

Sa katunayan, panig siya sa AFP at sinusulsulan pa ito sa pagpapalaganap ng pagsupil sa mga magsasaka at magggawa at mga minoryang Lumad sa Mindanao at iba pang dako ng Pilipinas.

Sa katunayan paparaming mga aktibista ang pinapatay,minamasaker at ikinukulong. Papatindi ang mga operasyong brigade at dibisyon ng AFP sa ilalim ng OPLAN BAYANIHAN lalo sa Mindanao.

Ito ay habang nililinlang nila ang MILF sa patibong na BBL na hanggang gnayon ay pa naipapasa sa Kongreso.

Liberal Na Mukha, Pasista sa Gawa

Maihahambing ang panahon ngayon sa panahon bago ideklara ang batas militar Ito ang panahon ng 1966-1972 sa unang apat na taon ni Marcos. .

Ang pagkakaiba lamang sa ngayon, ang mga anak ng diktador at nga kanyang mga alipures tulad nina Senador Bongbong Marcos at Chiz Escudero ang nakaupo ngayon sa Senado.

Patuloy silang lumalaban at umupasala sa mga Moro sa pagpigil nila sa pagpapasa ng Bangsa Moro law (BBL) sa Kongreso.

Patuloy ang pagsuporta at panguupat ng Imperyalimsong US sa mga papet tropa nito sa AFP para ipatupad ang OPLAN BAYANIHAN at paghahasik ng lagim sa kanayunan lalo na sa Mindanao.

Kaya nanawagan ang Alliance Philippines na ipagpatuloy ang paglaban para sa mga demokratikong karapatan.

Ipaglaban ang kagalingang pangmadala at pangangalaga sa kalikasan at likas na yamang hinuhuthot ng mga dayuhan.

Huwag nating payagang manaig ang pasismo at pahalagahan ang mga ibinuwis na buhay ng mga martir para sa bayan. Labanan ang pamimiyapis ng pasismo sa Pilipinas!

Labanan ang pagbabangong ng pasismo sa bagong batas militar!

Makibaka, Huwag Matakot!

Setyembre 21, 2015


The American Immigrant and Interfaith Movement Welcomes Pope Francis

September 124, 2015

The Unity Statement

The American Immigrant and Interfaith Movement Welcomes Pope Francis

(Note; JFAV is a signatory to this statement released on September 10, 2015. Released for the media on the Pope’s Arrival to United States on September 20, 2015. )

As members of the immigration movement we are proud to welcome His Holiness, Pope Francis, to America. Like many people of faith around the world, we have been inspired by the Pope’s message of recognition and call for justice and dignity for all people, including immigrants.

Pope Francis’ visit to the United States comes at a critical time when, again, the politics of the moment are ignoring the moral and humanitarian crisis of our broken immigration system. With every day of inaction, people continue to die at the border seeking a better future; more families are separated by needless deportation; millions are forced to live in the shadows, in the margins of our society, subject to discrimination and exploitation because of their immigration status.

Unfortunately, rather than offering realistic solutions to improve our immigration system, some Presidential candidates have engaged in hateful rhetoric and scapegoating of immigrants. Instead of offering real solutions to bring 11 million undocumented immigrants out of the shadows and on an earned path to citizenship, which the majority of the American people support, these candidates are undermining the values of our nation of immigrants.

Pope Francis has urged us to confront a culture of exclusion and indifference, saying:

“A change of attitude towards migrants and refugees is needed on the part of everyone, moving away from attitudes of defensiveness and fear, indifference and marginalization – all typical of a throwaway culture – towards attitudes based on a culture of encounter, the only culture capable of building a better, more just and fraternal world.”

We hope that members of Congress open their minds and hearts to the Pope’s message. While there is room for legitimate policy debate, it should be conducted in a constructive and civil manner that allow us to move forward as a nation proud of our collective immigrant heritage, focused on the future, not on exclusionary past.
We pray that the historic encounter between Pope Francis and the Congress may lead to the beginning of an honest debate of how to fix this broken immigration system in a way that is consistent with the moral principles of all faith traditions to treat immigrants with the dignity they deserve.
We, therefore, call on the immigrant community and all people of good faith to join us in rededicating ourselves to the cause of common sense immigration reform, one that will create a 21st century immigration system worthy of who we are as a people and as a nation.
We summon the community to join us on September 24th, in a National Day of Prayer for Immigrant Families, Congress, and for our Nation; to pray that we may find our way forward to solving this urgent matter in the spirit of unity and fellowship.

We also urge our community to commit to becoming full and active participants in the civic life of our country by becoming citizens, exercising their right to vote, and becoming advocates for full civic engagement by members of their communities.

As advocates for immigrants’ rights, we welcome Pope Francis and his message of respect and dignity for all and remain committed to immigration reform because it is the right thing for immigrants, our communities, for our Nation and a more just world. Our struggle continues today, tomorrow, next year and until immigration reform becomes the law of the land.